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  1. There was a legal issue with GW's ownership of the Chaos god Malal, so they cannot use that particular character. The old story about squats is that when 2e rolled around, they got their own army list, but when it came around to updating the army & giving them new stuff & a fleshed out list, no one knew or wanted to do anything with them, so they were dropped. I'm personally not bothered about it, since I never liked the models or the "feel" that was developed around them, so I don't miss them at all... Damon.
  2. Not quite like the old days, since infantry must dismount BEFORE the transports move. So if you get them close enough that debussed infantry can assault, also means there will be a turn where they can be shot up. In the glory days of 3e, transports could move, infantry disembark & THEN assault (called Rhino Rush). This edition puts the nix on that abuse... Damon.
  3. This is how I've been doing regular marines for 2 decades (since 3e came out & their repop of the core marines)... Damon.
  4. So I got my stuff. I'm still not sold on Primaris SMs, & never liked Nurgle, so no boxed set for me. Instead I got the rulebook and ALL 5 Indicies. Yes, some of these will be made "obsolete" over time, but I'm betting Imperial Agents section won't be for a lo-ong time (if ever, it's the one with the Sisters of Battle). Also all 5 are good to have to get an idea what the "other" side is bringing to the table... Also noticed that regular SMs can now field Contemptor dreadnaughts. I feel a Forgeworld order coming on for a Raven Guard Contemptor... Damon.
  5. Dunno, but my FLGS told me the same thing, so there might be some truth to this. This is a the same store that took the time out to email me personally to thank me for my business and lavish spending habits, that helped them get off the ground in the early years. So there is a big fat F (in the good sense) in front of that LGS for me... Damon.
  6. Just sticking to the rules & ALL of the Indicies... Damon
  7. Not getting the cube either, but definitely looking at the core rules and DEFINITELY looking at the minis! Probably going to buy over a couple months for the first release. It's gonna be expensive few months! Damon.
  8. Hmm, I think the scale is representative. I once figured out ground scale based on the range of a 40K autogun, and the groundscale comes in at around 1/300 scale. So you could play the game with epic scale figures if you wanted figure scale to match... Damon.
  9. Can't decide if this is a Rhino replacement or a Land Raider replacement, or something in between. Looks like it is armed with a twin-Lascannon in the hull, turret mounted lascannon & heavy stubber, and finally a pintle mounted assault cannon(!). Maybe some sort of grenade launcher on the turret sides? Looks like access doors towards the rear too... Damon.
  10. Rules have been leaked on-line. Not reposting here because I dunno if it would get Reaper in trouble. BTW, RE: grenades. Only ONE model per unit may toss a grenade during the firing phase... Damon.
  11. I'm pretty confident that they will get around to ALL the Chaos Cults, and revamp. Already have Tzeentch aligned Thousand Sons, we're getting Nurgle aligned Death Guard (as well as rumors that Daemon primarch Mortarion is going to make an appearance), so I'm sure Angron & Fulgrim will be around in time... Damon.
  12. If they did a new pop of Khorne Berzerkers, I'd have lost my marbles... The current kit is ok if you switch out the clown hands for the pistol/CCW parts from the regular CSM kit. I keep a lot of the Berzerker frames around for conversion fodder (currently working on Berzerker Raptors using the winged parts from the Posessed kit). Damon.
  13. Announced today, WHFRPG is coming back, based on 1e & 2e, not the lamentable 3e...! http://www.enworld.org/forum/content.php?4139-Games-Workshop-And-Cubicle-7-Announce-Warhammer-Fantasy-Role-Play-4th-Edition#.WSW70Ovytpg Damon.
  14. BTW, above assumes you can use grenades in overwatch! Damon.
  15. If you look at the stats for the new Uber-marines I posted above, grenades have only a 6" range, well within charge range for a lot of critters (average charge would be 7" on a 2d6). So if all models can toss grenades, it would really punish failed chargers, but OTOH useless against a successful charge...unless you can overwatch fire with grenades (at 3+ BS & a -1 overwatch penalty) at D6 grenades you'd get 3 per model for 15 attacks, half those grenades would hit (7.5) doing an 1 hit each (total 7.5) at S3 (vs T3) for a total of 3.75 wounds that are saveable. If you have a 5+ save then it goes down to 2.475 kills (or 4.95 with a total of 10 tossing models).It does sound pretty powerful (now that my math is correct), but overwhelmingly so? useful against horde armies certainly... Damon.
  16. Yes, grenades were added in as a "throwable" weapon in the last edition IIRC, so this continues the trend. Waiting to see if it is a deal where everyone can throw, or just one model.. Damon.
  17. Probably more elite. Thinking something between a regular Marine & a Custodes stat-wise. Stats on the new marines: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/05/15/primaris-space-marines-gaming-may15gw-homepage-post-4/ Damon.
  18. Thousand Sons would be Tzeentch aligned. Damon.
  19. Personally I currently have or collect: 1. Eldar (Saim Hann craftworld...see my avatar pic next to my name, prob around 10K points) 2. Raven Guard Space Marines (easy to paint, cool fluff, not a mainstream Marine faction but still 1st Founding) 3. Necrons (fluff is cool, whether you like vers 1.5 in 3rd ed, or the "new" expanded current fluff) 4. Chaos Space Marines (TWO flavors: CC oriented World Eaters, and more generalist Iron Warriors). I also have a few Grey Knights, Harlequins, Custodes, and Sisters of Battle as allied formations, though the temptation is always there to expand into full-fledged armies... Damon.
  20. Yes, combi weapons have been made worth taking again (assuming the points are good). Damon.
  21. Sisters have been rumored to be getting plastics for several years now, haha! Damon.
  22. Still would like to know more about their mass battle game! I have a box of gnolls I'm sitting on till I find out more about basing, etc. Damon.
  23. Mostly either DBA or Flames of War. The former because I love ancients/medievals & I can build opposing armies easily, and the latter because that is what everyone is playing. I still solo-play (once in a while) Warhammer Ancient Battles. I have Might of Arms (really like these rules, may be OOP) and have Field of Glory. Unfortunately finding non-FoW historical inclined gamers locally is like finding a unicorn in my back yard. Oh they'll play...as long as you supply everything... Damon.
  24. I have not seen a rumor where Blood Angels are getting shafted. I would be interested to see where he got this from. Also the updated map does not get rid of planets or rearrange things at all. But GW IS going to move the story forward, and the new map is part of that. The galaxy is effectively split in half by a massive warp storm. Damon.
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