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  1. Linky broken Solid mini though. Very realistic. Nice job on the base work. The bricks look great! He really should have paid better attention to where he was stepping!
  2. Yes, thank you very much Sonic Mike! Sonic is one of my fav. places and this just makes it even more so!
  3. Oh there's no argument about how good they are. I just try to eat healthy and unfortunately, grilled cheese is not.
  4. Yep, I'm all about the cheese but the goal is to eat it in healthy doses I will NOT have grill cheese every day....and you better hold me to that! lol That said, I'm all about grilled zucchini! YUM!
  5. I like him! The first image I had was popping out of a man hole though. Silly, I know but it made me giggle. Good job!
  6. I'm not sure which airport your flying into but you can rent a car from E-Z Car Rental at the DFW for $14 a day.
  7. Me too! There was a Wish List a few years ago. And now my make-shift Wish List method is gone. For Christmas I put a lot of items in my cart then exported it to excel. I used that as a Wish List for family/friends/me. I see the export option is no longer there.
  8. Paint Job...wow and why didn't I get that? LOL! Thanks, Akiosama. You just helped confirm my blonde moment. /shrugs they happen As for the representation of the breed, I used a picture of my friend's dog as a guide. Thanks, Silas!
  9. Thanks for all the kudos! I honestly didn't like I would like painting this guy but he ended up being a lot of fun. I guess you just never know. And my friend really liked him. @Stern: I'm trying to find more time to paint! Life has just gotten so busy! lol @Michael: Ok I'm lost, what does P.J. stand for? Maybe I'm just having a blonde moment??
  10. Any news on when registration for the con and classes starts?
  11. This was a gift for a friend of mine. She has a schnauzer who had a fight with disease and won. I used all Reaper paints. I also used traditional metallic paints on the armor, shield, etc. I just haven't had the time to experiment with NMM yet and I didn't want my first attempt to be on a gift. The base was a lot of fun. I experimented with cork to build a mound then added the fun grass and flowers. C&C always welcome!
  12. Very nice. I always love your color schemes. Your minis always have great personality!
  13. Well there is a very HIGH possibility that Thaelynne and I will be heading to ReaperCon this year! This will be my 2nd Con and her first. I attended the 2006 Con. We have been talking about making the trip for 2 years now and looks like we're finally going to make it happen! Now just to iron our flights, transportation, hotel, etc.
  14. Yes, thanks for the promos! I was able to score 3 of the promos. This was a lot of fun!
  15. I so want that hedgehog! And maybe the 2010 Sophie. My mom needed more help on a gift for me so this made it easy! Great idea! Love the promos. I always have a wishlist and the promos help me let go of my money easier...ah marketing...
  16. Looks like I'll have to place another order...but on which day...hmmm..... lol!
  17. Any chance that Reaper will have a Christmas Promo for the month of Dec. similar to the one in Oct. for Halloween?
  18. any news? Haloween or Pink contest? I was wondering this myself. Ditto!
  19. I got a rock! Though mine is really big and it looks polished, so at least it's a pretty rock
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