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  1. "Oh?" she says with surprise. "I did not expect you...you did not have to..." she adds just as shyly taking the parcel. "I hope you didn't feel I was jealous of Janarae earlier."
  2. I can't open the file. If gives me an error saying something is wrong with the file...
  3. More half elf/elf males with short hair. Most of the newer sculpts have the standard long hair.
  4. My friends and I have been admiring this table for years. The owner of this table actually sold it on ebay a few months ago for about $800 I believe. We too emailed him for the 'blue prints' if you will, but with no luck. Some of the pieces he used for it came for all over the world. It's a really cool table though...
  5. Rai's cheeks suddenly redden and she diverts her eyes to look at her half eaten dumpling. "Be at ease Janara. I thought nothing. Ben is a good friend." She scrunches her eyebrows together as she quickly finishes her breakfast. She then rises and takes her freshly washed clothing from the servants. "I think I shall go ahead and prepare for our journey," she says a little jittery then departs toward her room.
  6. Rai smiles at Ben's entrance but remains quiet until he addresses her. "It went as well as a grand banquet ending in executions can go I guess. I am just thankfully they did not frown upon my request to be excused from watching such events. I was grateful for the night's ending. Though I will say the sounds plagued my dreams." She frowns a bit as she helps herself to a dumpling. "So what is this news about Bhoggy?" she asks looking from Janara to Ben. "And why do you need cheering up Janara?"
  7. Rai joins Janara at the table. "The banquet was quite lovely. The food was like none I have tasted before." She grins. "Very warm spices. However the I chose not to view the executions of the prisioners. They let Rune carry out the sentence to at least one of them." She closes her eyes and shutters a bit. "But you asked of dragons. No, they did not feed them to dragons."
  8. Rai walks in just in time to hear Janara's questions about the night before. She moans slightly and makes a face. "Rune, please be so kind as to not share the full details of the execution in my presence. Though I was removed from the room, I could still hear every sickening sound." She sighs. "Sounds which have haunted me all night." She looks around. "Where is Ben this morning? Have you seen him Janara?"
  9. Rai graciously takes her leave not attempting to hide the fact she would rather be any where else. She paces slightly as she waits in the side room. And when she hears the sicken sound of metal hitting bone with great force, her stomach gives a violent jerk and her whole body trembles. She gasps and her hand moves to cover her mouth but she continues to wait.
  10. Chris wrote all but one or maybe 2 songs on the album. He worked with Ben Moody on of them. For those who don't know, Ben Moody was the other half of Evanscence before he and Amy Lee parted ways. *shurgs*
  11. Chris, I'd like you to know that b/c of this post, I now own Daughtry's CD. I knew it was out but I was just going to wait and hope I got it for Christmas. He was my favorite on Idol and like you I just knew a rocker was going to win but... Awesome CD though. Everything I was expecting from him. Daughtry does not disappoint!
  12. Oh Flynn that's magnificent!! She is truly a treasure to behold. I love everything about her - GREAT color scheme! The dress is awesome... I wanna paint like you when I grow up
  13. Rai frowns slightly but nods. She looks to Khowloon and asks, "Perhaps there is a place I can wait outside of the view of the executions?"
  14. So...is Soon ™ getting any closer? Just curious...
  15. Rai smiles and replies in her soft tone, "Sir Erik, I know you did not mean to disrespect. The events upon our arrival were swift. And though the leadership of this quest has been bestowed upon me, I will gratefully listen to any insight you may have on future endeavors."
  16. I'm in. Sorry, for any delays on my part.
  17. very nice indeed. I love the color scheme.
  18. Oh wow! That is really awesome! I truly love it. I've seen this sculpt before but this is the best paint job I've seen. Really great job Eastman!
  19. Rai nods at the inquiry regarding Freen cautiously. "Though we have had ill dealings with Marus in the past, he seems to be quite genuine on this journey." Even though she is quite hungry, Rai is able to keep to her manners, eating slowly to thoroughly enjoy the new flavors of the foods. "This is lovely," she compliments after Rune.
  20. Rai seems to be mesmerized by her surroundings and does not hear Rune speak. As she enters, she makes her bows, the act seemingly to come naturally as if she is accustomed to such, and takes her place.
  21. Rai dresses in the robes and seems to wear them as she is quite used to the feel of fine material on her skin. Once back in the common room, she gives Ben a quick shy smile just before being addressed by Khowloon. "You can inform them that Lady Rai and Master dwarf Rune will accompany Sir Erik this evening."
  22. Rai frowns slightly at having to bathe in front of others, friends or not. She is indeed the last to disrobe but before she does so, she uses her abilities to form a steam fog to cover her from her shoulders to her knees. She reframes from making eye contact with the others until she is comfortably enjoying the warmth of the water. "I agree with you, Aridwyn. I may not want to leave either." She leans her back, resting it on the ledge of the pool and closes her eyes.
  23. Does anyone know if there is a place that one can purchase electronic files of magazine issues online? I'm looking for Dragon magazine Issue #332...
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