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  1. I really like 50328 Space Henchman. it's a great model. could you make more of his species
  2. I'd like to see a big base set like the first 2 Reaper Kickstarters along with several themed add on warlord expansion sets. lets say $50.00 each expansion and you get a fully playable army (lots of models) for that warlord faction. If Reaper willing to go as BIG as the tiamat dragon, and the terrain has been a sucesses then it would be nice to have a castle or keep. maybe an inn a modern dinner (more like the 1950 dinner) would be nice or a crashed space ship.
  3. Very nice work. Can't wait for mine to arrive.
  4. We need more poses of the delta force commando. so we can army build squads
  5. Sorry for posting so late here are the two minis I received in this mini exchange. Thanks guys ok can't seem to figure out how to post images directly here so heres a like to photobucket http://s182.photobucket.com/user/RLee_photos/media/006_zps299a05aa.jpg.html?sort=4&o=12
  6. I'm glad you liked it I'm looking forward to doing another Reaper mini exchange sometime, as for theme I like an open ended theme like this one. as long as it's a reaper minis you can pick anything
  7. I was trying to make a urban pea dot cammo pattern lots of blues and greys with some yellows and greens but it got a little busy I think
  8. I wonder if there will be a chronoscope expansion set? I really like that line and sci fi in general and for those who aren't interested in them they don't have to pledge for them. as for the current expansion set I'm going to have to pledge for it love the Egyptian themed minis.
  9. Post pics of it so that the person who sent it can come forward and let you know who they are?I believe it was me. I don't have a working camera so I didn't take a picture before it was sent but if it's a sniper that came from me.SHE'S MINE. MINE MINE MINE ALL MINE. *cough* Lastknight, I hope you like her
  10. I just wanted to thank the person who sent me a painted 50131: Andromedan Vizier Thank You
  11. Post pics of it so that the person who sent it can come forward and let you know who they are? I believe it was me. I don't have a working camera so I didn't take a picture before it was sent but if it's a sniper that came from me.
  12. I bet the initial surge takes the kickstarter to half a million in the frist day.
  13. y helo thar exchange partner Either that, or I need to find out who else is in my city, exchanging minis Same here :) As for mine, it went out this week and includes a mini that I painted and one that my daughter painted. I hope my partner likes them. I hope you like cold/snow/ice themed minis. you'll understand when you get it.
  14. y helo thar exchange partner Either that, or I need to find out who else is in my city, exchanging minis I didn't include a note sorry, but I hope you like the mini. I tried something a little different with your mini I'm not 100% sure if It worked
  15. Two being shipped today. one going to Phoenix, AZ and another going to Virginia Beach, VA
  16. I read this thread while my cat was sitting by my monitor overseeing what I look at. as he frequently dose. can't help you with advice I have a little set up in the basement which I can easily keep the cat out of when I want. although when I did paint miniatures in the main living area the cat would occasionally pretend my minis were cat toys and bat them back and forth with it's paws while I sat there painting them. which is why I moved them to the basement.
  17. in order of 1st pledge to most recent 1. Effigy Miniatures; arrive but it's been so long ago I forget if it was late great clean sculpts 2. Dream Forge Games Project Eisenkern (metal minis) arrived on time and they look great, minor difficulty assembling but happy overall. 3. Mobile Frame Zero, rapid attack. arrived late. item was as decribed not quite as cool as I thought it would be. 4. Tectonic Craft Studios, Never recived over a year late and a little pissed off about it. 5. Zombicide, arrived really happy with it. don't actually own it anymore when I saw items going for stupid money on ebay. but bought the first set again when I pledged for Zombicide 2 6. Sedition Wars battle for alabaster; main part delivered over all I'm really happy with this as the main reason I pledged for it was to get the minis 7. Fairy Quest; a graphic novel by Humberto Ramos, beautiful art but story is lacking they said the'll have another kickstarter for the next portion but I'm not going to pledge 8. Red Box 1: haven't received anything but I'm patiently willing to wait because I believe the minis will be amazing. just hope that they arrive while I'm young enough to enjoy painting them. 9. Reaper Bones: got everything and I'm mostly happy with them one minor problem is I got seven sets of the Nova sci fi guys and the mold line are really annoying on them. but I will gladly plege the next Bones KS. 10. Relic Knights: late but looking forward to reciving them. 11. Dream Forge Games Something Wicked this way comes. (plastic) pledged for wave one and received wave one, really happy with this kickstarter. if Dream Forge has another pledge drive on KS I'm definitely on board. 12. Effigy Miniatures Havoc Protocol: received a little late but like there first kickstarter the minis are amazing 13. ART of BROM; Truly beutiful art book, really happy with this kickstarter 14. Judge Dredd Block War: most of it has arrived, still waiting on a few items overall I'm happy 15. Assimilation Alien Host (TROLL FORGE); late but not too worried I didn't pledge for much 16. Zombie Plague Miniatures: backed this because John Winters (Tin man miniatures) was sculpting the minis and recived the heros already. really happy with what I recived 17. Kingdom Death: Hasn't shipped but not late looks to be amazing 18. GI JOE ARAH Figure Shooter Repaints, arrived maybe a month late, very nice figures a little bigger that the 1980 GI Joes but overall I'm happy. Fun little project. 