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  1. So I recently entered a paint contest with my high boot girl One of the comments I recieved was that the lips needed a bit of work. While I agree, I am not sure on how to procede. Taking a cue from real life, I would outline the lips with a darker color to help define the edges, but I am not sure where the edges are and I keep picturing Batman's JOKER as the final outcome. But lets assume I can get over my fears of how big the lips should be, Are there any techniques to ease me through the painting? And are there any easier suggestions on lip color?? I keep mixing a custom
  2. I just caught an original episode of star trek on broadcast TV ( Late afternoon saturday). Everytime there was an outer space shot, I kept staring at the TV. Was my newer TV showing details that older TVs couldn't?? Planets and the enterprise looked so detailed from what I remember. I tried to get my wife to watch, but she is not an early Shatner fan ( rather watch Boston Legal). She did remember something about Shatner being on Oprah, and saying something about the original series, but not being a fan, she did not listen. SO, after seeing multiple angles of the enterprise I knew t
  3. Another year, and the shelf of unpainted minis grows larger. The painted shelf grows as well, just at a slightly reduced pace. Happy birthday to me. CB Going off to paint
  4. it is NOT the one with sci-fi sophie on the cover. It IS the one with some reaper minis attacking a red female demon. Any idea when a new one comes out? Soon is not the answer I am looking for. :) CB
  5. So the line in casketworks #23 about more information coming soon should have said 'coming soonTM' CB
  6. Hi Like a few other people on the boards, I have taken a shine to the Blood stone gnomes. I have read a little bit of fluff on another link and have seen the original artwork in Casketworks and I want to know more. I tried looking at reapergames.com but cannot find anything (but then again that one link wants to send a huge pdf file and I am at home during break with dial up). Could someone point me to a direction to look? Would this also answer the question about what is the bloodstone (or what color it is?) I originaly thought Red (like blood), but then the data cards have t
  7. Hey, wait a minute... Is this another adult/artistic mini with the urban legend logo? Has reaper added a new line? MSMUL? CB
  8. Hi welcome to Rockford, Home of a bunch of friendly Sweds. There are a few game stores. Royal hobby, which was already mentioned has a few spinning racks of reaper figs, and a tiny shelf of GW product. They are more of a catch all store, with plastic model, railroad, wargames (lots of military) doll houses and paint. They have some weird hours and are closed on sunday. For a larger selection, Tomorrow is Yesterday in Loves Park is a place to go. (Loves Park is attached to Rockford). They are more of a comic/game store with a game room. I tend to go to these stores when I need
  9. I remember a picture from 'last' years reapercon and there was a picture of a big spiny spider. there was a caption about taunting someone with this spider but alas it kept eating molds (and there for would not be seeing production) Do you think that they have a functioning pewter catapult that they are holding back???
  10. HI I am working on learning how to paint red. I started with a skeleton figuring that it would be easy....... I used the red triad and highlighted with marigold orange. I think that it gives my skeleton a 'lava' look. While not what I intended, it is kind of neat. So what should I be highlighting my reds with. If I add white, I get a pink. Orange goes to 'flame' . any advice?
  11. Demonic spider just appeared in store and have been waiting for someone to ask the question HOW BIG? When I saw it was $50 I was surprised, then I realized it was a Blister pack, not a box set. So, will this pick up my blank cd? Do I need to find an old 45? or maybe an 33 1/3? (for the youngsters, those are record sizes) CB
  12. Hi I was surprised when I read the new craft article about a beginners guide to painting that there was a couple of recipies that seem useful that I had not heard of . They were the 'Gunk' and 'the Magic wash" formulas. That got me wondering if there were any others that I should know about. CB
  13. DID I miss an announcement? I want to help in this cause too. Is there a way I can contribute figures to be auctioned? CB
  14. HI So I resculpted the mold and used all of the pointers I got from the resin company and came up with this new cube. I am liking the more organic form that I came up with. I used clay instead of wood this time. It is also more clear/less yellow in person Now comes the tough part, What is the biology of this organism? From the monster manual it says that it is clear and could sneek up on an adventuring party. In the real world nothing is clear. The closest thing is the amoeba which has some innards (nucleous, gangli, etc....) Is this a truly magical creature which is why we
  15. Space station for all of his spaceships ..........Or something to do with chocolate
  16. Hi I tried a search for this topic but the search engine wants words that are more than 3 letters. What kind of glue sticks to a cd? Which side of the cd should I use? I was hoping to attach a mini and the fake grass to the cd but got intimidated at the thought of glue not sticking and then reglueing and reglueing.............. Anybody had success in this endevor? Thanks Corn
  17. From Bryan's link, click on 1-14-07.pdf
  18. Also glad to hear that you are painting Cheers!
  19. Hi I ordered my catalog just about as soon as it was on the website and I got it Yesterday (Monday). I got to flip through it for a couple of minutes before bed, and now, during lunch, I am posting a couple of questions/comments...... *Who is the lady on the cover? Usually in a magazine the cover picture is captioned on the table of contents with their purpose and who the artist was. I just assume it is Tim's work, although I know that there are more artists working there. *Why do you tease us with the pencil drawings of the characters and not show them because of the pics of th
  20. The hard to catch candycane unicorn. They run fast and leave behing the slight hint of peppermint
  21. Did Frosh have anything to do with this??? Crazy conversions and I think of him
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