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  1. Rai enjoys the fragrances that seep through the house. She sits peacefully close to Ben anticipating the unexpected indulgance.
  2. Rai enters and bows once toward the hearth as Khowloon had instructed. She waits patiently, enjoying the quiet.
  3. Hi ya guys, sorry I've been MIA for a bit. I have no real excuse except laziness... Any hoo, I'm going to try and do better and I plan on checking at least once a day again. As for the game night idea, any time during the week should be fine. Weekends would be the hardest.
  4. Just wanted to say I received my mini from cutebutpysho and it's just lovely! Not sure if I'll get a chance to take a photo or not so Erin, feel free to share one if you took one. Also my mini is still a WIP. But it should go out soon.
  5. Rai nods to the dwarf as she wakes curiously as Malachias departs then takes a few moments to ponder. Finally she looks to Freen, "Among us all, you need the most rest. I'm sure you will find peace at the Legation tonight." She turns back to Rune. "I believe it will be an asset to have your presence. I'm glad you freely offer your services instead of waiting upon my order." She smiles slightly before looking to Ben. "Aid Malachias. Ensure no harm comes to Bhogmur. And by the graces of the gods, see that Janara does not find herself in situations involving mischief while Rune and I accompany Sir Erik."
  6. Though she tries her best not to, Rai can't help but crack a smile at the antics of the others. She remains close to Ben as she continues to take in the newness of her surroundings. When Ben makes his comment reguarding Freen, she frowns slightly and replies in a low voice, "Even though I would not have said it at the start of this journey or even a few days prior, I will admit now that Marcus is really not so bad after all."
  7. Rai raises an eyebrow at the title given to Freen but remains silent. She has finally realized just how tired and hunger she really is and the thought of enjoying a well prepared meal makes her stomach growl. "That all sounds wonderful. They are very kind."
  8. Rai's face reflects shock and confusion as she sees Eric and her curoisity over throws her manners. "Yes, good Sir Eric, that is a justly question. I would be very interested to learn just how you were able to return to the Spire, lend the aid that was requested then manage to arrive here before us?"
  9. Hearing Janara's words to Freen, a slight grin forms on Rai's face. She gives Ben a glance and leads them closer to the others.
  10. Thanks! I am looking forward to the change. And Spike, no worries, I'm sure Pete and I will make a trip soon
  11. Hey everyone! I know I've been quite a slacker on the boards of late but I wanted to share some good news. I FINALLY found my escape route at my current company. After a year and a half of being miserable with things certain to only get worse, I accepted an offer at a healthcare company in Nashville. I'll be a Admin. Assistant for one of their IT depts. My husband already commutes to the area so the drive won't be a burden for us. Plus I already have 2 other friends that work there. It was a complete win-win situation from every angle. I'm so excited! My first day is the 14th. It will be nice to be free of so much negativity. I looking forward to the fresh start and a breath of fresh air. Just wanted to share!
  12. Hey Michael! I wish you the best of luck! Hopefully everything will go your way
  13. Rai turns and smiles at Ben. Having been caught in her own state of awe she wasn't aware of his presence but welcomes his attention. "Only through drawings. However I must say they are sub par now seeing it in person. There is so much culture to take in." She continues to take in more of the sights and sounds, smiling as she notices Joe's gift to Janara.
  14. Sorry, I've been trying to get my RL into a better situation. Good news though...I have a NEW job! I'm getting out of the Retail industry and into healthcare. My last day at my current job is next Tue. I've been needing to get out for a while as it's really been taking a toll on me. I'll try to work on a post today. Sorry for being a slacker, guys.
  15. Seeing that the threat is over, Rai relaxes a bit. A small smile comes to her face noticing Ben's protective stance. She lightly touches his shoulder, "You can stand down now, I think the threat is over." She glances around then notices Bhogmur in his current state and gasps and almost laughs, "What has happened to Bhoggy?!"
  16. Rai gives Ben a look of intrigue. "And what gave you the impression through would be trouble?" She rolls her eyes a bit then addresses both Ben and Janara. "Marcus seemed to handle the situation just fine. I think you two need to calm your apparently wild imginations." She gives Ben a lingering look as if sizing him up then turns to accompany Freen. "I apologize for their rudeness, Marcus as well for mine again earlier. If you need anything, please let me know."
  17. Awwww! What an adorable little baby! Glad everyone is doing fine. Congrats Qwyk!
  18. "What?!" she asks confused. She spurs her ghostly horse faster to keep up. "He's not my 'jester' as you so bluntly put it. I'm quite surprised that he even noticed that I was gone and that he actually left his post as it seems the drovers and cattle are all he seems to think about of late." She immediately bits her tongue knowing she let her emotions get the best of her again and even worse letting Freen be the one she shows them to.
  19. Hey Glen that's GREAT news! Congratulations! Hope everything goes well with the move!
  20. Rai instantly feels her heart sink to her stomach and is ashamed as Freen is obviously telling the truth. "I'm sorry, I should not have..." she suddenly registers his last comment and her eyes grow wide. "What do you mean we're being followed? By who?"
  21. Sorry I missed this! Hope you had a GREAT birthday Glen!
  22. "Yes, she told me," Rai replies solemnly. "I must confess that you do not appear in failing health. I am also bewildered at your refusal of her offer of healing and," she cocks her head to look at him, "This sudden change to admirable intensions.” She turns her eyes back to the path as she continues, “I am curious, Marcus, does knowing that one is dying truly spark the need to right one’s wrongs before his passing? And if he truly wanted to mend his wrongs, would he not graciously accept an offer of healing as a gift from the gods, seeing it the opportunity to have a second chance at life and make a good impact on the people around him rather than give in to death and leave his wicked reputation intact?"
  23. Rai seems to think for a minute then looks to Freen. "Marcus, let us ride ahead in case they are met with hostility."
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