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  1. What IS that guy!? I think I need one!
  2. I think you mean "owlriginal" idea... @Mini That is truly hoowonderful! It's so cool it makes my head spin! Very simple and elegant. Just superbly executed all around.
  3. You are in the wrong correct forum. Did you check any other posts FAQs? This is a miniature painting and modeling forum. But And welcome just the same! This is definitely the place to ask about airbrushes! Edit: Woops! Reaper makes an airbrush!?
  4. Could be over-thinned, could just be the nature of reds. If you're looking for a vibrant red in the end you can even prime in a pink or bright orange. Otherwise, as stated, use a tan, medium brown, or darker orange depending on the finished tone you're after.
  5. I'm sure there's something else in the pics, but I can't see anything besides that hair! It's fabulous and perfect!
  6. Cool. If you're using less durable materials you could always snatch the cardboard tube from a roll of cling wrap or foil. Otherwise, you can find pvc pipe of the right diameter for a couple of dollars. Either drill a hole and plug it with the mast or attach some kind of tab or pin as you did with the figurehead. edit: or just a section of wood dowel if you're actually buying things!
  7. I don't know how much of it is intentional maligning. But it was definitely not indicated for COVID, then it was maybe (I forgot if that was before or after Trump started spouting its virtues), then it was off the table again (at least as recently as June, 2020) for COVID due to the rarer side effects. The side effects are real, if fairly uncommon, and I've taken it for 27 days as an anti-malarial--no side effects that I could tell. When is the study you're referring to, relative to the most recent *news* update on HQC's use? Another reason for maligning is simply that it hasn't been thoroughly tested for the new use. It's usually prescribed as an anti-malarial (and maybe as an anti-clotting agent? Not sure of all the uses), but prescribing it for symptoms of a completely unknown disease is kind of bonkers without rigorous testing. We're still finding new symptoms and complications that may make this the wrong drug for some patients. Too many variables!
  8. Agreed on disagreement with experts. Hydroxychoroquin is, and has been doubly determined, NOT to be a safe way to treat or prevent COVID 19 and there are pretty nasty side effects that aren't worth the risk. Doc not get the memo?
  9. Yeah... Gah, that's a some kind of "good mornin," huh... RIP
  10. Good luck. Good news is you're probably fine. On average it's more of a boogieman than a burglar (one's imaginary or over-feared, one is real/dangerous), BUT I keep reading about other longer-lasting symptoms (like heart damage) that even mild cases can show. Rest, hydrate, don't touch anyone!
  11. Testors Dullcote is one of (if not THE) the strongest miniature level sealers. It's meant to seal/degloss enamels. One coat should be great. It is a thinner-based sealer though, so I wouldn't use anything by Reaper on top of that, as it won't stick. You'll need either a spray sealer (Krylon, Rustoleum, whatever) to stick to the Dullcote. Then you could use Reaper/waterborne sealers on top.
  12. Looks pretty excellent, especially for a first try. Second pic is really convincing. If anything (at least for the method you're using), maybe make the lighter green more of a crescent shape so the black is a larger proportion of the gem. Something roughly like 60% black/30% strong green/9% brighter green in the strong green/1%white. Or break the black up into a green so dark it's indistinguishable from black. On gems a lot of time less is more with the gem color--the dark, the highlights (yours are great, btw), and the contrast between them are what really sell the gem image. Great work!
  13. https://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/68026-totally-unofficial-replacement-paint-labels/ You mean this?
  14. Carbon would be fine. On blacks, don't be too afraid to go lighter than you think you should on the highlights/drybrushing. You can get away with a pretty pale grey (like the area around the white text boxes in the fora!) without it looking shiny (if you want it to look like slick black vinyl or leather, use pure white at the top).
  15. You didn't mention washing him before priming--to remove any residual mold-release. That can cause flaking/beading sometimes.
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