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  1. Gamingdog

    Reaper Bones 5 : Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    or if there might be a human crew
  2. I'm good either way as well
  3. I'd like to participate in this as well
  4. I love the themes sets as well. for upcoming expansions I'd like to see... western set as in wild west set. lots of mounted indians and calvery figures sci fi set as in a platoon of troops with vehicals modern pulp as in cops vs gangbangers bikers or hooded thugs and various modern scater terrain super hero set with minions and wierd scince stuff fantasy village. with more npcs and a buliding or two. baba yaga house was so cool please make more
  5. Gamingdog

    MOTU hordak family of tanks

    https://www.etsy.com/shop/QuestMiniatures and some random pictures from a game today you can read about it on this blog https://doctormerkury.blogspot.com/2019/07/masters-of-power-28mm-motu-game.html?m=1&fbclid=IwAR022sQPw0uDnCB-ghytbRABrDtlOrlk2zVh9axlAgki6HdYS8OlKtPjnb0
  6. Gamingdog

    MOTU hordak family of tanks

    Land sharks and hover bots done
  7. Gamingdog

    Newer IMEF troopers - size and bases

    I have on the bones versions atleast. they match perfectly when you do that
  8. Gamingdog

    MOTU hordak family of tanks

    From the filmation cartoon Hordak's tanks 'destructo' family all 3d printed and scaled to fit with 28mm miniatures. minis represent Brightmoon palace guards
  9. Gamingdog

    Hasbro Vs Mattel

  10. Gamingdog

    Hasbro Vs Mattel

    GI Joe Iron Grenider Demon on left is pretty much done. Just started a MOTU Hordak Destructo tank. all 3D printed and scaled for 28mm to 30mm miniatures
  11. had to paint the big guy
  12. box has been shipped and is on its way to argentee
  13. Gamingdog

    Minis we would like to see

    fantasy rases set in a WWI or WWII dieselpunk era.
  14. got my stuff today. really happy with everything so far. couple of things I'm paticularly pleased with... the sci fi minis are all on 25mm intregal bases!!!! I base most of my minis on 25mm and usally rebase bones to fit those. Really happy I don't have to do that extra step. in the sci fi set the armored power suit #305 has so many options! I have the metal one and it dosn't have those extra arm options. really liking the flame thrower and big sword arms. Bones black is great love the rigidness and crisp detail. The Art Book is great. the last one was good too but this one is better. The theme expansions are great. please make more. maybe instead of waiting until your next kickstarter release a theme box in your general release. just a suggestion
  15. box arrived today