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  1. The resin I was using said it needed a platnium cure silicone, and the kind I got was rather thick. It captured details, just didn't give me a good clean edge. Hence the need "for sanding"
  2. I recently sculpted a ghost and displayed it in the sculpting forum. I finished the mold and pored a clear resin cast It kinda works better in person, and might need a little highlighting, but that is how it came out of the mold. I plan on taking DKS's advice and do a resculp based on real life
  3. So I sculpted this and show my wife the "ghost". She kinda looked at it and said "really?". "OK, it is a guy in a sheet out trick or treating" I said. "Oh, now I see it" The ultimate goal is to cast this in a clear resin
  4. I can't help it, I keep checking the kickstarter website to watch the number grow. OOOOhhh. It just went up again. Anyone else have this problem?
  5. Thanks. You seem to have a nice little operation going on here. I might just stick around
  6. My bad. When I saw there were 19 pages about kick starter discussion, I thought this was a enough of a BONES qustion to ask
  7. So lets look to the future, There is a dragon being made in bones plastic. I am going to assume multipiece so assembly is required. What would the possible price point be for such a dragon. OR asked another way- how good a deal is the $10 I would spend today compared to March
  8. 12:04 am central time 100% funded YEA!11111111111111111111111111111
  9. Well, the topic line is the question. Will they be made in Texas ( or even USA) or will the work be going overseas?
  10. Wow- I sent the PM And then spaced on the board. My kids at the high school will be thrilled. Thx CB
  11. has not set their status

  12. Hi I am going to Gen con this year (Yea!). I never paid attention to any of the events, so I have no idea about any painting contests that happen. DO they run all 4 days? Is there more than one competition? Are they held someplace 'official' or do they happen at vendor's booths. Any general information you can let me know would be great Thanks
  13. You do commissions? do tell
  14. It was on the new releases wall at the store. I think my favorite part is on the hang card--- Sculptor- unknown Still not for sale online.
  15. HI So I have been painting this dire croc. Being that this is a larger and meaner croc, I built on the green base and added the yellow and red-orange scales. The problem is I also painted the eyes yellow and red-orange so that they blend in too well with the scales. What can I do to make the eyes pop?I would like to keep the current colors, but would be willing to change to make it better................ THX
  16. HI I was wondering if there was a paint and take kit? I teach backstage theater at a high school and am always looking for projects for the class while the show is on stage. I have heard of a paint and take, but alas, I do not get out to conventions to see them in action Any Ideas? Thanks
  17. Update: In the asylum where I used to get a red X has been replaced with a grayed 'no image available' sign. I can see the picture in this post just fine. If I can follow that these mini have all been released before ( following the heraldic knights and savage beauties), Are there reaper DH numbers assigned to them? I am guessing they are in the low 2000's. I don't recogonize any of them.
  18. Hi I am still not getting any pictures when I go to the asylum. Could someone tell me what is included in the box? Thanks
  19. Have you done something with the detail piece running down the dress? It is behind her leg and one thing that does not show up in the front/back photos. I am also trying to follow along and paint mine like you are painting yours. I have gotten as far as the dress. CB
  20. It was a bit overwhelming with all of the war chants going on. Maybe we could work on a covert meetingover by the expensive food next year and use the secret handshake
  21. That was in a casketworks?? The way my mind works........... I guess I was thinking about the mugshots section. Thanks CB
  22. I was looking for the examples of skin triads that used to be located in the painted gallery. Since the painted section was updated to remove all the seperate "folders" the skin paint folder went away. Anyone know where it went to? CB
  23. HI I was up in Lake Geneva last week and actually drove by horticultral hall. It is still there and they have a web site. They rent out the place for meetings and weddings. I checked and prices for off season saturday are still expensive and would entail selling tickets or renting space or lots of donations. *** Some of the early GEN CONS were held in this hall, way back when****
  24. Hi Pardon the posting on a reaper site but I know that you guys always give out good answers. I had a hiatus from being exposed to Games workshop stuff during the school year and recently pick up a couple of white dwarfs ( I get it for the articles ok??). It took a large blow to the head to make me realize that plastic box sets of the recent releases are only $22 verses the normal $35. This has just been on the vampire counts and chaos demons and looks like the dark elf coming out next. Does anybody know why the price dropped? Different plastic? streamlined production?
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