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  1. You all can have a bachelors party in my honor. She did have a bachelorette party a few days before (called a solteria). When I showed up for cake after I saw some...questionable things. Keep it clean guys... Damon.
  2. Another quick update: as of yesterday we are now married! Damon.
  3. A picture for why I am doing this. Ysabel & I on the beach in Manta, Ecuador.
  4. Update: we did the entrevista today & my documents were accepted & valid. Date of matrimony is 21 October. This was in Guayaquil, which definitely has a NYC feel with a lot of "casual" economy. Its a big city & has that feel. Damon.
  5. A quick update. Currently in Ecuador with my fiancee. The only time I have spoken English is when her sister from the US called me: everything else has been in Español en todo. But everything is going great so far, & I look forward to more great things with her.
  6. I am currently sitting near the gate for my flight. In an hour I will be on the plane & on my way. My adventure is about to begin. One thing I should note is that I have never travelled internationally before, & this will be my second trip in an airline in my life. I'm not scared, but definitely excited. I should be in Ecuador by 10:45 in the morning. Damon.
  7. Today I received my COVID test results. As expected, they came back as negative. The next step is to now get the lab results translated into Spanish for the authorities in Ecuador. I will take care of that tomorrow morning. Damon.
  8. I agree. But there is the "government getting back to us" phase too! I just got back from getting a COVID test. Should get the results in a few days. I'm sure it will show negative, but once I have confirmation, it's onto the plane! I am leaving October 9 now, because the ticket was around $100 cheaper... Damon.
  9. Interestingly I found this article: https://rapidvisa.com/federal-judge-blocks-uscis-fee-increase/?fbclid=IwAR1kHWr8avI96WCeYvzCVCFKnxjxTFTkD8HhGbIZAEgEtud9WIQKfFdJ0RM There is an injunction against the fee increases. THis may help me when I decide which Visa to apply for after our civil marriage. Damon.
  10. A quick update: I received an email from the lawyer in Ecuador that my document has been accepted & is correct. To review, this was my Affidavit of Marital Status, showing that I am not currently married, & nor was I ever married. This document as well as the Apostille document, were translated into Spanish for the local Ecuadorian authorities. On the part of my fiancée, she has just received her new cedula, which is like a national ID card. This shows her marital status right on the card (in this case soltera for single & never married). Also she needs to apply for a Curaduria. This is a legal process of transfer of guardianship. I was able to (finally) find some information on it at: https://centrojuridicongya.blogspot.com ... ecial.html With all of this, we are much closer now to getting married & fulfilling our mutual dreams. Damon.
  11. I am in the process of transferring all the posts to a blog. See damonsadventuresinimmigration.blogspot.com Damon.
  12. The latest from Ecuador https://drive.google.com/file/d/1yDwdt0Koz2Ua_VUW2EDhn_mV8UosWpUC/view?fbclid=IwAR3Uw-0UDT1gekZdj7ma4ByqfigRsY4tdZlO2Hf2tnLuB0ObvQXaoU5kg64: Damon.
  13. An update on things. I have had to change the date yet again, but it is only a minor adjustment. I will be flying down to Ecuador on 10 October. We have an interview schedules in Guayaquil on 13 October, & if everything is good to go, we will have the civil ceremony on 20 October. This also requires me to stay for 2 weeks rather than one, but this simply gives me more time to get to know the country, as well as total immersion in the Spanish language as well. Sort of like learning how to swim by being pushed into the deep end of the pool... Damon.
  14. Went today to get my documents apostilled. Wouldn't you know it the state capital is shut down due to COVID concerns still (my county government buildings were not, to put it into perspective). So I had to drop them off with an SASE to return them to me when done. Working time 7-10 business days. So that puts me behind 2 weeks. I may miss my date of 10-5-20 because the documents need to be reviewed in Ecuador as well. Damon.
  15. In order to get married in Ecuador, I need several pieces of documentation: Certificate of Marital Status, translated & apostilled. Birth Certificate, translated & apostilled There are other pieces of documentation necessary, but they do not apply to me (divorce certificates, death certificates...) Today I stopped by the courthouse to pick up the Certificate of Marital Status. Only $10 and notarized. However, it is in English so I need to get a translator for that. And for my birth certificate. I located someone nearby that can do it, usually takes a day or two. Next up, though is to get the documents apostilled. What is that, you ask? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apostille_Convention Basically it is like a notary for international documents. For that it will be a bit harder. For that I will need to travel to Harrisburg to get my documents apostilled. So I will be taking a day this week to do so. One nice thing that came up is that her cousin is a lawyer in Guayaquil. This helps immensely; not only is she family, but she is located in the city we are going to marry in (in Ecuador I can only marry in Guayaquil, Cuenca or Quito). This makes things very convenient from that standpoint. Not that this process is exactly simple. But I am making progress towards my goal. Damon.
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