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  1. Outstanding...I really like the basework and the boots/shoes.
  2. good stuff and definitely unique with the snow base
  3. Very sweet...I'm liking both the mini and the paint job it!
  4. Another CAV from me...last one for a bit, but I actually have a DH mini or two on the table for the next go around!
  5. Sweet work and great composition. I really like the cauldron...
  6. Decals are from Fighting Pirranha Graphics - http://www.fightingpirannhagraphics.com/
  7. I actually got started with Tamiya military models and enamel paints when I was in my teens! Only got into painting miniatures about 3 years ago. Really no formal training...just what I've gleened from the boards and websites.
  8. Very nice! What's the size of the mini?
  9. No blacklining...I only use washes to get the panel details to stand out.
  10. CAV Ronin - Another in my CAV series of minis...
  11. Very nicely done...I really like the work done on the spear. It fits the description from the latest book!!!
  12. Outstanding work...really nicely pulled together.
  13. For the grey - Reaper Armor Grey Reaper Ash Grey GW Codex Grey GW Black Ink for a final glaze to tie in the layers and darken it up a bit Blues - GW Regal Blue GW Enchanted Blue GW Ice Blue GW Blue ink for a glaze Yeah, I agree with the cockpit...having that much red in the middle of the mini is kind of distracting. I think with a smaller cockpit the solid red would work much better.
  14. ...another CAV mini from me. I have two more on the bench that I'm currently working on.
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