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  1. more intergalactic marines, the two recent ones are great but I'd like a army builder figure advancing with gun at the ready More overlord Aliens perhaps one with a pet human slave space amazons, Something compatible with Hydra minis Valkari perhaps with a large caliber weapon sov judges, from Judge dredd Apocalypse war, Soviet version of a street Judge generic futuristic hive street gang members, you guys have already produced quite a few of these. please make more John Carter is coming out this summer in the theaters why not some space barbarians, similar to John carter or he-man, female versions too Space orks, space elves, space hobbits, space undead. everyone else dose tolkin in space why not you too. werewolves with guns robotic pig soliders Wheelchair cyborg guy Sharks with frikin lazers attached to there heads WWI equipped American jacalopes Cheerleaders with uzis more Anime girls, the sucker punch group was fun but howabout some more gun totin sailorsuit girls Rednecks/hillbilly boys, girls, men, Women, grand pas and grand ma's all armed to the teeth inner city gang members, African American & Latino armed and dangerous Asian Yakuza butler and maid
  2. GI JOE based on the 1980 comic book/TV show/cartoon, not the recent films Cobra Comander Viper cobra trooper Destro Baroness Duke Scarlet Flint etc
  3. very nice layering with the skin tone. impressive overall paintjob
  4. I think that worked let me add one more picture oh and Reaper need to make fleeing victims like the two blue moon figures below.
  5. My camera is horrible and I have a shaky hand but I wanted to share some pick of my oppressor squad. If this works you should see two pictures several Reaper Oppressor models and two screaming victims running from them. the last picture is a small group of sci fi models mostly reaper figures let's hope this works
  6. more space opera (Star wars, star trek, high sci-fi fantasy) with fantasy creatures. I'm thinking the crew of a space ship made up of elves, dwarfs, and undead, Shadow Run figs. Also keep making oppressor figures along with sliggs, variety is the spice of life
  7. how about just make doors and windows to customise a foam core building
  8. Some generic protesters with placards would be nice, but remember that most modern protesters can't spell worth a damn. I'd like to throw my support behind this idea
  9. Urban zombie hunters similar to Bobby Jacksons "Thugs" just a bit taller to fit in with heroic 28mm (30mm-33mm)
  10. Sgt Mack Torrey is massive. I have Bolt Action, Old Glory, Crusader, Artisan, and Black Tree WWII figures and Sgt Mack Torrey towers over them all. it's a great sculpt but size wise he looks like the hulk in a WWII outfit. I was thinking of using him for my WWII games myself but the only way he would fit would be using him as a 8 foot tall atomic Marine to combat all the vampires and werewolves the axis seems to have in WWII games.
  11. it's mighty hot here so I thought I might add a request or two The lines from Chronoscope that I like the most (and have been buying the most) are the Scifi things. Troops like the nova infantry are great but I really like the Mercenaries and pirates. they fit into almost any game system out there and getting multiple use out of ones figures is always a good thing. So I'd like to suggest more Human male and female smugglers ruffians pirates and general scoundrels. with no set uniforms let the sculptor minds loose. mutants with extra limbs, maybe a sexy mutant chick with three boobs like in the movie "Total Recall" make her a dancer Reaper has several civilian types in the Reaper legends line, perhaps a up armored 'scum' type in stolem powered armor. or a few sci fi civilian prisoners, governors diplomats etc. how about a heavy weapons team. two mutants operating a large mini gun on tripod. cyborgs, cyborg parts (add a robotic arm or leg to a figure) I'm on a sci fi kick right now. like I said I'm really liking what reaper has done with the chronocope line so far. I'm more interested in the Space/post apocalyptic/sci fi stuff as opposed to the historic minis.
  12. I might be there, it's not far from where I live. wish I had more money though
  13. G.I. Joe would sell well a team of 1980's pulp war miniatures specifically Cobra troopers, at least 4 poses Cobra Viper troopers, at least 4 poses cobra commander Baroness Destro Hawk Scarlet Flint etc.
  14. how about something bigger than a normal figure, after all the "Fantasy" lines have dragons and big nastys. how about a AFV or Tank for the chronocope line. maybe a buggy or quad bike or some other vehical? I'd like to see a sci fi armored personnel carrier somewhere in the $20.00-$30.00 price range
  15. WWII teamed Sophie, in a American uniform and armed with a Thomson SMG no Helmet please but the flat rectangle cap would be nice (not sure what it's called) I'm thinking more of an action pose as opposed to a pin-up pose. something that could be used in a Weired War II game Nurse Sophie, Geisha Sophie and sailor Sophie aren't bad ideas either
  16. man I gotta try and make it to one of the reaper cons someday. I thought by now some of these models would show up in a preview section.
  17. here are some more ideas Pleasure droid (pretty girl with robotic joints) Alien bouncer (not armed with shooting weapon but a club or blunt object) Alien civilian Alien dignitary robot or alien bartender Alien doctor Robotic worker exotic alien dancer more Anime inspired models similar to the anime girl already released Aztec, or Mayans How About bringing the townsfolk series to Chronocope using the exact same themes (pack one has various alien in occupations, pack two has female aliens of the evening, pack three has alien thieves etc.) scenery Alien Bar with patrons Alien or robot band with stage tripod mounted or turreted gun enplacment with alien or robotic crew Medical triage with alien attendants space habitat or walls, doors, filters, AC units, windows for modern, future, or alien setting ATM in space with alien thief examination table with partially dissected alien on it model on a small bike, motorcycle or sci fi equivalent
  18. I really would like to see friends of moxey (the one eyed space adventuress) including a very retro style robot. a time traveling delivery boy, a spoiled cute rich girl sidekick, and a cathulu inspired alien doctor. Also a incompetent captain and his otherworldly Lieutenant. a robot devil (just has to be done) a not Brock Sampson and Molotov Cockteese would be nice too. hawkmen (flash gordon) robin hood's henchmen in space (baron's forces in Flash Gordon) evil intergalactic overlord oh someone else said it already but I second it a group of castaways that were supposed to only be on a three hour tour. as for non licenced themes Amish, nurse/paramedics guys in suits, recent presidents (Bush and Obama), fire fighters, angry protesters, survivalists armed to the teeth, redneck stereotypes, inner city gang stereotypes, more sci fi infantry like the ones you've made already, black star Mercenaries, Marines and nova troopers. all are vey nice innocent bystanders rage zombies (fast moving very little to no decay) people in NBC suits various aliens with exotic weapons androids. east cost native Americans (French and Indian war) camera crew Chain Gang with pick axes and shovels bikers (hells angels) 1930 hispanics in flamboyant suits (zutsuits sp?) phyco inbred redneck cannibals (Wrong turn, Hills have eyes)
  19. zombie goat (running/charging) or a heard of zombie goats...or just goats
  20. I'm starting over again with a new mini, third times a charm. I tried some new things and they really didn't turn out very well with my first two attempts. I want the mini I send to be the best I can do. RLS
  21. Get a big 4" paint brush and 'paint' a 50/50 mixture of Elmer's glue and water over the entire surface. I've done this myself and it worked pretty well when I sprayed it with primer. actually what works best is to keep using a 4" brush to do the whole job. For texture use that Glue wash and sprinkle on sand for effect before the glue hardens then after the whole thing dries put a second glue wash on it to seal the sand in. Then paint to taste. As mentioned before for big projects like this don't use hobby paint just buy house paint, a quart should be fine. Good Luck Zipang with which ever method you use.
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