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  1. Lars Porsenna

    Will the KS frigate be usable?

    Yep. When the ship is taken out of action, you represent this by placing the model on the lower shelf... Damon.
  2. Lars Porsenna

    Starfinder thread

    So how SF is it actually then? Is it like Trek or Star Wars with Elfs & Goblins? Or something more gonzo closer to Spelljammer? Damon.
  3. Lars Porsenna

    Battletech Thread

    The key to painting white is to not paint in white. I base in either (old GW colors) space wolf grey + white, or Bleached bone + white, wash in either SW grey or BB, then highlight with pure white (titanium white in this case, most hobby whites are not non-yellowing). I painted an entire High Elf army for WHFB (lots of white), & it works. Damon.
  4. Lars Porsenna

    Starfinder thread

    I've always been Starfinder curious, & thought about picking up some of the setting books. I love the idea of Urban Fantasy (i.e. fantasy but set in the modern world; think Shadowrun), & like the idea of space fantasy too. Is starfinder basically D&D/PF in space, or is there more to it? Damon.
  5. Lars Porsenna

    Battletech Thread

    Well see, there is your first mistake: you're painting Jade Turkeys. Paint up a real clan, like Snow Ravens... Damon.
  6. Lars Porsenna

    Help identify this early 1980s wizard?

    Wow that's a fairly decent sculpt for a Minifigs figure! Damon.
  7. Lars Porsenna

    Looking for Wood Elfs

    For those that know, GW has been killing off its old fantasy lines. I have a few incomplete armies that I'd like to add to. Rather than chasing down OOP product on Ebay, I want to explore product lines that are in-production. Does anyone know of figures that would thematically go well with GW's Wood Elf range, especially archers? Their look was fairly distinctive & I'd like to complete the army... Damon.
  8. Lars Porsenna

    Warlord Games General Historical Discussion

    I like what Rubicon is doing. Very much edge the line between wargames figure & scale model... Damon.
  9. Lars Porsenna

    Kings of War

    Those Northern Alliance figures look pretty good. Wondering how they'd look with tanned skintones & black hair... Damon.
  10. Lars Porsenna

    Catalyst Game Labs: BattleTech Clan Invasion box set

    You know, I wouldn't mind a mobile-style reboot of Crescent Hawks Inception, with more than 2 mech models & better overall graphics. I'm sure my smartphone can handle anything my old Tandy 1000SX could do... Damon.
  11. Lars Porsenna

    Catalyst Game Labs: BattleTech Clan Invasion box set

    So for the record I've been a lo-ong time Batteltech fan. I've been playing the game since 1985. It's been 34 years; how many people can clain fandom sustained over such a long period of time? So the game & the setting has a lot of emotional meaning for me... I went in & funded this even though I'm aware of the issues Shadowrun has had. If you have just a passing interest in the game, maybe this is not the KS for you. But the golden apple of this current kickstarter is that the lo-ong issues (since '96) that Battletech has had with a core group of mechs has FINALLY been resolved after a number of legal actions/bullying from Harmony Gold, the core group of mechs have been redesigned with arguably better art, AND they are going to be made available in plastic. I'm less interested in the Clan mech redesigns, but since we are getting nu-seen Marauders & Warhammers? That's like manna from heaven for an old time fan that has gone through all the trials & tribulations this game has had over the decades... Damon.
  12. Lars Porsenna

    Pico or micro tank games

    Exactly the same as in FoW. When I play it, I don't change anything & keep the same ranges as 15mm. the effect is mainly visual. Plus 6mm figures on 15mm basing looks more realistic than the crowded 15mm scheme FoW uses now. Damon.
  13. Lars Porsenna

    Pico or micro tank games

    As a matter of fact, this is something I do... Damon.
  14. Lars Porsenna

    Warlord Games General Historical Discussion

    ISTR in the same book the statistic that 50% or more Tigers were lost due to crew demolition than enemy fire. A testament both to the durability of these tanks...& mechanical unreliability. Damon.
  15. Lars Porsenna

    Warlord Games General Historical Discussion

    Make sure you buy lots of Pz 35(t)s, my favorite early war German tank! In the book Sledgehammers there was an account of the first Batallion sized offensive operation with Tiger IIs. This was at the Battle of Butapest near the end of the war (Feb 45 I think?). Anyway, the Bn started out with 45 Tiger IIs at the jump-off point, did a several mile march across country, & reached the assault point with something like 17 Tiger IIs still rolling. The rest had dropped out due to break downs & other trouble. While the Tiger II was a scary machine if you ran into one, the best way to kill one is to strategically threaten to cut off the unit, force them to do a road march, & watch as the crews have to destroy disabled vehicles... Damon.