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  1. Let me know what you think of it. Remember, just a quick sketch ;) Wings must be attached to the forearms with membranes, maybe I have to re-draw them and add a few pieces of armour on the model.
  2. First of all thank you for the kind words ;) For mateybob: For the bones i tried to have a scorched effect, so I used a mix of scorched brown (GW) and sneakbite leather (GW), and then i went down with fine drybrushing with more and more bleached bone(GW) added to the mix. ;) For the white on the helmet I used the White Pearl(if I remember right) from Reaper.It is not finished yet because i'm not so happy with it . The best is yet to come (hopefully ;) ) Other comments are welcome as always
  3. This is just the beginning!Don't be too hard! Front
  4. Thanks for the kind words guys!! I can't take other pics at the moment, but i try to do them later!
  5. Alright, it takes me 3 hours from priming to sealing to finish him....it is nothing special, just a speedy work, don't you think so?
  6. Hello. this is my dragon of fire....just let me know what you think of it. Suggestions and critiques are welcome
  7. Sorry for the Off Topic reply, but.... What about if I want to be a reaper's miniatures seller but not interested(at this time) in becoming a BL member ?I mean, is it possible to sell reaper miniatures without to be a BLM??what I have to do to become a reaper seller?? Many thanks and sorry again ;)
  8. maybe some further highlight of white on some spots or raised areas may give a hit on it...try also a wash of a dark green+brown for a moss effect on the bones...
  9. I think that a bit of green color in the mix for the wash may add a moss effect that exalt the dirty effect on the bones. Or maybe a further wash of a dark green may do it as well...
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