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  1. Gatt, I notice a similar problem if I'm not careful to wipe off not only the tip of the brush but both sides of the brush higher up. Make sure you are wiping your brush in the same direction and pressure as you do the figure. Also, when I switched to using the Testor's brushes previously mentioned it really helped.
  2. Thank you all for helpful comments. Buglips & OneBoot, I really appreciate both of your WIP's as I'm sure most of the Reaper Board does. Both of you are also far more experienced than I am. I still keep notes of things I do that the 2 of you don't even bother to think about any more (or at least don't put on your WIP). For a few reasons, I don't think WIP or a blog is yet right for me. 1) Most of what I'm doing is trying to copy what I've seen other do. Other than than trying to substitute for colors that I have, there isn't a lot of new information my WIP would add that someone hasn't already done better. 2) I try to take a picture of each step (figure + paint bottles), even minor ones. Therefore I would clog up a WIP very quickly. 3) With family & work, painting time is very limited and sometimes infrequent. I'm trying to keep my journal making unabtrusive, simple and as quick as possible. Posting will take more time as, knowing myself, I'll spend way too much time trying to perfect my photo. upload it and make sure my post is grammatically correct and informative. 4) I'd spend way too much time stalking my WIP looking to see who's commented and then more time formulating a response. 5) My work isn't great. Better than some but far worse than others. Nothing really to show off yet. 6) Yes feedback from a WIP would probably help my technique immensely, but time is limited (see #3 & 4) So basically at WIP or Blog will be a time sink for me. I'll stick with Evernote for now and lurk happily in your WIP's. :)
  3. CrimsonStar, thanks for the idea. I'm not sure the internet has much need to see my work, and I know I'd spend way too much time adding links to other sites with better work that I'm trying to emulate. Vutpakdi, I suspect I will move over from Evernote Hello to Evernote itself for keeping a painting journal. I do love my Evernote too, but haven't been sure about using it in as a journal. I clip a lot of threads to Evernote for this forum for later reference.
  4. Thanks CrimsonStar. I'm not looking for anything in-depth and certainly not a website. More just a paint journal so I can keep track of what I did. Simple is better.
  5. The last thread on this subject that I found was 2010. http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?/topic/40926-curious-about-paint-notebooks/?hl=notebook I am curious as to what type of electronic paint books people are using to keep track the paints and techniques they use on each project. Preferably for an iPhone. I've been using Evernote Hello to photograph my progress and keep track of the paint I use, but it is not optimal as it is hard to quickly review what I've done. [The program is designed for keeping track of people you meet infrequently than for keeping a log]. What I'm interested in an App: 1) It will allow me to photograph my progress painting a figure along with being able to take notes. 2) Photos will be organized by figure subject 3) Old projects / photos will be easy to visibly scan through later so I need to find what paints I used at a specific point. 4) It needs to work on my iPhone, but it would be nice to also view it on my Mac (something Evernote does well). 5) Simple is good. I do not want to use a paper journal for a few reasons: 1) My handwriting when doing projects like this is not the best and may be unreadable in 3-4 months. 2) I like to see the actual paint on the figure so I can quickly find what I'm looking for. Therefore I like lots of photos. 3) I'm sure I'd get lazy about where I used the paint. Meaning that after the first few entries, I know I'll not write down everything I need to know. A photo will quickly show/say more than a paragraph of scribbles will (at least for me). What does everyone else use to keep track of their progress (other than positing the WIP forum)?
  6. Mr. Goblin sir, Thank you for another VERY insightful WIP. I learn something every time I follow your progress. I do have a question (sorry if I missed it if you already answered). How many paint bottles did you actually end up going through? Specifically in regards to the bone triad, but other paints too.
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