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  1. Technically not a movie, but I saw the final performance of this year's Commonwealth Shakespeare Company's Shakespeare on the Common: Richard III. R3 is Shakespeare's first great comedy and it was wonderfully acted. There's a little bit of an echo as the sound system reverberates off the townhouses of Beacon Hill, which made things extra spooky during the Ghostly Visitation scene.

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  2. On 8/5/2018 at 2:39 AM, redambrosia said:

    I promised @TGP I'd ask one of his soup questions:


    Sunday, August 5: Do you season your soup, or do you eat it the way the Chef or Campbell's Soup Company intended?

    Salt and Pepper, generally. Hot sauce if it's a soup that needs enhottening.

    9 hours ago, redambrosia said:

    From @Inarah


    Monday, August 6: What is a favorite quote from a show you watch?

    Last night's conversation featured a running gag from an episode of a show that I used to watch: "The man wrote 37 plays, each more brilliant than the last. Except for Pericles."

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  3. 15 hours ago, redambrosia said:

    From our friend @klarg1:


    Thursday Friday, August 3: What would you put on a reapercon challenge coin? What would be the benefit of winning a challenge coin?

    Normally I don't have much love for Sophie, but clearly she belongs on the "Tails" side of the coin, The reaper skull can be on the obverse, with the spines in annulo around the edge of the coin and some nice motto the combines the Reaper Houses' ideals.

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  4. 12 hours ago, redambrosia said:

    August 2nd: If you could have any career, what would it be?

    I still haven't given up on "President" and "Rock Star", but I think I'll actually go with "Toy Designer for Hasbro" since that's really what I should have been going for in college what with my Transformersobsession.

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  5. On 7/31/2018 at 11:03 PM, strawhat said:

    William Sanderson

    William Sanderson played J.F. Sebastian, an engineer who builds artificial workers called Replicants in Blade Runner.

    William Sanderson played Dr. Karl Rossum, an engineer who builds artificial workers called Duplicants in Batman: The Animated Series.

    R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) is a play about engineers who build artificial workers called Robots and is the origin of the term.

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  6. On 8/1/2018 at 7:05 AM, Crowley said:

    Question for Wednesday, July 32nd: What's something that makes you happy. 

    Side Quest: Roll a die. Tell me what type it was, and the result. 

    Collaborating with friends on a joint project.


    I rolled my electronic d6 and nothing happened, but when I whacked it into the table, it "rolled" a 1. Its batteries are dying, though, so I may have to retire it from its place in my backpack.

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  7. 4 hours ago, Crowley said:

    Question for Tuesday, July 31st: COIN CHECK! Do you know what a challenge coin is? Do you have one? Share your picture of it (them) if you do.

    If you don't, or can't show it off, suggest a question for the next Quisitor! 


    Yes. No. I used to have a Boy Scout challenge coin when I was a wee tyke.

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  8. On 7/28/2018 at 6:26 PM, Crowley said:

    Just watched the original Jurassic Park. Still holds up... 



    Also went to an Action Double-Feature at the Drive-in. We saw Mission Impossible: Fallout, which was okay, but I couldn't tell how many love interests Ethan Hunt had until the Third Act because they looked identical and the helicopter sequence was so long it actually got boring. The second movie was Skyscraper, which wasn't Dwanye's best work, but I really liked the ways his prosthetic leg was a tool that he used for all manner of things besides walking and falling.

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  9. On 7/28/2018 at 8:03 AM, Crowley said:

    Question for the weekend of July 28th and 29th: If given the chance, would you learn magic? What's a style/school of magic you'd want to focus on? What's a school you'd avoid?

    I'd focus on healing and sustaining magic. Like a druid but with pants.

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  10. On 7/25/2018 at 6:45 AM, Crowley said:

    Question for Wednesday, July 25th: From beyond the doors you can hear the crowd cheering and calling your name. The stage hand counts down, the doors are about to open, and your entry music is about to play. What's the song?


    Benjamin Franklin's Song by the Decemberists.


    On 7/25/2018 at 12:38 PM, CashWiley said:

    The Imperial March

    My High School Fight Song!


    On 7/26/2018 at 7:47 AM, Crowley said:

    Question for Thursday, July 26th: A package mysteriously arrives containing an unpublished work of your favorite author/artist/creative type. Who is the author, and what's the name of the work? (book, script, adventure module, album, whatever)


    "The Crushing Silence", a collaboration of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington recorded shortly before their suicides.


