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  1. No worries, friend. The Con gave me a deadline to focus myself to finish a mini I have been working on for over a year. My plan was to finish it then start another one. Yeah...I'm still working on my first entry thanks to my OCD/perfectionist nature.
  2. Yay! Can't wait to join in. Though I'm not finished reading through all of the game so far.
  3. Thanks, all! And thanks for the invite Randy. I'm super excited! I've been itching to get back into RPing. Now just to figure out what character to make...
  4. Hey all, I have never flown with minis and my painting gear before. Can someone share a few tips? I'm thinking all gear in the checked bag and all painted minis in a carry-on. Also I heard the DFW is very strict on the weight limit for the check bags... I do not fly that often and lately it's for work and I only have a carry-on. Any and all info would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Hi Reaper peeps, Just wanted to let you know that 02645: Maria Roseblade is missing the tag as pirate. She is actually the first pirate mini I think of for Reaper so when I did a search and she was missing I was concerned she wasn't available anymore. Thankfully that's not the case, though! http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/roseblade/sku-down/02645
  6. Awesomeness. I can see I will be placing a regular Casket Works order in the future!
  7. I just rec'd the new Casket Works in the mail and WOW...it's so pretty! Almost 100 pages in COLOR. These have definitely come a long way. Kudos!
  8. Thaelynne and I made it out and we had a great time! We even worked it out so we painted outside on the covered patio so we could enjoy the lovely spring day as we painted. Thanks Wren for putting this together!
  9. Considered your FB page liked! And after seeing all of your work, I am even more excited about your Advanced Basing class I'll be taking at ReaperCon. Your base work really makes each piece. I love pieces that tell a story!
  10. I cannot wait to see this trading table. I've heard great things and I have a large trade in tub almost ready to go! However, my pirate mousling will not be going to the table. While I'm not a huge fan of the mouslings, I have all the ones I think are adorable. And I have a weakness for pirates.
  11. I'm sure if such a mini was traded in, it would not stay on the table long!
  12. Took this class last year and its very helpful. I still refer back to Dereks handouts. I'm really looking forward to this class. I love Derek's work. Though I'm really looking forward to ALL my classes. I was able to get all of my first choices this time. I took 5 classes at my first Con, six years ago. I hit my overload point in the NMM class. It was too advanced for my skill set at the time and it was the last class on a heavy loaded day. Nothing sunk in! lol I know I'm taking 6 classes this year but 2 of them are basing classes. No painting technique required so it shouldn't overload my circuits....At least that is what I'm telling myself any way! Besides, I don't know when I'll be able to come to another Con, so I want to soak in as much as I can from all the talent present!
  13. :wub: :wub: :wub: :wub: In case I wasn't clear, I LOVE her!
  14. Ok here's my schedule. Friday will be my craziest day! Thursday 2 – 4 PM Room 10 : Basic Glazing with Jen Kaufman (Basic/Intermediate) Friday 9 - 11 AM Trailer : Advanced Basing Techniques with Michael Proctor (Intermediate/Advanced) 2 – 4 PM Room 11 : Expressive Eyes and Faces with Derek Schubert (Intermediate) 4 – 6 PM Back Room : Painting Freehand Designs with John Bonnot (Intermediate) Saturday 9 - 11 AM Room 10 : Sculpting Simple Bases with Martin Jones (Basic) Sunday 9 - 11 AM Back Room : Gems, Bottles, & Crystals with Jen Kaufman (Intermediate/Advanced)
  15. I got all but 1 session I wanted. I can't complain. I had the 1:1 Session with Jen Haley on Sat. snipped from me. To the sniper: well played, sir. Well played! Enjoy!
  16. <gasp!> I normally just express my hatred of what is going wrong as I grit and bare fixing it. If I can't, I take my vengeance out by stripping it!!! lol
  17. Any chance these will be up today? If not, how about a tease with a list of the classes here?
  18. Update: I have pulled together my trade-ins! It's a lot...so much I am actually a little embarrassed to say just how much I have! lol!
  19. I just heard that 3 tornadoes hit the Dallas Forth Worth area. I also saw some nastiness on the radar close to Denton. Was Reaper in the path? I hope everyone is safe and ok!
  20. Custom is done. I was a pirate last Halloween so that helped! lol I just need to put a few more finishing touches on my contest entry then I can start the base construction. All and all, I'm happy with my progress.
  21. Love this piece! The blood looks much better after you darkened it up.
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