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  1. I love the themes sets as well. for upcoming expansions I'd like to see...


    western set as in wild west set. lots of mounted indians and calvery figures

    sci fi set as in a platoon of troops with vehicals

    modern pulp as in cops vs gangbangers bikers or hooded thugs and various modern scater terrain

    super hero set with minions and wierd scince stuff

    fantasy village. with more npcs and a buliding or two. baba yaga house was so cool please make more


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  2. got my stuff today. really happy with everything so far. couple of things I'm paticularly pleased with...


    the sci fi minis are all on 25mm intregal bases!!!! I base most of my minis on 25mm and usally rebase bones to fit those. Really happy I  don't have to do that extra step.

    in the sci fi set the armored power suit #305 has so many options! I have the metal one and it dosn't have those extra arm options. really liking the flame thrower and big sword arms.

    Bones black is great love the rigidness and crisp detail.

    The Art Book is great. the last one was good too but this one is better.

    The theme expansions are great. please make more. maybe instead of waiting until your next kickstarter release a theme box in your general release. just a suggestion

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  3. 6 hours ago, terminalmancer said:

    Not exactly about this kickstarter, but it's very relevant nonetheless:

    It looks like Paizo is starting to look elsewhere for Starfinder miniature production.

    I rember ordering that dragon...do you think the wizkids miniatures will be all new minis or will they reuse the few Kickstarter minis that where released...hopefully Reaper makes some genaric orcs, elves, troll, etc in space type figures


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  4. when I placed an order on Apr2nd I had mo idea if it would show up as a bonus figure but when I got my order it was included. I was hoping it was an oversite not mentioning initially it would be included as a bonus figure

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