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  1. Update: Totally Awesome did not work. Oh well, it was worth a $1 to try.
  2. Great job! I second the recommendation to add some basing. I highly recommend raiding the spice rack. Spices + super glue always worked for me. :upside:Keep them coming!
  3. I think you did a good job. I can't believe this is just your 2nd mini. Keep up the good work It looks like you're a fast learner!
  4. This is a very lovely pc though I always love your work! I have painted this mini twice and I have her in my prep box to paint again. It really is a fun mini. And thanks for sharing all great info!
  5. Great work! I love the "Fresh Meat" scene.
  6. Count me as excited! I think I may be able to enter a piece or two. This would be my first contest. I second MamaGeek's comment "That Guy". Nice entries! Looking forward to see more entries!
  7. Totally Awesome sounds totally awesome I have a Dollar Tree close to me. I'll check if they gave it. Thanks!
  8. Cool, thanks guys! I really appreciate your thoughts!! I think I'll try a soak in the brush cleaner Kelcore recommended first. (though I'll have to get some first!)
  9. Hey all, I could really use some help! A few years ago I have this "great" idea to prime a lot of minis at one time so that they would be ready for me to paint at any even time. Years later (and after 2 moves!) I now realize that was not the best idea so I have stripped them all down to start clean and fresh...all excect a few problem children. I let these minis soak in Simple Green for days and scrubbed until my hands are sore. I've attempted to use a toothpick and even a metal tool to scrape some of the primer off but it's not coming off easily and I don't want to harm the mini. I used Tester's White Primer. Anyone have any ideas I could try?
  10. Hey SK! Yep look at me, painting again...about time, right?
  11. Thanks all! Though I must confess I didn't use a drop of black on the cloak As for the base, this was my first attempt using a trick with cork someone was kind enough to show me
  12. So here is another recent finished mini of mine. Again, it was done for table top gaming. The player asked that the pointy hood be filed down and that the fancy staff be made like a walking stick. As always C&C welcome!
  13. Hi all, Here is one of my recent table top pieces. I added the facial hair per the player's request. I tried a few new techniques; first time to paint a magic effect and first time to paint a gem, so all C&C are welcome. I am working to improve! I know the color scheme is dark but this was also per the player's request. I attempted to add bright accent colors for interest. I used all Reaper paints and the base is made from cork and spices. I hope you enjoy him!
  14. I stick to Amazon and Dick Blick. I have W&N Series 7 brushes: 1, 0, 2/0, 3/0. The 3/0 is my fav followed closely by 2/0. I bought these in 2004 and they are still going strong! And though I am ashamed to admit it since I now know better but I have never used anything special to clean/care for them. I have just washed them with mild soap from time to time. Just my 2 cents!
  15. Good work! Love the color scheme. Kudos on getting those eyes too!
  16. Yes congrats! My vote is cast. Go Reaper!
  17. Was the base ever finished? I would LOVE to see the finished product of this
  18. Yay, Jester! So glad to hear you're painting again! And it looks like you're off to a good start! Just like riding a bike...er mostly lol Looking forward to seeing MORE!
  19. Mine always sit in my painting room but the worst they will do is paw at me from the floor or jump in my lap. Most times than not I always have a warming; my boy kitties are not very subtle. They have never jumped on my painting desk. I tell them no and they obey They don't jump on my tables or counters either. They just know better. Just call me the cat whisper And Michael, I've had 2 cats that had same problem though not caused by drinking paint water. I know how awful it is to go through. Though mine only lived to be 15 and 11. Oh and here's a pic during a painting day I had with a friend. We were at my dining room table and my Max kitty demanded attention.
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