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  1. I was playing around with a camera, and before it ran out of power I managed to take this picture. I know generally you need a background etc. just so the colours come through properly...but i've never taken a mini pic before so bear with it's poor quality ^^ That said, this is a heavily converted Tiranoc Chariot for the High Elves from GW fantasy line. I added 2 horses, eagle's wings on the side, and a Chainmail grey elf wizard to represent a Hero model for play. Just wanted to post it for fun's sake and show you all. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v127/lan.../chariot002.jpg
  2. My paints came today! huzzah this will be fun to try out. Now I just have to pick a nice guinea pig model
  3. So I went ahead and started ordering paints from the reaper store. ((couldn't get to a store that had MSP or anything reaper for that matter. Ah well)) Couldn't choose what i wanted so i bought the first 54 as there seems to be a good mix of colours. My bank account hurts but I'm pretty excited.
  4. well thank you all for the advice. I'm not sure if you're paid promoters or not, ((not i assume)):P, but the paints do sound good.
  5. ok, I like what I'm hearing here so far. One last question for you guys. .. ((great feedback btw)) I'm just an amateur as far as painting goes. I don't paint regularly enough I suppose. ((binge painter)) These MSPaints seem tantalizing, but are they going to impede the work of someone who isn't versed or skilled in all of these shiny paint techniques I see used on a lot of minis from these forums and others? Is it possible for a paint to be more advanced than the painter? :P
  6. What is the difference between the Pro Paint line and the Master? I looked around on the store but there are few details, other than I see different names for similar shades.
  7. Hello there. I recently went to do some painting as I haven't done any in such a long time and just felt like it. To my great despair I found that a good portion of my favorite shades had dried up what looked like centuries ago. The paints came from a certain company once good but now turned horribly evil and I don't want their overpriced paint. So I had to think of someplace else to get some paint. Living in a small town I have few options, so I thought of maybe trying Reaper's paints as it is not to difficult to get them via post. Before I did I thought I would ask those of you who use/used them what you think of them. I plan on getting myself an entirely new set of paints, so I have to weigh cost with quality. Thanks in advance for your input.
  8. those disks make excellent coasters.
  9. Finally! The 4th of November..the minis arrive. I'm just so happy right now that I finally got them! Even better..they just put the package in my newspaper box..and left it for me. No COD charge for me! hurray for feeling ashamed! ((I called UPS like..4 times over this. They weren't too happy with the contractor.)) A special note of thanks to Reaper. They were kind enough to put 2 free paint samples in the box too. That's just....*sniff* well that's just great. I even use purple and green extensively in my minis so I am thrilled.
  10. This may be a good inspiration for a few Brown mini conversions. Then they can see how they stand up to the mighty Shadow Dragon! ((If I ever actually get it..))
  11. The problem up North is that there is a duty tacked on to cover Sales Tax that we would have had to pay. If you don't pay the fee you don't get the package. Makes things really annoying when it's being delivered via courier. Much better if you can just go to the post office when you have time and pay then.
  12. *sniff* Thanks. oh..I just realized that with a Courier I still have to go somewhere myself to pick up the package. Only this way takes at least a full 2 weeks longer! Hella Sweet! Oh by the way I should say that I totally love Reaper. They did their part ..just the carrier I'm annoyed with. MUCH LOVE FOR REAPER!! You all just have to understand...there's a Shadow Dragon in that package....
  13. So..I order these minis on the 18th of October. I pay for them..everything's cool. So after a day or so I get an email from reaper saying the order has been processed. Nothing else after that. Which I found sort of odd...since I seem to recall getting shipping confirmation emails before.. Anyways. October 29th..and I'm wondering.."Where the hell are my minis? I need them!" ((I really did need them...you can all relate)) So I check my mail. Now the last couple times I got orders from here I would get a card saying come to the post office and pick up the package, with a statement of the duty I needed to pay. This time there was a card from UPS. All it said on it was that they had a package from Reaper for me ((Finally!)) and that I needed to call this number and make arrangements for delivery, which included the need to pay the duty. So I call the number. The lady on the phone says they'd tried to deliver it to my house 3 times previously, the 25th being the last try. ((I'm never home at the time they tried..which was the same each day)) The card was so I could make arrangements or they would return the package. So here I am going.."Well I don't remember even getting any notice that the package had even shipped". The lady asked if there was any notice left on my door saying they'd tried to deliver. Of course there wasn't..I was totally unaware this had been going on. So then..we make arrangements for it to be delivered on Monday((Yesterday..the 1st of Nov.)) She says that if I wouldn't be around just sign the card and leave the money..and tell the guy where to put the package and he'd do so. Cool, right? No. This would have been great..except the guy never actually came to my house like UPS told him to. ((They were using an "independant contractor"..pfft.)) Instead..the request was simply waiting to be processed, said the lady I called this morning. ((the 2nd)) Still waiting to be processed?! The #$%#^ing day AFTER it was supposed to be delivered?! So now I have to wait for some guy..to call another guy..who will call me and tell me which stupid "center" to go to so I can go pick the damn thing up MYSELF! This is my suggestion to Reaper. GO BACK TO USING REGULAR MAIL FOR US POOR CANADIANS WHO MUST SUFFER THE INEPTITUDE OF RETARDED COURIERS WHO DON'T DO THEIR JOB!!!!! *pant..pant*
  14. so I have been painting minis for a few years..obviously under a rock because after joining this forum was the first time I ever heard of NMM. It looks fantastic..much cooler than using metallic paints. I can see from pictures that it seems to be a simple basecoat, highlight, highlight more method..but can you master painter people help me out on what it really takes? I only have so many minis that I can practise on...so I need to find out the best ways.
  15. i liked Arcanum..it's like diablo..but in a 18th centruy type fantasy setting with elves and orcs and all that. You choose to go down a magicky path or a technology path..very cool game. Only porblem is the graphics are for crap..but if you don't really care that much it's a good time. Xplosive has repackaged it as a bidget title..so it shouldn't be too hard to find a copy of for cheap. Only other game I can suggest that no one else has would be Revenant..Diablo style as well but you play best with a Gamepad! how bout that! cuz..there are combos and stuff....yah
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