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  1. Cool, maybe mine will arrive today :)
  2. Any updates on this? It's almost June...
  3. While at RCON, my friend and I opted to order one of the con shirts in a different color. Just curious when those will be shipped out.
  4. Great pix! I stole a few. Thanks for sharing. And thanks again for bring the basing mats!
  5. Wait until you drive through Arkansas. It is a seemingly never ending, boring, and loud ride. Their roads are horribly noisy. It is the reason I refuse to drive (or ride) to TX any more even though I live in TN. With that said, I will be flying out of Nashville on Thu :D
  6. Anastrianna

    Basing Mats

    I am interested! I'll try to remember to being my own baggies/containers. Looking forward to seeing you again, too!
  7. I'm working hard to finish my entry! Must hurry! eek! Also starting to pull together all the fun stuff for costumes. Hey, has anyone heard if Sonic will be onsite like last year?
  8. Wow! Great job, Derek! Love it!
  9. That's correct. My friend and I got there around 8:30-8:45 on the days we needed to buy tickets for a class to stand in line. I would recommend getting there as early as you can since they are expecting more people this year. Good luck! I lucked up this year and was able to get all of my top picks! So excited! Basic Color Theory with Anne Foerster Shaded Metallics with Michael Proctor Painting Monochrome & Textures with Derek Schubert Playing with Color Michael Proctor 1:1 with Michael Proctor
  10. Just bought my con ticket. Whoo hoo! Booked a room at the BW aready. Now just to work on the flights and a car. Not to mention a contest entry! Where did the time go! lol! See all you Reaper Peeps soon!
  11. ...yet I mean how cute would a superman..(er super hero license and all...) mousling be!
  12. The waiting for the unknown is torture! I can't finish my holiday shopping until this is released. Plus the Christmas dwarf mini... I was going to start giving gifts away this weekend. Maybe I'll just have to add "possible" IOUs to them... lol
  13. Hey all, I'm having a really hard time keeping up with this. I have a lot going on at the moment, increasing work load, health stuff, and life in general. If you want to kick me out, I'll understand.
  14. Kyana will focus on one of the zombies and fire another magic missile. I still don't know what rules we are using for the missiles. I'm happy to roll if you let me know :)
  15. Putting this in the right thread now... sheesh... Hey guys, Sorry for my unexplained absence. It's been a crappy month of one ailment after another and bad luck. It stared with me going to the dr. for a rash. Two days later, I was suffering a head cold that lasted 2 weeks. Not the normal head cold either. One that knocks you on your butt, and hard. A friend of mine got it too and hers almost went into pneumonia. By the 3rd week, it had morphed into a sinus infection...one that stole my sense of smell and my sense of taste for a week. Just for future reference, cereal is nasty when you cannot taste it. So last weekend was my first weekend to feel normal in 3 weeks. So what did I do? My BF and I decide to give my cats baths. One was fairly easy, he was just mad and yelled the whole time. The other had never had a bath before and freaked out! Just when I thought he was settling down, he goes for the surprise jump escape. I grabbed him by putting my arm around him and BAM, he bites me in the middle of my arm close to a vein. And it's a puncture wound... long story short, it swells up, turns a small radius of my arm pink/reddish, HURTS like a nubbie gave me a flu shot in the wrong spot...thankfully I didn't have to go to the ER though. After cleaning it really well and taking the pharmacist's recommendations, it started getting better...along with some wine... The bad news was that my last tetanus shot was over 10 years ago. After waiting 2hrs at the clinic on Monday, I finally got the booster. Now my upper arm hurts worse than my lower arm with the bite. /sigh On top of that work has been so crazy busy that I turn into a zombie myself at night. With that being said, I'm going to post my action but I'm not sure what the rules are for MMs. If someone can let me know, I promise I will start posting more often. Hopefully my luck will turn around!
  16. Kyana finally snaps out of her shock. With a quick motion of her right hand and a arcane words, a burst of white and yellowish light springs from her palm toward the zombie Isha is attacking.
  17. mods, please delete. I posted in the wrong thread...blonde moment I guess! thx!
  18. Hey all quick question on the figure case. How many minis will it hold? I know it was mention before but I cannot find the answer now...
  19. GOBLINS!!! Love, love, love! And the dragon is awesome! Loving all the detail on the base too. Great reveal!
  20. Wow! More of the map is revealed! I'm beginning to think there isn't an end to it but the voice in my head keeps chanting, "Got to clear the map. Got to clear the map!" LOL
  21. We are sooo close! I cannot wait to see what lies in the crypt! F5, F5, F5! LOL
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