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  1. Waste. Linen, like most fabrics, likes to be broken in a little.
  2. Broccoli! Steamed all by itself or with cheese or with shrimp mayonnaise. It's what you eat after you pahk ya cah at Hahvahd Yahd.
  3. We've got one of the world's greatest corn mazes near where I live. Over 8 acres of corn featuring games, trivia, bridges, and a snack bar in the middle. You can explore it for weeks collecting stamps from all of the markers inside it. Plus it has a gate system that allows emergency egress and subtly changes the shape of the maze from day to day, so it's never the same maze twice. I also enjoy apple picking, pumpkin pie, and hot apple cider. Sounds like a very dangerous version of cornholing to me.
  4. Queen Elizabeth I had a cotton shirt. It was so valuable she never wore it.
  5. About a dozen. I haven't painted in a while, so the brand of my favorite is escaping me, but I have a 0 and a 00 from them.
  6. Sony's take on Quicksilver. The One Moment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvW61K2s0tA I've successfully solved too many problems by just ignoring them and acting dumb when people ask about them.
  7. No clue. Apparently it's not important enough in the Muslin Calendar for the Cairo office to have mentioned it. I've heard of people who were so epically unqualified, they were in fact unhired. Essentially the company threatened to sue if the person ever intimated they had ever worked there.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TE5lBIf3_UI
  9. Decorations? SCA Award scrolls, Christmas Cards, Birth announcements, and wedding invitations Triceratops.
  10. a wall of solid chocolate A feghoot about Beethoven's Ninth. Not as funny as the Reverse Yakov Smirnoff: In Capitalist America, Bank Robs You!
  11. A Victorian Mansion with porches on three sides, the fourth designed to look more like a castle for siege battles. It will include all the pre-20th Century energy efficiency features that were abandoned when air conditioning was invented as well as solar panels. The field will be hardy grasses that require little to no maintenance in this climate. It will be on a lake.
  12. TV Show Themes from my youth: Voltron, Transformers, M.A.S.K., The A-Team, MacGuyver...
  13. A number of my friends swear by Gerber, but I prefer my Genuine Bucktool (which, sadly, Buck seems to be out of the multitool business). Ergonomic grip, virtually rustproof, and it only retailed for $65.
  14. The secret is to bang the rocks together, guys.
  15. Gasoline for the generator that powers the well. Milk, eggs, and bread.
  16. I go camping for two weeks every summer, I just went one week without a car because it was with my wife in Pittsburgh. I have asthma so I don't even take breathing for granted. Imma go with nothing.
  17. The tunic, AKA the t-shirt. Hippopotami. Those broccoli are nasty.
  18. I was one of those kids who found it easier to make friends with the teachers than the other students, so though I have a long list of teachers I found interesting, none stand out as being particularly "crazy".
  19. Dick Butkus. Honorable mention: I have a friend named Chris Smith (say "Chrismith" and you'll know why it's awful). You might think his parents didn't think this through, since Chris is short for Christopher. His middle name is Noel.
  20. Yes, I saw it yesterday and loved it. I've been a big fan of Constance Wu from her work on Fresh off the Boat. Nice to see her play a different character but keep some of the wit. "Changi [Airport] has a butterfly garden and a movie theater! All Laguardia has is Salmonella and despair."
  21. I took a photo of a drinks menu that had a tasty looking drink named after my wife. Beef Brisket, Carolina-style so my wife could eat it with me. It would probably be terrible since I've never made BBQ. Pastrami and Yellow Mustard Pizza. Jaegermoxie. Pear and Marrow Pie.
  22. Agreed. Only monsters keep their spreading butter in the fridge. When the tub of Kerrygold starts to run low, we remove the seal from the next one and put it in the cupboard under the active one so we never have to deal with trying to spread cold butter on hot toast. We do have sticks of unsalted butter we use for cooking that stay in the fridge and come out 1/4 TBSP at a time.
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