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  1. That's likely the route I'm going. Might try to fancy some of it up.
  2. Wow, great work! I love the effect. Did you go straight over a black basecoat? Is that Liquitex or Golden? I assume it's interference paint, and it looks like what I have (a couple varieties of). Haven't done much with it except the carapace of one of the Bones bugs.
  3. One good thing about extra time at the house is I can devote some time to this thing! I've put some time in, rearranged some things, made and negated decisions (supposed to be just DOING it fast to see what happens--oh well!). So here goes. I added a LOT of paneling (more business cards, assorted cardboards I had around, etc), foam core to give a "front" in what used to look like a hangar bay, a ladder with just cut up plastic and its handrail of hardware cloth, some plastic packaging (mostly had screws I believe), and styrene and PVC pipes. Plans include getting that fan-like piece into t
  4. Somewhere in the darkness The gambler, he broke even... RIP
  5. Uhh...might want to put a spoiler on that second shot. Looks a bit NSFW!
  6. I dunno. Maybe not as cheerleaders (because...huh?), but it looks like replacing the pompoms with swords or wands wouldn't be too hard if you want a magical girl anime-themed team. Yeah, a little cheesecakie though.
  7. I like it indeed! Very smooth. That 6th shot, with the pauldron devant looks the most convincing. I wonder if a darker shade at your deepest areas would help sell the effect--the pauldron shot does seem to showcase the contrast well. I'm working on my first significant NMM gold and I'm kind of following some guides that have nearly black as the darkest shade.
  8. Are you just re-basing them? If so there's no reason really to remove the base. Plop in a recessed/rimmed base and add details to fill in. If you have steady hands you could try a sanding table, inverted belt sander (orbital might work), or grinder to just grind the base away. Sounds like they might be pretty stout--I have no exp with those.
  9. Whoa! If those don't glow in the dark, nothing else does! Great work!
  10. Your wood-painting skills are top notch! You might be using a simple method, but it works. Also, same reason here for doing a WIP on a giant terrain thingy I'm working on--still getting sidelined by life, but it's happening! Carry on.
  11. You could even take a lesson from your first pic up there and dab the tiniest amount of pure white at the apical highlights--especially if you're aiming for a slightly shiny/wet look to the scales. Looks good!
  12. You pledge a dollar amount and pick what you want with those funds. So if you pick, for example, the $120 pledge, you can get one Core set OR $120 worth of add-ons/extras. The campaign is over, but I think you can still do a late pledge. Prices might have gone up since the Kickstarter is over though.
  13. Looks pretty good. I like the green tint. Why you yellin' though?
  14. I like that you think it's a ladder! I just had that belt and thought it was cool. And it could either be a ladder, for like 15mm scale or whatever CAV and Battletech are, or a random pattern on machinery for our usual scale. There are doors and walkways happening that will look more like 32mm, but hopefully still allow any option.
  15. That's really badass. I'm working on a similar themed terrain piece myself and am using that CPVC pipe! I bow to your resourcefulness with materials--leave no thing unscavenged!
  16. Another little dose. There's a lot more that I've done, but these shots are representative of the rest (and some I want to be more of a surprise when it's closer!). In the second pic you can just see the structure of the exhaust tower that will house that cool fan-shaped piece. The tiles and white rectangular parts made from either my business cards or some old modular dungeon flooring to give the impression of raised panels. Keep looking, and I'll keep building!
  17. Definitely those. Been trying to find bits to accommodate those. May end up furbishing them myself.
  18. A little progress. Mainly a zoom-in to see the joints between the metal plates of the structure. I messed with a few tricks to get thin, STRAIGHT lines--dragging a square, round, or triangular file, a hacksaw blade, a jeweler's saw... Ended up using a metal ruler as a guide and an xacto knife--the trick is to drag it ever-so lightly, else the blade will veer off course even with a guide. I've also attached a few pieces at this point--some in the pic. More to come soon!
  19. I was cleaning up behind my barn and found this half-buried in the dirt. Was just on the way to throwing it out when I just couldn't. So I washed most of the dirt off, and cut a base from scrap plywood I had, and away I go! I actually have a semi-solid plan. I want to knock this one out fast, first of all, so maybe it'll get done this year (ideally before spring or even March, but I know how things go). I want it to evoke a few things without quite indicating any of them. The Tyrell building from Blade Runner is a big one. The magitek factory from Final Fantasy VI is another. But I als
  20. It was a cetirizine bottle! I know that shape well. Cool project!
  21. A little sea-glassy, but really I think it looks rather like Antarctic ice--ocean ice. Maybe not quite right for mountainous glaciers, but it reads ice from most angles.
  22. I assume it's the Christmas Wreath Green, part of the Holiday Paint set.
  23. InDEED. Don't touch, never ever steal--unless you're in for the kill...
  24. I think it would work best if you do the effect, then photo it, then remove the effect. I can't find a link to it, but there's a guy who does unbelievably realistic photos with clouds and weather and smoke, using things like cotton, diffused light, forced perspective... Crazy. Got'im! Check these out! https://www.demilked.com/wardrobe-project-miniature-photography-felix-hernandez/
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