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  1. I feel your pain. I play a bard in our D&D campaign, and at one point he came into posession of a Rod of Golem Command, which he totally lied his butt off to get ALONG WITH A GOLEM! But the rest of the goody-two-shoes made him destroy said golem because it was "evil" or something...pfah! He still has that trident of Fish Command he may have accidentally looted off that evil cleric of Dagon, however... Damon.
  2. Got an Airfix 1/72 F4F-4 Wildcat today. Nothing like a blue and gray painted flying barrel... Damon.
  3. Dunno, I always thought Mithril Miniatures were charming in their sculpting. I have a few, and bought quite a bit when I was younger. Damon.
  4. While their customer service is true, their model quality is a bit to be desired (though I haven't tried their plastics yet)... Damon.
  5. This is a great story! One of these days I'd like to get ahold of my grandfather's military records. He was a US Marine in WWII, never talked about any combat experiences but bragged about how he got into PR & stationed in California during the war. Not something an able-bodied young man would do. He had a strange scar on his leg he used to say was due to a botched Polio shot, but to this day I have to wonder... Damon.
  6. Dunno but I am TOTALLY excited to see the new Wonder Woman movie. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman AND it is set during WW1???? No way I could not be excited! Damon.
  7. I have this album, as well as several others from this band. Including Realm of Chaos... Damon.
  8. It's not like the Rebel Alliance is 10 guys and a single X-wing. The reason they may not show up in the Main Movies is because they were simply not part of the story. They could have simply been "background character #8." It's not like Rommell or Patton showed up in EVERY battle of WWII either... But I do agree with the points on the ending. The movie was about desperate sacrifice, and how far one is willing to go for a cause they believe in... So the ending was perfect within that context. Damon.
  9. I'll tell you what, when I was on a low carb diet to help get my diabetes under control, I was losing weight like gangbusters. Low carbs also means low sugar (as carbs turn into sugar easily). For anyone interested in duplicating the diet, I was limited to 60carbs every meal, and 2 20 carb snacks (one in the afternoon, one in the evening), which pretty much FORCED you into looking for healthy snacks as a bag of Doritos is easily double or triple that limit. Also you can max out on meal carbs pretty easily with something as simple as fries, rice, or any carb-bearing food. Proteins & veggies were the order-of-the-day then, with just enough carbs to keep you interested in eating. I've rebounded a bit with my weight, so I'm looking to go back on the low carb diet in the new year to get me back to where I was supposed to be (luckily my rebound did not go back to my old weight and more...still managed to keep some of it off)... Damon.
  10. Placed an order for some model detail bits to dress up a couple models. Also Ish #3 & #4 of All-New Wolverine (which I'm enjoying so far!). Finally I may have accidentally ordered a box of Frostgrave gnolls...possibly for a D&D encounter in the near-future... Damon.
  11. Gutted and sad. Now I have to explain this to my 10yo daughter... Damon.
  12. Acquired with some of my Xmas money: 1/35 AFV Club M5A1 Stuart Early Version... Damon.
  13. Normally don't get gaming stuff for Christmas (too specific), but I got a bunch of Xbox games, book on the M103 heavy tank, and the Hunnicutt book on the Patton (covering the M46, M47, M48 & M60, plus derivative vehicles) -- that was the highpoint of my CHristmas loot openings! Damon.
  14. Hoping she pulls through. 60 is too young! Damon.
  15. As long as it is old skool Satyricon... Damon.
  16. I haven't tried, but I know dealing with converting dwarfs and HE over, sometimes the solution is to find a suitable magic item and add that on. I'm building an army for Brets/Brotherhood using old 5e KotR and infantry from Black Tree Designs (as well as whatever metals I still have laying around...). Planning to be able to use them in both WHFB 8e and KoW. Incidentially Westphalia Miniatures does a half-man range based on medieval Europe. Basically halflings in Hundred Years War era wargear! Damon.
  17. Saw Rogue One on Sunday, loved it! But I'll keep my commentary to the appropriate thread as well... Damon.
  18. Well the Jedi were not gone that long, 19 years IIRC. Probably within that character's living memory, if not an actual servant of the Jedi in some capacity at the time! From what I understand is that the temple was the base from which khyber crystals were stored/mined/created, and the pair were Temple Guardians -- not full fledged Jedi, but Chirrut at least must have been somehow Force sensitive. So perhaps a Force Sensitive that for whatever reason was declined training in the Order, but his abilities were still valuable as a Temple Guardian. Damon.
  19. Saw it yesterday with my 10yo daughter. Lots of fun! I also appreciated a lot of the bits of lore in there, and the expansion of overall SW lore... Damon.
  20. Counting down to seeing Star Wars as well. Only downside is that this weekend is going to be PACKED! Ex is coming over to see the kids on Saturday, and that night is date night for me (not sure if I should call her my new GF, but seems to be going that way...), and then Sunday is gaming night so need to fit this in either Friday night or Sunday afternoon. Also have to arrange someone to watch my 7yo since the movie might be too much for her... But the 10yo seems interested... Damon.
  21. Decided to Acquire a new Dell Laptop... My old Alienware laptop died, and one of my gaming buddies (that does IT support for a local university) offered to check it out. He thinks it is the motherboard, so its probably toast (or, more expensive to repair than to just buy a new laptop), so that is what I did. Scheduled to come on the 14th, so I am both excited (no more using a tablet to post on forums or FB!) and apprehensive (Windows 10!). Youngest daughter (7yo) is already asking me permission to go on it while I am at work, after school... Damon.
  22. Acquired: 10 old (6e/7e) GW METAL Witch Elfs for only $40 with free shipping! So a pretty good deal for metal (for one) as well as better than the current PLASTICS in price... Damon.
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