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  1. My warbands (I play with my son) are a WIP. First minis here : https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/93725-rangers-of-shadow-deep-reaper-miniatures/&tab=comments#comment-1983276 The four missing adventurers are on my bench
  2. December batch : - 10 giant flies for RoSD (trick or treat stuff) - 12 giant rats for RoSD (Reaper) - 30 trees from various brands (ziterdes, GreenStuff World, Amazon) - Troll Slayer Sophie (Reaper) (more pics on my blog )
  3. There are individual shots on my blog. I can't post the pictures here from my phone, I'll do it later from my computer.
  4. First minis for "Rangers of Shadow Deep" : Team 1 : Ranger + falcon Team 2 : Ranger + hound Bestiary : 4 zombies, 2 giant rats, 10 giant spiders Tokens : 10 cocoons (more pics on my blog)
  5. Back after a 2 months break, with one of my oldest miniature. I bought this ninja with the katana some 35 years ago... ^_^; It was time to paint him and his brothers (Grenadier Models, 1983) : (click on the pic to see more on my blog)
  6. A small group of Goblins to use as opponents in Sellsword & Spellslingers or any other game. (clic on the picture to see more on my blog)
  7. For my Legions of the Dead full painted army for Saga : Age of Magic, 24 skeleton warriors : - 8 from Reaper Miniatures - 8 from Ral Partha - 8 from Mantic (click on the pic to see more photo on my blog)
  8. Good guess ! With your hint I managed to find it : it's one of the first miniatures from Iron Claw, an offshoot of GW between 1987 and 1988, later absorbed by Citadel. Thanks for your help @Glitterwolf !
  9. For my Legions of the Dead full painted army for Saga : Age of Magic : - a lieutenant (unknown origin, but one of the ugliest miniature I ever painted ) - 2 wizards (Ral Partha) - 10 (cross)bowmen (Ral Partha, Reaper, GW conversion)
  10. On my quest for a Legions of the Dead full painted army for Saga : Age of Magic, I just finished : - a Behemoth (Colossal Skeleton from Reaper) - 2 flying creatures (skeleton demon from Ral Partha) - 2 quadrupede creatures (Skeletal War Dog and Handler from Ral Partha with Giant Skeleton Rats from Mantic) Next... Bowmen ?
  11. I'm building/painting a Legions of the Dead army for Saga : Age of Magic. First, a Lich Lord as my commander in chief (Fenryll) : Then, some war machines (mobile and static) (from left to right, up to bottom : Fenryll, Ral Partha, Fenryll, Mantic) : And, a "little" bonus, a Bones Golem for Frostgrave (Reaper Bones) :
  12. For a little contest in a small LotR French Community : and close-ups :
  13. Done ! Sorry. I'm gonna check my other threads.
  14. Expedition based : (click on the pic to view more) And some treasure/objective tokens with Bones bits and various other stuff (Alkemy, Oathsworn Miniatures, GW, and even Ex-Illis) :
  15. My expedition for Frostgrave : (click on the pic to view more)
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