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  1. Well, IMHO healing surges didn't mean you didn't have to bother with a cleric; what it meant is that the cleric wasn't there simply to be the healbot. In a lot of our older games the cleric didn't bother with clerical spells except for the bevy of heals, because that is what he would be doing most combats. Healing surges, whether you liked the concept or not, allowed cleric players to do something other than deciding whether to use cure light wounds or cure moderate wounds, etc. Damon.
  2. I feel the same way about bones as well. To the point where I don't buy those sorts of figures in Bones but rather in metal. The medium, however, is GREAT for monsters, especially the big 'uns. I have the green & red dragons in Bonzium, as well as more driders than you can shake a stick at, as well as others. When there are new Bones releases, I look at the monsters most eagerly out of them all. Same with these new figures (though it's been pretty lite so far on that front...) Damon.
  3. That griffon is pretty nice, but it's hard to beat the Bones Griffon...one of the best models in the line IMHO... Damon.
  4. I agree. The only things I think we can conclude: 1). Rey undergoes some sort of force training, possibly involving lightsabers. 2): There will be a space battle & things blow up 3): More Luke & Jedi flashbacks 4): Chewie will probably be in it (who's flying the Falcon then, eh?) Although personally I was pretty keenly interested in the mechanical details...like what kind of ships were the Resistance/Republic using in the space battle sequence? Damon.
  5. I believe GW is going to release the rulebook seperately as well as the terrain... I may buy the rulebook, and terrain at a later date. As for what I will build, I'll just select figures from my collection: Chaos Space Marines, Space Marines, Eldar, Necrons, Grey KNights, Harlequins, Sisters of Battle... Damon.
  6. ISTR the Traveller setting is based in part on the Polesotechnic League setting of Poul Anderson. Having read some of the books/stories it seems like it would be a match... Damon.
  7. Let me say up front that Eclipse Phase is just straight up awesome! While a lot of SF games are still stuck in the '60s & '70s with their space opera, Eclipse Phase is an update on the SFRPG genre to more current trends in the SF lit world. And there are a lot of elements in in that are IMHO mind bendingly awesome! I can't get enough of this game, and although we've played it only a few times, I'm investing in it as much as I can... One of my other fave SFRPG games is Fading Suns. Another great and imaginative setting...basically the mythological Middle Ages in space. If you liked Dune, or want something vaguely like 40K but for grown ups, check it out. Finally I also love Numenera though this belongs more to the Dying Earth genre of SF. Lots of weird ancient tech, strange beings & creatures, etc. Also to me has a strong Brit SF vibe too (not really a genre unto itself, but it does share some similar trends IMHO). None of these games are of the specific generic SF that emulates the genre as it was in the '60s or '70s, like Traveller did so well, and not really of the "have spaceship will travel" type of schtick (In Eclipse Phase you don't need a spaceship...just farcast your consciousness into another body on the other side of the solar system...), but worthy of examination... For truely generic SF, I would use Savage worlds though I'm not too impressed by their SF setting material frankly (aliens are too generic and trope-y IIRC). Damon.
  8. Thus why you are called...Cranky Dog! Damon.
  9. If you are still looking for a North Africa machine, Churchill IIIs were the ones used IIRC, with the 6pder gun. AFV Club makes such a kit. Here is a review: https://www.perthmilitarymodelling.com/reviews/vehicles/afvclub/afv35153.html I find AFV Club kits to be more challenging than Tamiya in terms of complexity & build quality. Damon.
  10. Correct. One thing I should mention about museum pieces and photos of such: a lot of time museums and gate guards are not as well maintained, and are often restored using resources of the time. Some museums are better than others, but I wouldn't trust completely the color of museum pieces as they are not always restored with accurate colors. Damon.
