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  1. BLZeebub

    Middara: Unintentional Malum

    I can vouch for the first print. It's absolutely immense and wonderful. Great minis, cards, etc. They came through after some problems and 3 years past the original KS and delivered everything. Edit: Might have to go in on the Returning to the Portal pledge.
  2. BLZeebub

    Question about sealing mettalics

    I wouldn't think a gloss coat would negate the metallic effect. Even a dullcoat will allow some sparkle through--though it can look more satiny than metallic with dull. Gloss will just give it more bright high spots.
  3. BLZeebub

    Resin Water Effects, How to Seal a Base?

    Oh yeah. It's not oven hot, just noticeably hot.
  4. BLZeebub

    Resin Water Effects, How to Seal a Base?

    Maybe sink the base into a cup with straight/parallel sides? Could even use a forstner bit and bore a hole in some wood of the right depth. Seal the bottom edge with silicone. Building some kind of berm around the packaging tape sounds like the best idea, and sealing the bottom edge with silicone or something similar. Petroleum jelly would probably work on a 30mm base with little depth but you're going to be building some pressure and heat in there.
  5. BLZeebub

    Summoning A Dragon bust

    Looks good. Might could use another layer or two of wash or just shading to hide some of the brush marks--or really just the fingerprint. More importantly, are you painting her on a dog!?
  6. BLZeebub

    Guess That Mini

    David of giant-slaying fame? Dennis the Menace--or his later incarnation, Bart Simpson!?
  7. Early pledge locking, Wave 1 here. Got everything in quick time once I received notice--including the Tree and Frost Giant Raiders (not sure those two are on the boats still). I'd advise emailing Reaper at help@reapermini.com, just to make certain your order didn't slip through a crack. Team Reaper's good about making things right and usually in short order. Edit: I'm in NC, and UPS delivered my stuff.
  8. A little cartoony for what I'm used to, BUT would look awesome in the right environment--part of dioramas, enemies in a chibi game...
  9. BLZeebub

    Mash up

    Cool. Reminds me of Dani Filth!
  10. BLZeebub

    Need help IDing undead/mecha miniature

    My photo is correct, or at least not mirrored. I was kind of wondering that myself.
  11. BLZeebub

    Need help IDing undead/mecha miniature

    My hero! And here I am, waiting for this Kickstarter too! The boys at my FLGS will be pleased, and so will I! @Reaper forumites in general: I knew you guys could do it!
  12. BLZeebub

    Need help IDing undead/mecha miniature

    That's bare plastic. The pic makes it look just a little lighter than in person, but it has sort of a finecast color and feel. Also, unless it's an as-yet unheard of machine, I'm pretty sure it's not printed.
  13. BLZeebub

    Stippling Brush Question

    For flicking specks (not really stippling per se), nothing beats an old toothbrush!
  14. BLZeebub

    Stippling Brush Question

    Depending on what you're doing, what you probably want is actually a fingernail dotting tool. You can find a variety of sizes from eye-dotting sized to 32mm scale cheetah spots. This is the first image I found of some--similar to mine. Hopefully no commercial linkage goes with it! Good luck! I think I paid under $10 for a set at a beauty supply store. If not those, grab any smallish sized brush and cut the ends off--that'll remove the taper and give you a decent flat-ended stippler.