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  1. thats 2,345 minis done, 7,239 to go.......
  2. I'm guessing that he is busy with the baby......... He will learn than in a little more time he can take the kids to the painting desk and get a good 20 minutes of painting in 'showing' them how to paint. That is how we roll here. It does take a while to get something done, but it feels good to get something to the finished shelf. Hey! I still like the pizza from Paglia's (Pagleis). ( They moved between Mc D's and burgerking)
  3. Yes I wish I had gone. Geez.., I wish I could leave the state. Thanks for the starter image Talin. I love seeing/comparing the original sketch to the final figure and seeing how each artist adds things to the pot. Ahh/err figure. Soooooo. How about a picture of the back?
  4. Free stuff?!?!?!?! How much did you order?
  5. How long must I wait until it is posted in the gallery???? Is she wearing boots, garters and underwear?? short shorts??
  6. I do a lot of lurking at work. Lord knows that if I posted also that I would get NOTHING done for my paying job. I am writing now because I am at home
  7. Wow! I cannot believe all of the sponsers that are on board for this contest. It is like everyone is coming together for this. Is this just a great karma thing? or a synergy thing because everyone loves pirates?
  8. Is it too late for suggestions for names?? I hate the American idea that the sequel to something has to have a number in it. (Remember Rocky, Rocky2, Rocky3, Rocky4, Rocky5, Rocky6, and so on. It is bad enough that the new movie now (pirates 2) has in a little font 'dead man's chest' underneith the bold '2'. Remember the good old days of non numbered sequels, Star wars. Raiders of the lost ark, Fellowship of the ring. This is a new group of pirates, presumably on a different ship, why not name the crew after the ship they are sailing (Arrgh, its the Denton Harbringer) or something.
  9. Yes, but by definition, spring does not include more snow. It is susposed to be about showers and flowers and maybe some happy rabbit that gives out candy for some reason, but not snow!
  10. Will this sculpt follow the sucubi scheme where reaper will produce a Klocke sculpt in a couple of weeks that kind of looks like this one........ Stay tuned to find out. *Insert 30's dasterly deed music*
  11. They said something about it coming out in the spring. Funny, we just got an inch of snow today. I did not realize that the reaper peps knew how to control the weather to meet their publication deadlines :)
  12. Hi I am having some trouble with some of my paint brushes. The very tip of the tip is bent. Kind of like an L. This is happening on my smaller detail brushes, so dotting my eyes is now even more frustrating. Any advice on how to fix this or keep it from happening?? C
  13. Well I just posted my entry, I hope it worked. It is kind of weird to have to wait to see if it went through. I was wondering if there was an easier way to get to the posting forum. I kept going through the forum and clicking on current contest - Rotten harvest- . I eventully found the right one through the rules section direct link. P.s. Forgive this post on the reaper boards, I am more familiar with this board, and my monitor is acting funny so it is hard to read on a mostly black screen
  14. No problems here. I came across this after looking at lots of other things on the board
  15. Wow, how can sculpters get tiny details correct like buckles and folds in fabric but always seem to get the breasts wrong. They always seem like they are inflated. Great paintjob and diorama that you set up.
  16. hi Was this theme picked to replace the 'chick challenge' that usually happens at this time? In the last e-mail I got about CCIV it did look like it was 99% not happening this year. Either way, women are fun and frustrating to paint. C
  17. Hi I seem to remember a contest where people could build a merchant store/shop/stand. There were rules and such (I remember something about how 25 people could fit inside). I can't find anything about it in my email or through a search on this forum. (Reaper is where I spend 99% of my time). Does this sound familiar to anyone or am I having an episode again? Corn
  18. Hi Please forgive my ignorance in this area, but it has been bugging me for a while and I thought I would ask. As I have been lurking on the outskirts of the gaming world and am quite happy with just painting right now, I have been collecting bits of information about the fantasy realm that all of our characters play in. I have started to notice several similarites and thought it more than coincidence....... I have always accepted the notion of things like elves and dwarfs, but there are very specific things, like animated trees that protect the forest with the wood elves, that pop u
  19. is there a picture of the blister? next to a regular blister for scale.
  20. Yea, This happened to me to. And I think there was a couple of other pages that would not load either.
  21. I resolve to paint more. And to smite those who do not make resolutions
  22. Don't we usually get a doom and gloom message about miniatures from someone at the end of every year??
  23. So as time goes by and I have had time to think about what I wrote and what I wanted to write about this topic I started. (my original post seems a little moody for me :) ). I went out and picked up a few of the 2000's sculpts at my local gameing store (G+). There were a few marked down on the clearance rack, which was good for my wallet, but it was not good for selection since there are so few 2000's left . With the ones I have and the ones I just picked up, I couldn't help but to see the evelution of miniatures. I believe all of these are Sandra Garrity sculpts. They all have si
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