  11. What time period are we talking about? If you have the Tamiya model, it is IIRC a Churchill VII, which debut in Normandy till the end of the war. More specifically it is an upgraded version that would have been active only at the very end of the war & Korea (look at the air vents on the side of the hull; it has 3 plates each which were extra armor upgraded late into the service life of this tank). Due to Lend-Lease, and the large volume of equipment supplied by the US (as well as British equipment manufactured in the US under license as well), the British adopted Olive Drab similar to US equipment in the latter half of the war in order to keep commonality with the Lend-Lease equipment. Thus your model should actually be painted OD. Ignore Tamiya's instructions (which IIRC calls for Dark Green) as these are not accurate at all. A few months ago I finished construction on the non-Crocodile version of this tank, so pretty familiar with it ATM. Also my "main" hobby is 1/35 armor modelling, so I've done a little research on the subject... Damon.
  12. Eastern PA was well. Wondering when things will even out... Damon.
  13. Those Mayan/Aztecs look like Minifigs...? Damon.
  14. Yes, I agree. The RTT kickstarter is a disaster which IMHO is mostly Palladium's doing. There is a LOOOOONG history there that I won't belabor the forum with, but one which I FAR more suspect is Palladium's doing than it is Ninja Division's. Which is too bad because I am also a RTT backer (2nd wave) and always wanted a Macross-based minis game (not necessarily Robotech...) Damon.
  15. I have loads of Ospreys. One thing to keep in mind though is that even within the series there are ones that are better than others. I am most familiar with the medieval titles, and anything by Gravett or Nicole is pretty good or reliable. Damon.
  16. Well I got this just recently. The HoTT book is the latest edition, & replaces the one my ex sold without my knowledge...
  17. I occasionally dabble in aircraft models. If I do build, usually it is in 1/72. I am really digging the new Airfix line of models. Big improvement over their older molds. Also have a few kits from Academy, Fujimi & Hasegawa. Really though I am an armor modeler and have quite the stash of kits! Right now I am working on a 1/35 AFV Club M5A1 Stuart. Slow going as it is very detailed (parts breakdown suggest they wanted to do a full interior; I'm not that big on full interiors though so its lack doesn't bother me too much). I recently finished up a Dragon M60 Patton tank (M60 "Slick" as they used to say), with a new aftermarket 105mm gun barrel, cupola robbed from an Academy Patton, and new mantlet from Tiger Models. Kit wasn't bad but some well known issues, and the IR searchlight was noticably too small. A little dissappointing as the M60 is my favorite tank... The key to using PE is that you don't NEED to use it all! If I buy some AM photo-etch, I'll usually use perhaps half the fret. Some parts are just insane or not really necessary (like pe grab handles...make those out of wire or plastic rod!) or don't actually enhance detail where it is needed. Sometimes they detail areas that are not needed, while omitting areas that are (Eduard's PE fret for the Zvezda JS-2 comes to mind...). And you know, sometimes it's just easier to find detail parts in another media (like resin or white metal) than to goof around with the PE (like the DshK machine gun on aformentioned JS-2...easier to just pick up an AM resin machine gun instead). These are the lessons I have learned from model building... Damon.
  18. Indeed. I bought a bunch of Men of Averaign archers to take advantage of this! Damon.
  19. That pesky Buy Now button!! Might be a glitch on ebay cause I get it too when I'm on there. Ah! Glad I'm not the only one, someone should talk to them about it... I may have accidentally bought a box of 5e Brettonian Knights due to the Buy it Now button. But it was still factory sealed! Ironically I went there looking for plastic shields. Anyone know where I can buy plastic shields without any designs on them? Damon.
  20. Hmmm, I played an elf Wizard a number of years ago that exploited his knowledge of the longsword from time to time. Even worked on a special magic longsword that complemented his spellcasting... Damon.
  21. Just found out last nite that my ex, before she left me, looted several hundred dollars worth of gaming stuff from me & likely sold it on ebay or traded it in for money. This included some vintage Battletech stuff too. So big negative acquisition here... Damon.
  22. Had to pay for my property taxes this paycheck, so no funtimes for me. All I bought was a plastic panel scriber tool... Damon.
  23. Star Trek has a universal translator technology. So everyone speaks English because of that. Maybe introduce Babelfish into the campaign? Damon.
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