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  1. No, the figure I converted was from Stonehaven miniatures. He was the gnome rogue figure (forum rules do not allow me to link to it, but it was the gnome thief figure). Damon.
  2. So in our weekly D&D campaign, much shennanigans happened. To make a long story somewhat shorter, my long-playing forest gnome bard took a header, failed all his death saves, and died. We were headed into an evil occupied city, where we found a cleric of gambling and luck (right up my characters alley, since that's what he does!), who was willing to bring him back. The hook however is that it was a Reincarnate spell rather than the ol'fashioned Raise Dead. Rolling on the random table and he got Mountain Dwarf. bah! So I need a new figure, and retire the old figure of a gnome bard I converted. I looked through Reaper's catalog, and no really good figures. I found one in Stonehaven's catalog, I little too hippy for my tastes. I would be open to conversion (especially a dwarf rogue, since that is what I used for my current gnome figure), and while reaper has a nice one, he's carrying all these throwing axes, so a little out of my taste (03099: Klaus Copperthumb, Dwarf Thief). For the record, he was a longsword wielding, cittern playing gnome bard with studded leather armor. Any ideas in any ranges? Damon.
  3. I got an Xbox One over the weekend, and picked up Minecraft for my younger kid for the Xbox 360, so no fighting over Daddy's console when he is playing. Later that evening I was like "what's the appeal of this game anyway..." Four hours later, progress on the castle continues... Damon.
  4. 2nd day of not taking Troujeo. While playing Xbox One Halo 5 (seems I "accidentially" got one the other day..." started feeling shaky. Immediately tested sugars. It was at 61! Makes me feel like I 'beat" diabetes and maybe don't need meds anymore? It's a nice fantasy. But had to eat 5 cookies to get my sugars back up. Will be making pasta tonite, so that should help too. But in a pinch I can make some emergency Fluffer Nutters if need be... Damon.
  5. So I think I figured out what is going on with my weight issues. After losing all my weight I bottomed out at 147, which is a very good weight for a 5'6" male. I however rebounded and am now over 160, pushing me into "overweight." Some of you may recall that I have diabetes. The doctor switched around my medicines so I don't have to take Novolog anymore (that's the short-acting insulin taken at meals, injected). So now I take Troujeo 30 units once a day and two other pills. My sugars have been extremely good, but often dipping very low. When I get abnormally low sugars, I tend to get shaky and dizzy, the latter almost as if I had been drinking(!). Yesterday it was really bad, with my sugars going down to 67 when I metered (resting sugars -- when you are not eating or finished a meal -- should be between 90 and 130 in a normal person), got dizzy, had to fire down a Snickers bar to get me back up... Anyway, the point of this is to show that my sugars have been pretty low, and what does my body want to do in response? Eat sugar! So I have been really, really craving carbs and sugars, and noticed my weight has been increasing at about the same time this started happening. I didn't take the Troujeo today to see what happens, and sure enough no cravings (at the moment)! So need to talk to the Dr to get that adjusted down, because THIS certainly not working out! But now to get back to dieting -- now that I know what is going on -- to get back to that healthy weight... Damon.
  6. No tats. I thought about getting something Bayeux Tapestry related around my bicep, but I neither have big guns to make it look good nor the courage to do it... Damon.
  7. Brush teeth. Take shower. Get dressed. Take diabetes drugs. Usually in that order... Damon.
  8. Acquired a good doctor's report about my back issues. I go in for a biopsy on Friday to check out some lumps on my thyroid, hoping I acquire a positive doctor's report from that too...! Damon.
  9. I have 2 paintbrushes I use almost constantly, both are getting ragged and I keep trimming the bristles so they can assume a decent point. I should probably replace them, but they are worn and trimmed to the point they work perfectly for most of the things I do! But if I were to say I have a favorite paintbrush, it would actually be my airbrush. Use that quite a bit, from laying down primer on Bones to basecoating large dragons, as well as my 1/35 Armor scale modeling hobby. It is a Paasche VLS dual action internal mix. I've been using the same one for over 20 years, just replacing tips or needles as they come worn. I also "upgraded" the back end handle to a chromed brass one, instead of the plastic one it came with. Feels better. I also replaced the trigger group a few years ago, as Paasche redesigned it to be easier to re-assemble after stripping. Damon.
  10. Speaking of dressing up, for next year I am seriously considering investing in some medieval armor and weapons, and do up a costume for when I take the kids trick or treating, as long as the money holds out of course! Good idea or bad? Dunno, but sounds cool to me! Damon.
  11. Re-watched Joan of Arc last night, the version with Leelee Sobieski. Also had Peter O'toole in it, so not all bad. The textile costumes were actually pretty well done, but the armor was complete fantasy most of the time. The Messenger did the armor thing a bit better, but couldn't watch that one as the kids were still up (the rape scene as well as the frequent F-bombs probably not appropriate, although the kids have revealed that they know what that word is...) Damon.
  12. No usually its taking the kids out for trick-or-treating, and getting McDonalds afterwards. Not the healthiest day, but who cares! Damon :)
  13. Well there was that one year where all I got in my bag were rocks... Damon.
  14. Acquired gummi army men! Since they're green, they flavor is green apple (of course), one of my favorites! Best $3 I spent in a while... :) Damon.
  15. Man, I would love to do medieval re-enactment. But unfortunately living in the US most re-enactors are either Civil War or WWII... While the 11th C is one of my favorites, I would also love to do 14th C, especially the "transitional" period because the equipment and how it was combined was so interesting... Also a huge fan of the early to mid 12th C too. Damon.
  16. Nope. None. If we ever revisit out old campaign in my gaming group, may look for a scary pumpkinhead scarecrow, since that was a nemesis when we left off. Other than that... Damon.
  17. Terrific movie! One of my favorites from Ghibli... Damon.
  18. That series by Eddings is probably his best. That's not saying much, IMHO. The biggest problem with Eddings you touched on: his dialouge. It can be so banal at times (actually most of the time). It's tuned down a bit in this series, but was pretty bad IMHO in the Belgaraid, and worse in the Malloreon... Damon.
  19. I'm one of those people that cannot get into King's writing style. Tried a few times, was bored to tears... Damon.
  20. I hate hate hate anything pumpkin related! So the answer is NO! Damon.
  21. I am anxiously awaiting the Boneyard return, as there are a few singles I need to buy out of multi-packs for some of my minis ambitions... Damon.
  22. Currently reading Alistair Reynolds Revelation Space. Maybe I'll restart my blog and write a review... Damon.
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