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  1. Hopefully not too off topic here, but while we're checking on each other... How're you all dealing with lockdowns/quarantine/unemployment/isolation/locusts?
  2. No one still in town who would protest or notice one. So...all "good" I suppose.
  3. Good point. I'd hate any of my, like 3, transparent spectral green (please!) ships to have cloudy chunks visible throughout...
  4. Yeah...might add one or two more of these to my pledge...
  5. Gonna keep watching this as my skin skills, esp over such a large area, are somewhat lacking. Great work so far!
  6. The totally rad 90s wings from the first dragon will be missed. Carry on.
  7. Also for reference, in the pic you show, the black "lining" looks to have been put down first. It's not lined, it's that the black is painted over. The painter may have touched it up with a wash/liner, and the foot/sandal may be lined proper too.
  8. Still nothing compared to my hand...or a cork. What's the point at all if you lose that connectivity if you still have to connect the mini to something anyway? It looks like little more than a glorified cork with poster tack. Not even saying it's a bad idea, just...not a good one. Plus dude is grabbing the mini directly anyway. And what's the actual point of the magnets again? Just so we can wonder how they work?
  9. Side cutters, nippy cutters, a jeweler's saw are the things to try first. Maybe take the hit and just get slotted bases if the resin is too hard to cut safely. Edit: Or some slightly sketchy (for the survival of the minis' feet) chisel work.
  10. Shew, you think you're going to have plenty of time and motivation at home... Anyway, got quite a bit going on this, but wanted to share just a couple of (what I believe at least are) highlights. Gentlemen....BEHOLD: DOORS!!! The smaller one I decked out in place, and I consider it my learning experience. The large double doors I did with the backing of the door lying flat, and it was immensely easier. Materials are mostly straightforward--card stock of various found types, paperclips, and then assorted bits from inside probably a watch or two, and maybe gears from a VCR or DVD player. Let me know what you think!
  11. Welcome! Side cutters, nippy cutters, lots of sort of official tools. I used to use xacto knives--CAREFULLY--to shape/cut. Could try a pair of nail clippers you won't miss. It might be easier to use an xacto/scalpel on the base in this case. Plastic is much more forgiving.
  12. Well... I'd say the primary concern you should have is ventilation. Never mind overspray until you have a way to make it safe. A good rule is if you can smell it, it's absolutely killing you. After that? Set up with lots of newspaper or cardboard on the floor and use a box to contain the overspray. I've used boxes as small as beer 12-packs to spray a handful of standard hero-sized minis at a time. Bigger on the box is better though. That's about it as far as rattle cans. Maybe box them carefully and take them to the park or a lot somewhere outside? I'll reiterate. Do not use rattlers inside without exceptional ventilation. I've sprayed inside a large single-garage sized room with windows and doors open and still been rendered dizzy and had to run in and out for air.
  13. In what way do you find them difficult to paint? I sure looks like you've got the technique. They are designed to be easy to work with (and cheap!).
  14. Couple ways to check. Usually metals will say Metal on the photo. Also, you can sort by material. And at the moment I don't think there are any weapon packs available in Bones. Edit, add to Citrine: I think all the Bones have an SKU of 7**** and some 44***s. By the by, welcome to the forums!
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