    Honorable Mention: "The Android's Nightmare" by John Scalzi, sequel to one of his weirder novels.


    5 hours ago, Crowley said:

    Question for Friday, July 27th: What do you wish was in Reaper's catalog?

    This can be an alternate sculpt, an alternate sculpt by another sculptor, a mini from another company, or something that no one makes... be creative!

    Heroic Ork PC-types

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  11. On 7/23/2018 at 6:07 AM, Crowley said:

    Question for Monday, July 23rd: Have you ever met one of your heroes? If so, how did it go?


    Alternate Question: What did you forget to do this weekend? 

    I got Claudia Christian's Autograph at a Con once. Then I bought a B5CCG Earth Alliance Starter Deck and got her autograph again. She remembered me.

    6 hours ago, Crowley said:

    Question for Tuesday, July 24th: If you needed to describe yourself using only 3 movies, what movies would you pick?


    Alternative Question: Same as above, but using books, or TV shows, or plays, or other media of your choosing.

    I'm speculating a little here, but Imma go with 


    The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    Steven Universe: The Movie.

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  12. 3 hours ago, Gadgetman! said:

    Incidentally, always back INTO a parking space, to avoid backing out of it because it's easier to back into one than backing out of one, particularly if the aisle between the rows isn't sized for two tractor trailers at a time. 

    I've been thinking about this one a lot and Imma have to disagree. Trunk access is almost always my primary concern with parking, which is why I almost always nose in. I do happily back in when I don't need trunk access.


    And of course, I love pull-throughs, which are the best of both worlds: nose in, nose out.

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  13. 11 hours ago, strawhat said:

    Round Two was a choice between another dungeon-crawl (which name I do not remember), Power Grid from Rio Grande Games, and a third (unremembered) game.  I asked for something easy to learn--and was rewarded with Power Grid.  It's a bidding and resource management game where the goal is to acquire power plants (fueled by various sources) and provide power to Germany (or the USA, we used the map of Germany).  I definitely enjoyed Power Grid the most.  While you were building your network, cutting off players from various cities, and bidding on power plants (or just trying to drive up the bid), the other players were doing the same.  We divided the board into East and West, and decided to play on the East half.  The owner won, I came in second, and was closely followed by the third player.  I wouldn't mind playing again to try to integrate some of the things I learned.  My tunnel-vision got the better of me in a couple instances, and I did not make optimal choices.  I definitely liked Power Grid the most out of the other games we have rotated in while waiting for more Imperial Assault.

    There are many expansion maps, some of which have funky rules. My favorites are Japan and Australia. My advice for avoiding tunnel vision is to avoid buying too many power plants and to avoid paying too much for power plants.

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  14. On 7/20/2018 at 6:54 AM, Crowley said:

    Question for Friday, July 20th:  What do you keep in your pockets/purse/backpack?

    Pockets/Purse: sunglasses, inhaler, wallet, cell phone, keys

    Backpack: Kindle, charge-a-ma-kindle, charge-a-ma-phone, power strip, kitten full of pencils, pens, scrap paper, engineering notebook, wet erase markers, dry erase markers, emergency d6s, umbrella.

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  15. 2 hours ago, Dr.Bedlam said:

    The beanie trend began to die off in the fifties, and largely vanished after the fedora market crashed in the sixties, when men realized you could be bareheaded without being naked.



    JFK is often blamed for this, as he allegedly went hatless at his inauguration, but the decline of hats was already well underway by then and he actually did wear a top hat through much of the inauguration festivities.


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  16. 7 hours ago, Crowley said:

    Question for Thursday, July 19th:  What's one chore you hate doing? Why do you hate it? What's one chore you take the most satisfaction from doing?

    I generally suck at chores. My parents would constantly fight over cleaning the house and threaten to throw out each other's junk piles.


    I like washing the dishes, though.

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  17. 1 hour ago, Loim said:

    Ishi, the last of the Yahi tribe was cut off from some of the natural resources normally associated with his tribe, so when he couldn't access knappable stone for his arrowheads and knives he would sneak into trash dumps and use glass bottles. In fact, lots of people get their start knapping these days using glass, and by all reports it makes incredibly sharp heads. 


    Glass can hold a monomolecular edge. Surgeons use obsidian scalpels for the most delicate surgeries and glass knives are used to slice samples for transmission electron microscopy.

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