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  1. Quick update. House was successfully sold, & I am now in Ecuador with my wife! Damon.
  2. So I am about a week out from my house closing, & I have my ticket already to fly down to Ecuador. So far everything is going as planned. I have a virtual job now, & a few other virtual opportunities as well. Hopefully the next time I post to this thread, I will be doing so from pleasantly warm Manta, Ecuador! Damon.
  3. Well, we now have a new buyer for the house. They offered $295,000, which is $4000 under asking. I am thinking the asking price was too high to begin with. Closing is now Sept 17 (up from Sept 3 in the original bid). Damon.
  4. The buyer backed out of the sale, so I'm back to square one. We had 20 people tour the house; we got that offer, & another for 10K less (all cash), whom are no longer interested. Frustrating. Damon.
  5. House is now under contract. I managed to get $300K for the house. Next stages are the inspections & any arguments with the buyer about the house (even though the house is being sold "as-is"). Closing date is 2 September. This is good & should give me enough money to buy a house solely for rent (should be able to get $800 monthly for the house), & buy a house (possibly with a small mortgage) for living. The small mortgage will be necessary because I am thinking of using some of the left-over money to buy furniture, TV, & other things we will need for the house. And possibly a u
  6. One of the challenges of living abroad is what to do about work? Ecuador is attractive in part because the cost of living is much lower there. But along with that comes the fact that salaries are also much lower there. Part of the idea here is to improve the quality of life I have. While some of that will be taken care of by buying a home there with the money gained by selling my house here in the US (& thus live without the need of a mortgage), still the idea of living on between $400 to $800 a month (since I have a degree & years of experience, I think it is reasonable I
  7. Being married to someone in a different country can be challenging at times. The distance can make you feel lonely. To that end, I decided to fly down & spend a month with my wife, to live as a married couple, even for a short time. One thing I can say about our relationship is that is is very...tranquil. We don't fight. That's not to say we don't disagree occasionally, but we resolve our differences by talking, rather than by arguing (conversar, no discutir). Beyond that, though, it is refreshing to be able to experience being married for an extended period of time. We have a
  8. It is, in fact, almost impossible to drive to South America from North America. At the base of Panama, where it starts to merge with Colombia, is nothing but swampland, sparsely populated, with no hard-topped roads. It COULD be done if you have a 4wd & heavily armed against the unfriendlies hiding out there (allegedly), but most sane people would take a ferry from Panama to Colombia... Damon.
  9. Looks like I won't be having a wedding THIS month. I was not able to get my flight because I could not get a COVID test within the time parameters the government there wants. I can do a rapid antigen test, but no one is doing that just for travel, only to confirm active infections (at least locally). I could get the rapid antigen test in the airport in Ft Lauderdale, but they won't even let me on the plane to fly down there, because it is a package deal with the connecting flight to Ecuador. That being said, my wife texted me in Whatsapp & said Las Charlas por nuest
  10. The closest interest I have in Napoleonics are the Wars of South American Liberation. I have the book Liberadores! which, like Ospreys, have color uniform plates for the various factions involved. I'd like to do it with my wife. She has an interest in history, & since she is Ecuadorian, this will provide a connection for her in the game. Now for rules... Damon.
  11. So I did the sensible thing & emailed the airport in Guayaqyul. It turns out that they will accept the Rapid Antigen test, as well as the PCR test, for free entry into the country. As it turns out I have a 6 hour layover in Ft Lauderdale, & they have an on-site Rapid Antigen testing unit (also PCR if you need it). So I scheduled my appointment & will be able to get my test results, valid for entry into Ecuador. They say it will take half an hour, & they DO hand you a piece of paper showing your results (don't take that for grantid in this era of E-everything). The only downside
  12. Besides that drama, I am still researching my move to Ecuador. At this point I am pretty sure I want to make this move. There are a lot of reasons (such as cost of living, cost of heathcare) that makes Ecuador attractive. Not to mention that Manta, Ecuador (where my wife is from) is around 100 miles away from the equator & directly on the Pacific Ocean. If you ever buy a can of tuna fish, & it says "made in Ecuador," it was probably canned in Manta. Add to the fact that the climate is semi-arid (not tropical), so the weather is always gorgeous all year round, with average t
  13. I am leaving for Ecuador again on Wednesday 31 March. I will be there for 26 days. This will be for the church wedding. But like most things in life, problems arise... I just found out the Ecuadorian government changed the entry requirements: Now I need a negative PCR test, printed, no more than THREE days prior to entry into the country. Previously it was 10 days prior. That was relatively easy. 3 days prior makes travel almost impossible. The options are to take another test (at my cost) in Ecuador & quarantine for 10 days. A negative test result will end the quar
  14. One thing about emigrating is trying to decide what to keep & what to leave behind. Like a lot of people, I have built up quite the collection of things, & one of the things I sort of knew, but was still surprised about, is how much stuff we can have here in the first world, that they just don't have in a 3rd world country. First up is going through my gaming collection. Ecuador does not have a large gaming community (though it does exist). Things like RPGs are portable, & easily played on line. But what about miniature games? That is less easily played on line & so
  15. So what, exactly is required for me to emigrate to Ecuador? I have been doing some research, & getting a little help from other gringoes living in Ecuador. A good site for North American expats with ambitions of settling in Ecuador is https://www.expat.com/forum/viewforum.php?id=519 If you have questions about living in Ecuador, this is the place to do it. I have been semi-active on it for more than a year, ever since I decided marrying an Ecuatoriana was something I wanted to do. The larger site is about foreigners living abroad in general, so if you are thinking o
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