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  1. Saw a Double Feature of that and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. This pretty much sums up my opinion of the latter, except I didn't cry when [redacted] because it was painfully obvious that they were just laying it on thick as a cheap emotional ploy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dy7JkZ7m8wM
  2. I am Eastern, I am Eastern, So are you, So are you, Let's go beat the Midrealm, Let's go beat the Midrealm, With a stick! With a stick!
  3. Anything longer than a single DVD, so ~5 hours. I don't do a whole lot of baking. The last baked item I ate was probably pizza. The last item I baked was probably also pizza. I was going to bake a ham for making sandwiches from, but I bought a pre-cooked one instead.
  4. My college Sci-Fi Club had a tradition for movie/tv marathons called TUBs. Named partially for carrying VHS tapes in large tubs but also it was short for watching shows "'Til U Bleed".
  5. I just finished my order, bringing the total to $508.42. Not sure if I should be amused or horrified that my postage charges haven't gone up since I first locked-in the bulk of my pledge.
  6. My color scheme is largely based on my needs as an Earthdawn GM. Goblins - Don't exist, might repaint them as Scurriers. Exposed brains could be fun to paint. Hobgoblins - Make great Orks. Usually painted with olive tones (as in the color of Spanish Olives) Bugbears - repurposed as Magmabeasts, painted in bright red with messy black drybrushing Orcs - See Hobgoblins above Gnolls - Don't exist, might squint and call them Jackalmen Kobolds - Don't exist, might repaint them as Pangoli
  7. You could also go to the Bull and Finch, the inspiration for the Cheers Bar, which is a lovely place with an old timey "smoking lounge" feel without the tobacco and damned good food. I've occasionally had minis up for display, but not in my current house configuration. I've occasionally gifted painted minis and hope they're all still on display or otherwise treasured.
  8. May, when I opted out of the never-tested-for-safety full body scanners they use at the Airport. The plate: a reuben sandwich, dill pickle spear, and a small but tasty pile of chips or fries. The glass: Magner's hard cider
  9. Finally tried Shadowrun Crossfire. It was a lot of fun and I'm slowly getting over my fear of permanently modifying boardgames.
  10. I thought it was good but not great. I found the Deus-ex-Jack-Jack got a little tiresome and was disappointed that Dash would run around people punching them and not run around people and [redacted].
  11. My brother and I tried to build a rocket car out of a toy truck and a rocket engine. Fortunately the flamethrower we built was unable to ignite the rocket engine.
  12. I played Faulkland in a production of The Rivals. I was so unlikable the audience nearly refused to let us finish the play.
  13. It was a work of storytelling genius. I laughed, I cried, it was better than cats.
  14. My primary goal for the year is to seek comfort and aid when I need it and provide for others when they do. It's tough going, but I think I'm accomplishing my goal. Next step is to end the atrocities committed by ICE.
  15. I'd program it with some entertainment that was a mix of street racing, consensual sex, and ultraviolence.
  16. Pickle, maybe. Or War. Or Tag. I don't remember much from Nursery School, so it's hard to say.
  17. Ash Hardell, Queer Vlogger Live from Barsaive, Earthdawn Podcast OSL. Hahahahano.
  18. The train and ship mechanics were much more interesting than the plane mechanic. And the Water Purification Tokens sometimes meant curing disease was not the best method of preventing the spread of disease, which made for interesting strategic and tactical decisions.
  19. Supergirl is the only one that I watch, and I found this year's Crossover's plot quite easy to follow, given that there hardly was one.
  20. I recently played Pandemic: Iberia, which I thought was much more interesting than Pandemic.
  21. I'm not sure what Horblower syndrome is, but the Honor Harrington Books are supposed to be Horatio Hornbower in SPAAAAAAAACE, so I presume that's intentional.
  22. My last company paid me to solve Rubik's Cubes, so I had one on my desk for practice/stress relief.
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