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  1. I've only ever encountered people pronouncing it "tomato" ironically. Last year, I discovered I'd been pronouncing "agate" wrong my whole life. It must be one of those words I'd read in a book as a child and never heard aloud until I was 37.
  2. A left-handed smoke shifter. Dang smoke keeps getting in my eyes.
  3. Archers, Brawlers, Doctors, Vets, Teachers, Farmers, these are all pretty obvious. Tailors, Tinkers, Sages, and Faces are a little less so.
  4. Between Two Cities. It's like Seven Wonders, but the strategery is different. You draft tiles and simultaneously build one city with the player on your left and another city with the player on your right. Whichever player's lowest-scoring city has the highest score wins. I'm partial to Alaria Festryl of House Festryl, Empress of Urupa and Captain of the Gift of Theft, one of my old PCs.
  5. Episode One is completely different from all the others. I always recommend people skip it.
  6. The pink bowtie is my spirit animal. I lick the brush and inspiration just comes to me.
  7. [redacted] I believe I did indulge as my wife was out of town that weekend. Runner-up is that I always treat myself to a nice meal after a job interview. Nothing cheers me up after a crappy interview than a good meal. Work got crazy this month. I'm playing catsup. The stalagmites. I get so much usage out of them setting up dungeons.
  8. I already crossed off Help Run a Tournament in Ruantallan. I am still hoping to cross off either Quit a Job for a Better One or Reject a Job Offer For a Better One. Travel to Australia had to be pushed back due to insufficient funds. I am currently a Kingdom-Level Deputy Greater Officer in the SCA. I am a member of the Board of Directors of the WPI Glee Club Associates. I will have been a member of the WPI Science Fiction Society for 20 years this August. I signed the petition to found CLICK (Campus Lifestyles Involving Consensual Kink), WPI's sex-positive BDSM/Polyamory Discussion Club.
  9. I would laucnh Michael Bay into the sun. Tell him it'd be one heck of an explosion. Then I'd start the Transformers franchise over with more of a cold war spy games feel to it.
  10. A theramin is literally just a magnetic field attached to a speaker. You can make one by dismantling just about any piece of electronics.
  11. At my old job, I had my Soundwave MP3 player and my Ravage USB Drive chilling on my lab bench. My current job is temporary and involves bringing several people into my lab every day, so I try to be a little more neutral. It does have a giant stuffed monkey in traditional Chinese dress that some Hyundai execs brought when they meet with our execs.
  12. Taylor Swifty: You say you're fine, I know you better then that.Hey wait a minute, what'd you do to my cat? Abaddon Black. I also use lots of Bone White. Honorable mention: Mephiston Red.
  13. I know I've seen some jaw-dropping sights but I honestly can't remember where they were ATM, so I'm gonna go with the sunset over Sawyer Hill in Berlin, MA, AKA "the drive home from work".
  14. Thank you for preparing me the Liefeld joke in Deadpool 2.
  15. The original Deadpool did a great job of spitting in the face of comic book movie tropes and DP2 had not one but two fridgings driving the plot. I enjoyed the experience, but was very disappointed by the writers.
  16. Cyril didn't invent the Alphabet any more than Elon Musk invented the automobile. Cyrillic, Tamil, and Arabic are all descendents of Cuneiform. Sequoyah did not live in Antiquity. Transformers. Honorable mention to the noble bicycle.
  17. The alphabet. It's one of the few things from antiquity we can definitively prove was only invented once.
  18. I forgot to mention, their battlecry was "Avon Calling!" My last tabletop campaign almost had a session at Pennsic since half the players would be there anyway and one player's brother and SIL would be available to NPC.
  19. A friend ran a campaign where the players were the salesforce for Avon Cosmetics. Beat down the door, kill the monsters, collect their "pin money".
  20. Marvel's current(?) Superhero RPG has a cool mechanic where each character chooses the next character to act. So you can blitz through all of your characters, but that means that they get to use all of theirs and then they get to choose one of theirs to go first next turn and then they can double-blitz you back.
  21. I already went to my first showing at the Drive-In and my long-awaited trip to Nova Scotia.
  22. This is all true, however I would like to muddy the waters a bit. Consider this card: http://whitewolf.wikia.com/wiki/File:Mariel_St._John_VTES_card.jpg The art on this card is garbage. The artist applied one, maybe two, photoshop filters to a picture of a blonde woman with glasses and a dumb haircut. The artist, Becky Jollensten, is a blonde woman with glasses, and was White Wolf's art director at the time, and the other cards she submitted for the game are quite nice (and are actually paintings). This card was probably created at 4:59 on a Friday in order to meet a 5:00 deadline because somebody else blew it. So she took a selfie and applied one, maybe two, photoshop filters and called it good. I like to believe someone thought that Captain America picture represented someone who had been augmented beyond human comprehension by SuperSoldier Serum, but maybe it was just drawn at 4:59 on a Friday.
  23. I went once in 2005. It was nice but even with the comp'd attendance and hotel (I was running an event), it was wicked expensive. I can't imagine what it's like now.
  24. What will it take to get you to stop running away from me in terror?
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