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  1. Mantic Zombie Horde from the King of War – Mhorgoth Rising box :
  2. Wow, really beautiful mummy Queen ! I really love your paint job on her ! 😍
  3. They came from a garage sale... and from the 80ies I believe 😅 Sorry. đŸ˜Ŧ
  4. There was a lack of cavalry amongst my skeleton army... (Fireforge Games - Forgotten World - Living Dead Knight)
  5. Great piece of work, I really like the idea ! 😄 How many hours did you work on this ?
  6. 6 more skeletal bowmen from Ral Partha : 02.180d Skeleton Command Archer 02.182a Skeleton Archer Taking Arrow 02.182b Skeleton Archer Bow on Knee 02.182c Skeleton Archer Firing
  7. Some boars (conversion) for a Frostgrave mission : From sow to boar :
  8. Thanks @Glitterwolf, I had the reference for the dragon, I just bought it 😁 That's the base, I don't know. It's definitely from the Bones II KS, there's a "made in china 2014" engraved into it, but I can't find who sculpted it. ☚ī¸
  9. A Young Skeletal Dragon by Kevin Williams on a 2" base by... Jeff Grace (thanks @Chaoswolf for the reference 👍)
  10. Following my Skeleton Horde (Citadel), here are their heirs : Skeleton Wariors Regiment (Games Workshop) :
  11. A bunch of skeleton from Citadel (we split the box with a friend about three and a half decades ago 😁). I love those, they remind me one of my favourite old classic : "Jason & the Argonauts", and the fabulous miniatures by Ray Harryhausen.
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