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  1. I suppose it could be both: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soft_science_fiction However, when I learned of the definitions it was in an SF literature class at Penn State... Damon.
  2. Not sure I have an answer, but I bought multiple Bonesium editions of this figure, with the hope of running something that involves Hordlings of Hades. I even have them color-coded! Damon.
  3. But OTOH while 3e magic item creation may have been too easy, at least there were some concrete rules for it. I remember in our 2e campaign someone wanted to make a magic item of some sort. The DM created this epic quest to get the components for it. It wasn't even a very powerful magic item either (like a +1 magic item, in terms of power level). I'm pretty sure we said "forget it!" I still don't know how to create magic items in 5e... That being said, even in our 3e campaign making magic items were not exactly as described in the previous post, since it effectively took that character out of action for the time being, cost XP (delaying when they leveled up compared to the rest of the party), not to mention the needed resources. This was important because we often play sand-box-y campaigns, so if the character is out creating magic items, then they were not available for the adventure. Even making scrolls was an issue...! Damon.
  4. There MAY have been a blurry picture circulating on the net that MIGHT be the new marines. Personally I thought they were the new starter set marines, though it's possible they can be one and the same... Damon,
  5. "Soft" SF usually refers to SF based on social or "soft" sciences rather than hard sciences. I believe the correct term is "Space Opera" :) Damon.
  6. Speculation is that the split pic used in the rules previews is how the new mega-marines are going to look... Damon.
  7. The aformentioned points balance issue was a big one. But for me, they killed a mass battles game & replaced it with a skirmish game. That poisons the well permanently for me. There were other issues I just didn't care for (stripped down magic system was one, which is being imported into 40K so not thrilled about that). BUT if they had used the current rules mechanics and kept is a ranked mass combat game, & perhaps handle the setting the same way they are handling 40K, I would be complaining much, much less about it. WHFB was my favorite game from GW, and the one I've been playing the longest. While there are alternatives out there (KoW), they often lack the same flavor as WHFB, and frankly I like figure removal as I play historicals where figure removal no longer exists... Damon.
  8. If price is an issue, there is always Ebay or on-line discounters. GW modified their on-line retailer policy, so sources like Miniature Market are going to start selling GW again. I used to get from them GW at 25% off. So if price is an issue, there are ways to alleviate the burden, besides going for the bundles. So here is the Psychic phase: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/04/28/new-warhammer-40000-psychic-phase/ If you are already familiar with how AoS handles it, then you should be familiar with this too... Damon.
  9. That's where all the rich stuff is... Damon.
  10. Our group would go down the well, trigger the ambush, fight our way bloodily until someone would use a magic item in an unintended but unique way, roll well on a random table or two, and leave the DM shaking his head saying "what the elf just happened???" Good times! Damon.
  11. This quoting system in the new forums confuses me... Damon.
  12. Discussion on how weapons work in the new edition: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/74174-gw-announces-wh40k-8th-edition/&page=4#comment-1541408 Damon.
  13. I "hobby" for around 1hr a day (this includes painting figures, but also model building...I often have multiple projects I can switch between, while I wait for glue or paint to dry, etc). Lately I have been doing a bit more than that, but try to hit 1hr a day. Definitely helps move projects along... Damon.
  14. The more I think about this, the more I REALLY hope the mass combat rules will be good. The figures are good, hoping for good rules, AND hoping for some market penetration locally (the FLGS carried Frostgrave, but there was little interest apparently...) Damon.
  15. A lot of repackaging has been going on in the AoS line as well, FWIW. usually they double the model count & throw in a discount as well. I don't remember any hard figures, but if a kit was $33 for 5 models, they'll rebox 10 for $50 or something along those lines. As much as I dislike AoS I still buy figures for WHFB 8th & game that when I can, so it benefits me (except for the dead Bretonnians line, which I buy Black Tree figures for, or Tomb Kings which has fewer substitute options...) Damon.
  16. We do quite a bit of Rping in our D&D games. Yes we do a lot of fighting too, but we also do the same in Savage Worlds or most of the games we play. We go on adventures. THose adventures often deal with baddies that need to be put down. Sure we can use diplomacy to head off those threats, but then they wouldn't be adventures... Damon.
  17. We run Keep on the Borderlands for our kids, and speaking of goal oriented, for some reason they latched on to the goat population in the keep. Now they are building a goat-cheese empire of some sort... Damon. :)
  18. On line in the GW community there has been a lot of discussion about the new direction GW has taken. This is a tilt towards those discussions. So best seen as a larf at their own expense... Damon.
  19. Summary from the live FAQ GW did today: http://theminiaturespage.com/boards/msg.mv?id=451728 Damon.
  20. In the current edition the shooting game is very much front & center. To the point where I don't trot out my Word Eaters these days (armies composed almost entirely of berzerkers don't do well in the current meta). Waiting to see what happens with the current rules though... Damon.
  21. In our group, a lot of us said if D&D 4e was more like Star Wars SAGA there would have been a lot less complaining... :) Damon.
  22. Yes, these dwarfs (dwarves, dwarrow...?) look awesome, and really hit the right buttons for me for how I envision dwarfs (I was HEAVILY influenced by GW's Norse Dwarfs back in the day, many modeled on viking or Anglo-saxon styles). Really excited to see their elfs now. On the FB page comments, Northstar admitted that the look of these guys was influenced by Tolkien's vision as well, so there is that. The goblin they previewed also had that look (dark gray skin and all). I have a box of gnolls I bought for D&D, may hold off on assembling them as Northstar also alluded that there may be a mass battle game in the works too... Damon.
  23. @TheAuldGrump Differing experiences certainly have an impact. The gaming group I'm with (playing 20 or more...) tends to be pretty deadly, and a lot of the times Clerics were busy just trying to keep the front-line fighters up so that they can hold back the monsters while the mage(s) do what they do. But I think some of this was influenced by 2e playstyle too, where Clerics could not swap spells, so tended to take a lot of heals supplemented with a handful of choice cleric spells. But especially at low level, if you're a 1st level cleric back then and you DIDN'T take cure light wounds, you were doing it wrong (opinion, but...). Naturally that spilled out over into 3e, PF and now 5e... Damon.
  24. So I have been a long time player of GW's games, fantasy & 40K (Fantasy since 4th, 40K really seriously from 3rd). So while a lot of noise is STILL being made about how eeeviiil GW is, as someone that is still actively engaged in the games & community, there HAS BEEN A CHANGE IN HOW THEY DO THINGS. Time will tell if this is a permanent trend, but relaxing restrictions on how GW stuff is sold on-line alone signals big changes internally IMHO... In our local community there are a few people getting really excited about the new rules, so much so that they are actually coming back to the game. For me I am a bit more reserved. The rumors about how vehicles will be handled (high toughness wounds buckets, rather than the current mechanic) really doesn't thrill me. At all. But time will tell how they actually handle things. I think streamlining the rules will be a good thing, however... Damon.
  25. Well, IMHO healing surges didn't mean you didn't have to bother with a cleric; what it meant is that the cleric wasn't there simply to be the healbot. In a lot of our older games the cleric didn't bother with clerical spells except for the bevy of heals, because that is what he would be doing most combats. Healing surges, whether you liked the concept or not, allowed cleric players to do something other than deciding whether to use cure light wounds or cure moderate wounds, etc. Damon.
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