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  1. I finally made it in! I'm loving watching my loot grow with almost every stretch goal met! I can't wait until we meet the next one...in an hour or two
  2. Kyana keeps her distance and readies for battle if she is needed.
  3. Kyana is amused at Chara's explanation and use of the word "ogry." But she smiles to herself and says nothing.
  4. Hey all, Just wanted to let you know that I have been traveling a lot with work lately and I have had some computer issues. I think I have the computer issues fixed but I am on the road again. I will try to check/post at night when I'm back at the hotel.
  5. As Tiron moves to cover the back, Kyana nods and says, "Good idea." She moves in cautiously making sure she is not the too close to the front or too close to the back.
  6. Kyana will attempt to be helpful and lend aid when needed though it is obvious she feels at least a bit awkward around the group not to mention still some what fatigued herself.
  7. Kyana nods and smiles at the mention of rest but goes forth and helps Isha search for any items that might lend aid or comfort to the injured.
  8. The half elf nods. "Yes, they wore black robes with a red eye on their hoods. Does that mean anything you? Have you not seen such in your journey?"
  9. She looks to the one with elven blood and smiles. "One who shares my mixed blood and Elven tongue. Thank you for the greeting. While I love speaking the Elven tongue, I will use common for now so not to create suspicion. To answer all questions, yes I did come here alone. I thought it was abandoned or I would be able to handle what few foes lurked in the shadows. I was wrong, obviously," she says with a frown. I came here to explore with hope of finding things value to one of the arcane arts. I did not get very far. I found a secret door that led me to the beast's lair and basically right into his hands. There were others in dark robes as well. I believe one of them hit me on the head from behind. The next thing I know, I am waking in a cell with no gear, and the sounds of a battle outside." She sighs. "It is not much of a tale, but I speak truly. As for teaming up, I am more than happy to join you little group. While I am out to better myself in my craft, I realize I cannot do that alone. Or at least not here. I shall help protect each in this group if you agree to the same for me." She bows her head slightly to show her gratitude.
  10. She nods slightly. "Yes, unfortunately, I did come here alone."
  11. As the door opens, the group sees a petite female with elvish features though it is clear that she is not full blooded. She holds the back of her head as if nursing a wound and those who look can see caked blood stains her light blonde hair. She wears robes of an arcane nature; a deep shade of purple. She eyes the group wearily but manages to give a slight smile. "A thousand gratitudes to you all. I must have the gods good favor this day! As I said before, I mean you no harm." When her eyes fall upon the book along with the other gear the woman found, her face quickly lightens. "My spellbook! Excellent!" she exclaims but quickly winces. "Oh, that does smart," she says still holding her head. She looks to the one who opened the door and the proclaimed leader of the group. "With your permission, of course," she says gesturing in the direction of her gear.
  12. "It is good to meet you Cory Waterspout," comes the voice through the door. "I am Kyana and I too hail from Hommlet of late. I am unarmed and without my spellbook I can do no harm; not even to my foes... I swear by the gods, I mean no harm to anyone who give me aid."
  13. "These are my fingers, I asure you," comes a female voice on the other side of the door. "And the way I see it, any foe of that beast is a friend of mine!"
  14. Oh, well then I retract my last statement and replace with: Dude, that's frickin' awesome!!! lol
  15. Kyana grabs the bars and makes as much noise as she can risking that any foes of the ogre will be allies to her.
  16. Now that's cool! But will you be able to do the trick too I wonder...
  17. I hate clowns...and I really hate THAT clown! I will have to think of another custom option.
  18. The third to last picture is Thaelynne striking a pose. And I actually took this picture b/c you let me see your camera and told me to take a picture of something.
  19. Glad you're enjoying it and glad I could help! I am enjoying mine, too.
  20. Yay! Kyana struggles to regain consciousness. The throbbing pain from where she was hit pulses in her elf like ears. She gathers her strength and pushes herself toward the voices. She uses the wall to steady herself and to guide her way.
  21. You guys are sweet and I'm totally not creeped out Great pictures!
  22. Thanks to everyone (Reaper Peeps, Instructors, Sonic Mike, and all the wonderful people I meet along the way!) for an awesome 4 days! I stayed so busy that I only stopped to eat! The classes and instructors were top notch. The one thing I took away from all my classes was confidence. I even learned that I CAN sculpt when it comes to bases and I CAN do freehand. Two skills I never thought I could learn but wanted to give it a shot. I cannot wait to start practicing the new tricks I learned. I look forward to hopefully doing this again next year!
  23. The singing of Soft Kitty by everyone in Martin Jone's Sculpting Simple Bases class quickly joined by those in Patrick Keith's Sculpting Faces class in the next room.
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