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  1. Most likely less than a hundred. Certainly no more than a thousand. 12,725 people ordered at least one Core Set, so they are probably making 15,000, maybe 20,000 of each Core Set figure, but most of the leftovers will probably be split up. Did anyone catch how many Vampire sets were made available at first? There's 22 left in the store.


    I almost grabbed a third DDS2 but then I couldn't figure out how to explain that to my wife.. ;)

    "A man has needs."


    I use that to justify a lot of things.  New computer mouse? "I have needs!"  New hat? "Needs."  Wings and Beer on Friday? "Needs."


    My wife and I both have discretionary spending accounts. I can do anything I want with mine, even withdraw the money from the account and set it on fire, and she has no right to comment. Hers is called "Yarn" and she mostly spends it on crafting supplies and pedicures. Mine is called "Transformers" and I mostly spend it on toys and kickstarters.

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  3. Live:



    Not Yet Late:

    Where the Heck is Matt? - I really loved his previous videos and look forward to finally having a chance to be in one.

    Spirit Island - a board game designed by a friend of mine. It's been playtested at my house, but I was busy grilling burgers at the time. Looking forward to it.

    Bones III - I'm super psyched about a lot of these minis.



    GNL Mats - Versatile gaming map aids. If they live up to even half the hype, I'll be happy. I already have plots and schemes for these bad boys.

    Earthdawn Fourth Edition* - I've had a lot of fun getting to know the developers since and I'm excited to see the Earthdawn Forums livelier than I've ever seen them. The books are late, but I've been 100% behind the revisions we've seen to the System. WIBA: Absolutely.



    Tabletop Props: Tent - I'm actually pledging more for the carts than for the tents, but these look like they'll be really useful. WIBA: Sources point to "yes".

    Nova - Debut Album - Delivered On Time! - My neighbor wants to record an album for his band. I threw $5 his way.

    Unidentified Funny Objects 4 - Delivered [blink]Early![/blink] - Humorous anthology of dark SFF humor fiction.

    Augie and the Green Knight - A gift for my wife. A more serious scifantasy jaunt by one of my favorite comic artists. WIBA: Absolutely.

    Earthdawn RPG Fantasy Miniatures - Not as nice as Reaper figures, but they have T'Skrang and Windling molds that I just can't find suitable substitutes for anywhere else. WIBA: Probably just the T'Skrang and Windlings.

    Reading Rainbow - This was a really exciting Kickstarter to be a part of, but I do wonder how people will feel another year down the road. WIBA: Time will tell. I get lots of compliments on my Reading Rainbow Kickstarter t-shirt.

    Deluxe W20 Book of the Wyrm* - Delivered On Time! A vital book for any W20 game. WIBA: Probably not. I'm not currently playing W20 and I feel like I can't handle the damn things without gloves on due to my oily skin.

    Combat Medallions - Delivered On Time! A niche project for SCAdians in the East Kingdom. WIBA: Yes.

    Unidentified Funny Objects 3 - Slightly less hilarious anthology of SFF humor fiction. WIBA: Yes, but I hope UFO4 is better.

    Bones II - I'm super psyched about a lot of these minis. WIBA: Yes, and for more money.

    Deluxe W20 Changing Breeds - A gorgeous book compiling lots of details for the various CWoD Changing Breeds. WIBA: Probably not. I'm not currently playing W20 and I feel like I can't handle the damn things without gloves on due to my oily skin.

    Unidentified Funny Objects 2 - hilarious anthology of SFF humor fiction. WIBA: Yes, but...

    Deluxe Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition* - A gorgeous book compiling practically everything for playing PCs in Werewolf: The Apocalypse. WIBA: Probably not. I'm not currently playing W20 and I feel like I can't handle the damn things without gloves on due to my oily skin.

    Bones - I love 'em and I've finally been able to start painting them. WIBA: Yes, and for more money.



    Slower Than Light - a 4X game designed by a friend of mine, the gimmick being that FTL doesn't exist. Sad it didn't fund.


    *Fulfillment has begun, but not all Stretch Goals have been delivered

    Green: Fulfillment began on-time or very close to it.

    Red: Fulfillment began 6 months late or later.

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  4. I wonder at what point the cost of warehousing actually exceeds the cost of splitting the shipments. I was looking at my Bones I box and it's an unusual size. What would the cost have been to ship the Vampire box separately from all the add-ons.


    This is all assuming that the boxes actually come with all of the individual minis pre-packed, which might be a good bet for things like Dragons Don't Share but maybe not for things like the Core Set and the Expansions.

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