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  1. He is huge. In the above photo with all my bones, you can see him in relation to a few others.
  2. Thanks, I had the same exact feeling regarding large models, but after a few dragons and the Kraken I would say they are not hard. The end result is also very fulfilling.
  3. Nice. She raises something other then the dead for me...
  4. I had to ponder for a bit, but I decided your color choice is excellent for this figure.
  5. Thanks all. This guy is a lot of fun to paint.
  6. It can't afford floss. Every penny it gets is spent on eye drops and contact lenses.
  7. Thanks to all the bones, I now have a respectable collection of monsters and mooks for any encounter I can think of.
  8. Nice, looks awesome. I was staring at the highlights on the grey butt for a while.
  9. After I posted the picture of all my bones together on a table, I decided to keep on painting and get some bones one finished.
  10. It was a nice kick in the pants to see just how little I have done. I'll have a few more painted by tonight (just nothing too big).
  11. Now I have to figure out the next big one to start. There are so many... from both one and two. BTW Reaper, thanks for making this table great.
  12. I'm too happy with all the new toys I have to regret anything right now. Nice work.
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