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  1. For my Legions of the Dead full painted army for Saga : Age of Magic, 24 skeleton warriors : - 8 from Reaper Miniatures - 8 from Ral Partha - 8 from Mantic (click on the pic to see more photo on my blog)
  2. Good guess ! With your hint I managed to find it : it's one of the first miniatures from Iron Claw, an offshoot of GW between 1987 and 1988, later absorbed by Citadel. Thanks for your help @Glitterwolf !
  3. For my Legions of the Dead full painted army for Saga : Age of Magic : - a lieutenant (unknown origin, but one of the ugliest miniature I ever painted ) - 2 wizards (Ral Partha) - 10 (cross)bowmen (Ral Partha, Reaper, GW conversion)
  4. On my quest for a Legions of the Dead full painted army for Saga : Age of Magic, I just finished : - a Behemoth (Colossal Skeleton from Reaper) - 2 flying creatures (skeleton demon from Ral Partha) - 2 quadrupede creatures (Skeletal War Dog and Handler from Ral Partha with Giant Skeleton Rats from Mantic) Next... Bowmen ?
  5. I'm building/painting a Legions of the Dead army for Saga : Age of Magic. First, a Lich Lord as my commander in chief (Fenryll) : Then, some war machines (mobile and static) (from left to right, up to bottom : Fenryll, Ral Partha, Fenryll, Mantic) : And, a "little" bonus, a Bones Golem for Frostgrave (Reaper Bones) :
  6. For a little contest in a small LotR French Community : and close-ups :
  7. Ooook

    KS Bones (Reaper)

    Done ! Sorry. I'm gonna check my other threads.
  8. Ooook

    KS Bones (Reaper)

    Expedition based : (click on the pic to view more) And some treasure/objective tokens with Bones bits and various other stuff (Alkemy, Oathsworn Miniatures, GW, and even Ex-Illis) :
  9. Ooook

    KS Bones (Reaper)

    My expedition for Frostgrave : (click on the pic to view more)
  10. After a long break, here come the Morannon Orcs : (click on the pic to view more)
  11. Ooook

    KS Bones (Reaper)

    Ouch, almost 6 years since I posted my 1st (and only) "Bones" painted miniature. My 2nd "Bones" choice is from the "Dragons don't share" 2014 box, because I desperatly need pieces of scenery for my game table : (click on the pic to view more)
  12. Hi there, I recently started to paint my huge collection of "Lord of the Ring - Strategy Battle Game" miniatures : (click on the pic to view more) (click on the pic to view more) (click on the pic to view more) (click on the pic to view more) (click on the pic to view more) (click on the pic to view more)
  13. There was a discussion about material in the KS comment section, starting here : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2023606288/basius-3-texturis/comments?cursor=13712941#comment-13712940 And 5 new pads unlocked : Baker Street - Tank Trax - Silverfalls - Man O War & Starship Intersection So far, we have to choose between those 30 :
  14. many new pads unlocked since the beginning : (Those are positive prints using Play-Doh (Plasticine / Play Putty), Play-Doh is not as detailed as Green Stuff, so fine details that are on the TEXTURIS pads are not very visible in the photos of purpley blue Play Doh below - but they do give a good LOW RES positive example of each pads full texture area. The textures are WAY MORE detailed than that!)
  15. I already own Dungeon and Battlezones pads from their previous KS (Basius 2) and am very happy with them. I didn't buy more back at the time because 1/ of the price (couldn't afford as much as I wanted) and 2/ not enough variety in the flagstones ones for a pad that big . With this size and price, I can get all the pavement I missed : Damaged Runes Ancestral Halls Halls of the Bakery Bakery Broken and probably some of those too : Boulders Causeway Starship Intersection Hulk Corridor
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