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  1. 6 hours ago, redambrosia said:

    Wednesday, September 26: What is your favorite cooked vegetable? Do you have a recipe that you enjoy more than others?

    Broccoli! Steamed all by itself or with cheese or with shrimp mayonnaise.

    3 hours ago, redambrosia said:

    Same. :ik_oops:


    What is this "con" you speak of :lol:



    I'm gonna beat all the other pedantic folks to the punch here and say: corn is technically a grain :lol:

    It's what you eat after you pahk ya cah at Hahvahd Yahd.

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  2. 9 hours ago, redambrosia said:

    Tuesday, September 25: Do you enjoy fall themed activities like corn mazes, hay rides, corn cob shooting, etc.? If so, do you have a favorite memory of an activity?

    We've got one of the world's greatest corn mazes near where I live. Over 8 acres of corn featuring games, trivia, bridges, and a snack bar in the middle. You can explore it for weeks collecting stamps from all of the markers inside it. Plus it has a gate system that allows emergency egress and subtly changes the shape of the maze from day to day, so it's never the same maze twice.


    I also enjoy apple picking, pumpkin pie, and hot apple cider.

    40 minutes ago, klarg1 said:


    Corn cob what now?

    Sounds like a very dangerous version of cornholing to me.

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  3. On 9/22/2018 at 1:05 PM, redambrosia said:

    Saturday, September 22: 

    What is the most amazing slow motion video you've ever seen?

    Sony's take on Quicksilver.

    On 9/22/2018 at 1:49 PM, SparrowMarie said:

    I'm pretty fond of the Ok Go video that is in slow-mo. Can't remember wait it's called off hand though.

    The One Moment



    On 9/23/2018 at 7:59 AM, redambrosia said:

    Sunday, September 23: What is the dumbest solution to a problem you've had, that actually worked?

    I've successfully solved too many problems by just ignoring them and acting dumb when people ask about them.

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  4. On 9/20/2018 at 1:49 PM, TGP said:

    Thursday, Sept 20: What in the world is “Ashura”; does anyone know++ or are you observing it ?

    No clue. Apparently it's not important enough in the Muslin Calendar for the Cairo office to have mentioned it.

    On 9/21/2018 at 3:58 AM, redambrosia said:

    Friday, September 21: 

    What's the most epic way you've seen someone quit or be fired?

    I've heard of people who were so epically unqualified, they were in fact unhired. Essentially the company threatened to sue if the person ever intimated they had ever worked there.

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  5. On 9/18/2018 at 4:53 AM, redambrosia said:

    Tuesday, September 18: 

    Where do you get most of your home decorations?

    Decorations? SCA Award scrolls, Christmas Cards, Birth announcements, and wedding invitations

    4 hours ago, redambrosia said:

    Sorry I’m late... I left my phone at home. This baby needs to grow a brain so it can help me remember things...


    Wednesday, September 19: What is your favorite dinosaur?


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  6. On 9/16/2018 at 8:24 AM, redambrosia said:

    Sunday, September 16: 

    What obstacles would be included in the world’s most amazing obstacle course?

    a wall of solid chocolate

    12 hours ago, redambrosia said:

    Monday, September 17: 

    What is the funniest joke you know by heart?

    A feghoot about Beethoven's Ninth.

    3 hours ago, CashWiley said:

    In Soviet Russia, a man named Rudolph and his wife Katarina were eating dinner. Katarina looked out the window and said, "Looks like it's beginning to snow, dear." Rudolph replied, "No, it looks like rain to me." Katarina sighed and told him, "Dear, it's clearly snow!" Rudolph stood up and said, "Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear!"


    From a 'big book of jokes' I had as a kid in the 70s. Don't know why that one particular joke always stuck with me.

    Not as funny as the Reverse Yakov Smirnoff:
    In Capitalist America, Bank Robs You!

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  7. On 9/15/2018 at 2:20 AM, redambrosia said:

    Saturday, September 14: 

    If you had an infinite budget to build a fort, what would you build?

    A Victorian Mansion with porches on three sides, the fourth designed to look more like a castle for siege battles. It will include all the pre-20th Century energy efficiency features that were abandoned when air conditioning was invented as well as solar panels. The field will be hardy grasses that require little to no maintenance in this climate. It will be on a lake.

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  8. 30 minutes ago, odinsgrandson said:

    Tell the whole story- a lot of us thought the KS Sophie was great, but then they said "Well, you can swap her for a Nethermaul, and nearly everyone ditched Sophie.


    Reaper isn't Anti-exclusives- but they are Anti-waste (so they won't have a plastic mold made that they're not intending to use a bunch).

    Also KS1 Sophie was metal.

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  9. On 9/9/2018 at 1:08 AM, redambrosia said:

    Sunday, September 9: What is something that will always be in fashion, no matter how much time passes?

    The tunic, AKA the t-shirt.

    14 hours ago, redambrosia said:

    Monday, September 10: 

    If you were an Egyptian pharaoh, what would you have buried with you so you could have them in the afterlife? (Aside from minis!)

    Hippopotami. Those broccoli are nasty.

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  10. On 9/6/2018 at 3:32 AM, redambrosia said:

    Thursday, September 6: 

    What is the funniest actual name you've heard of someone having?

    Dick Butkus.


    Honorable mention: I have a friend named Chris Smith (say "Chrismith" and you'll know why it's awful). You might think his parents didn't think this through, since Chris is short for Christopher. His middle name is Noel.

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  11. 21 hours ago, Crowley said:

    Speaking of Asian characters, Crazy Rich Asians was an enjoyable way to spent 2 hours! Very little came as a surprise, but it was very well done, and the character actors were all FANTASTIC!  

    Yes, I saw it yesterday and loved it. I've been a big fan of Constance Wu from her work on Fresh off the Boat. Nice to see her play a different character but keep some of the wit. "Changi [Airport] has a butterfly garden and a movie theater! All Laguardia has is Salmonella and despair."

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  12. On 9/2/2018 at 8:26 AM, redambrosia said:

    Sunday, September 2: What was the last photo you took?


    Hoping for some neat reapercon pictures here...

    I took a photo of a drinks menu that had a tasty looking drink named after my wife.

    On 9/3/2018 at 3:09 AM, redambrosia said:

    Monday, September 3: If you were cooking the last BBQ you could ever have, what would you have?

    Beef Brisket, Carolina-style so my wife could eat it with me. It would probably be terrible since I've never made BBQ.

    10 hours ago, redambrosia said:

    Tuesday, September 4: What weird food combinations do you enjoy?

    Pastrami and Yellow Mustard Pizza. Jaegermoxie. Pear and Marrow Pie.

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