19. Wild West Exodus; hasn't shipped but not late yet. mixed feelings about this, the concept and minis seem so cool but the idea I'm supporting Romeo leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I decided that since I forgave NEW WAVE (still owes me $125.00) and backed there reformed company Cool Minis or Not I could back WWE. just hope I don't get screwed. 20. Zombicide 2: hasn't shipped but not late 21. DWARVEN FORGE tiles; hasn't shipped not late 22. Spinespur; hasn't shipped not late 23. Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection; hasn't shipped not late, really looking forward to this kickstarter. loved warzone from back in the day. went a little overboard on this one 24. Deadzone; hasn't shipped not late 25. Toys for your toys; hasn't shipped not late this could be pretty cool looking forward to this kickstarter. 26. Art of Mark Schultz Carbon: arrived on time and is extreamy nice. this was done by Flesk which I belive made the Brom Art book. 27.Jake Parker Drawings; received the PDF rather quickly but haven't received the book yet beautiful artwork stunning stuff. 28. Wargods of Olympus; hasn't shipped isn't late 29. Raging Heroes Toughest Girls in the galaxy; went in a little light on this one because of RH track record of almost always being late 30. Red Box 2 Dwarves Goblins and Orc. haven't shipped isn't late (unlike his first KS) what can I say I belive in Tre I just hope he can deliver 31. Devil Dogs and Dragons EMPRESS MINIATURES: hasn't shipped not late 32. Warmachine tactics; hasn't shipped isn't late 33. Incursion Buckets of Blood; just ended about a week ago 34. Wrath of Kings 11 days to go before this ends Wow I actually backed that many. never really thought about it until now
  18. I'd like to get some Shark men. I've yet to pick up any of those but they look great I think there are six in the metal catalog and with there organic shapes would translate well to the bones material. perhaps a translucent bones jellyfish monster, to supplement my aquatic warband. or a giant megladon sharkman
  19. based on how big some of the minis were for Bones 1, I'm thinking dragons and Cathulu, it would be nice to have some vehicles made for the chronscope line perhaps a tank or APC for the futuristic Nova minis or a giant clock work gollum (Warmachine proxy) all made out of the bones material
  20. for the next kickstarter/release of new bones minis I'd like to see more modern and sci fi figures Chronoscope!!! please!!! military troops and aliens you can army build with Malverians with lots of poses, Rach with lots of poses, overseers, greys robots etc.
  21. you know there hasn't been a whole lot of new releases this year I wonder if they where saving them up for this?
  22. Reaper makes incredible figures I own many as I'm sure you do with this being the official Reaper boards and all. the thing is I've always considered Reaper minis to be character minis. I mean yes there is the warlord line but when you look at the offering in the reaper lines it really is full of characters not armies. I've just placed my order for the kickstarter bones pledge manager and have ordered seven additional sets of nova corp figures along with 3 sets of IMEF Marines with the current metal figures I already own plus the minis in the basic Vampire pledge level I'll have about 30 IMEF Marines and 50 Nova Corp minis. with the price point of the metal minis I would never have amassed this many minis of either faction but at the introductory price of $1.00 a figure I can. even if the price was $1.99 ( a guess based on human sized figures currently available) I'd still build these sized armies. I look at the catalogue of minis especially in the chronocope line and I always wanted to buy the zulu and colonal British minis but the price point kept me away. I'd want at least 50 Brits and maybe 100 zulus but at about $5.00 a pop that's not going to happen. if they were $1.95 each well yea I could see myself actually buying them and building two armys. The same goes for the oppressor range in the chronocope line The thing is I can't be alone here and if others are thinking like me Reaper might be in for a little surprise I mean at the local flgs the troop blisters like the aforementioned Brits and Zulus sit on the shelves I've always been interested in them but haven't bought any based on the price. if Reaper were to ever release them as bones I think they would fly off the shelf. perhaps Reaper would change from a company that primarily makes characters to one that is making whole army's for purchase. To be honest that's a move I would welcome. I'm a wargamer not a roleplayer.
  23. agreed, hoping the actual mini looks as impressive as the artwork. and if it's a big model just release it in the 'bones' material
  24. just finished my bones pledge manager and ordered an extra 7 sets of nova corps minis along with an extra 3 sets of IMEF marines. I'd love to see these line continue with more grunts with basic weapons for the IMEF Marines and specialists for the nova corps.
  25. did someone ask for a cobra trooper than look no further than the new reaper sneak peeks http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/previews/latest/50276
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