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  1. Do they keep the mold making supplies near the resin? Yes and no. I find that the stores that carry the resin usually have the latex moldmaking stuff right there. I find my RTV products in the plastic models aisle next to the testors paints.
  2. Hi I was inspired by another cube in the show off section and decided I needed one too. So here is how I have been making my gelationous cubes. I have been using a Polyester resin. I tried using an urethane resin( the kind that you put in flower vases to simulate water), but could never get it to dry thoughly. The product I use is casting craft's clear casting resin. I have picked it up in Michael's, Hobby Lobby and Blick arts. The trick is to find it. Some times it is in the jewerly casting aisle, sometime it is in the clay aisle. I have also found that some hobby lobbi
  3. Hi I am working on a tutorial. Today is my first day off in a while so I hope to get something up by 5 today. CB
  4. Hi Here is my latest gelatiounous cube. It is 60 mm cubed and has a reaper skelton, red gem and some gold and silver coins (glitter) The skeleton is easy to see from the top but the view of his face is the side that is the least clear. Comments welcome
  5. With no website tomorrow, what am I going to do? I can't go back to work, that is no fun. And I know that it is only going down for 3.5 hours but upgrades ALWAYS take longer than you think. AND the paint contest is announced on Thursday. I hope the site is up and running by then. Maybe we should start a phone tree......................
  6. Hi So I have been working on a gelatiounous cube. I plan on putting bits inside once I get the casting part perfected. At this point I was looking for feedback for the size and shape of what I have. I was thinking of putting it on a 40 mm square base. The original I made was 1.5"square but compared to the figure, seems small. Input please.....
  7. hi I am using windows 2000, explorer, QT version 5.0.2195 service pack 4. I tried to open the bone caller and that worked. Could this be a case of me trying to open it once, didn't work/download completely, and then try again, only to have the computer try to finish the first broken file?
  8. HI Here is my entry for the wyrd mini painting contest. I painted him with the idea of casting off an errie green glow
  9. Lets pretend that you get rid of Sophie and live to tell about it. WHO/WHAT do you replace her with? An Angry deamon? A big Guy with a sword? Big yellow and red letters? Sophie is who I have been getting my minis from and I could not imagine gettting them from anyone else
  10. Hi to whom this may concern I just tried to open the sophie reapervision. It took a while and then gave me a broken quicktime logo icon. I tried the pearl and vampiress link and they worked. C
  11. Is your spraypaint a 'sandable' primer? Primer that you can manulipulate later tends to be ~thicker~ My $0.02
  12. I Just figured it was a problem at my end... ***Being Patient***
  13. What about a group of short (small) creatures with a robe and a hood that could be the minions for a dark overlord. Not so much like a familiar but more of a servant/butler/cook
  14. SCARY!!!!! Are you going to do anything to the bases?
  15. OR to save some time, Monday the 30th. But lots of neat things are coming out monday
  16. That is PERFECT!!!!!! Just what I was looking for. Thanks
  17. Hi With the true scale CAV out and the comparative pics, I was wondering if you could put together a picture of one of the 54mm MSM with a 'regular' 28mm mini? OOOHH! on maybe a 72mm as well. Thanks C
  18. This reminds me of that time on 'CHEERS' when the gang wanted to know how many bolts held the celtic's basketball floor together. They ended up on the floor counting individual bolts, only to mess up and have to recount again
  19. Talk about cutting it close on time. Lucky for me that my kids went to sleep WHEN I put them to bed tonight. Here is my Sophie. My daughter suggested the wiskers.
  20. How about a checklist of MSP an pro paints on a card, say twice the size of a business card with all of the paints listed and maybe a little circle with an approxamate color. Keep it small so I can keep it in my wallet. That way when I am at the FLGS and I see some paint I don't have to stand there and go "Hmm, do I already have this paint that caught my eye" or "Well I know I have some knid of foresty green, but is this that one". I currently have a full size sheet of paper with a bunch of numbers written down, but it is bulky and doen't help me sort things
  21. Hi Just wanted to let everyone know that I found some big corks for sale. I have found little, tiny corks in the kitchen utensil aisle at wal-mart, usually a dozen or so in a bag. They were always small I was looking for something else at Home Depot in the specialty hardware rack and found large sized corks. these were about 1.5 inches across, and then they had different sizes. I was really suprised that I had to tell someone. Specialty hardware is in the screw aisle. It is in the 'weird' pull out drawers that are along side things like cotter pins and metric bolts.
  22. Almost 2 weeks left. I'm working on something.....................
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