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  1. Nice clean paint job. Not sure in real life you could wield a sword and shield of that size. But it is 40k and stimms are all the rage.
  2. Apologies for the delay real life got hold of me. I have been busy doing work and diy. Below are the items I selected. I’ll get the box shipped tomorrow.
  3. Box has arrived safely. I have gone through some nice items in to chose from will sort out my replacement items and get it posted.
  4. I am still alive. How many do we have so far? I have a few items to add that I know I may never paint.
  5. I tried some. I don’t think I put it on thick enough. But it will speed up finishing my Blood Angles.
  6. Nice choices of colour it really stands out.
  7. Here is antithetical recent model that I have finished in a push to clear my lead pile. He is an official Templar for Frostgrave. He will be used with my other Reaper models. Paint scheme kept simple
  8. I recently got my Bones 4 delivery and the first things to be painted were the Wights. These are intended to be used with my Dragon Rampant army. Or any other skeleton / undead force. I used GW Hexwraith Flame to experiment on these models. as always comments welcome.
  9. Well it’s been a while since I posted anything here. But I have been slowly painting in the background since moving house. Here is a regiment of GW skeletons. These were a bit fiddly to build but will form part of my Dragons Rampant army. as always comments welcome.
  10. Hi is anyone else’s snake statute really heavy? The plastic seems different and is very hard. My son just dropped it and the models head snapped off. I didn’t expect that from bones material. Seems to be a much denser mix then other models i got in the Kickstarter.
  11. Has anyone else found that the snake statue is brittle? My son dropped it to a carpeted floor from a metre and the head snapped clean off. Seems a bit of an odd texture compared to the other models and very heavy.
  12. Great work here. A nice group to investigate the ruins.
  13. Nice work. I like his cheeky smile.
  14. How long do they take to print? And are you on 0.3mm layers?
  15. Model looks great. I take it the model is printed with no support? What speed are you using it may need to slow down on those pieces as the do seem to be up in the air and a bit delicate.
  16. Having picked up a box in the UK I like the rules. I agree the choice of models is a bit limited but I think it’s obvious to try and draw people into 40k just by buying a plastic set. I see no reason why the rules can’t be changed for the other models. Some photos suggest mixed kill teams in the rule book.
  17. The bag of red models are Daemons for Dungeon Saga by Mantic.
  18. Even a quick message that the items are through customs would be nice.
  19. Not much communication to ROW or EU pledges yet. Since the stair situation it has gone quiet. An eta would be nice. They look great from what I have seen.
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