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  1. Loving this! It looks great so far! I can't wait to see what you do next
  2. Very nice work! Did you use your new paints? I'm loving his face. Lots of character there. And the base is just fabulous. Great work!
  3. I agree with MommaGeek, great work on the pug! And I love the purple and green halfing. Too cute! Oh and 3hrs?! Wow that's impressive speed painting there!
  4. Wow great work! The last mini is my favorite but I'm not a fan of robots . The detail on the face is fantastic! And the glass for the goggles turned out really nice. Oh and I love the glowing green ooze on the base!
  5. These are great! Great job on the artwork Bryan! I as "ooooing" and "ahhhing" over each one!
  6. is currently working on a fairy and plotting to design a base.

  7. I'm really liking how this piece is looking! I agree with you about her skin tone though. It blends in too much as is. I can't wait to see what you do next.
  8. Great work! I particularly like Amiri. The color scheme works well with the piece. There is a lot of personality there!
  9. Thanks for the comments and advise everyone! I greatly appreciate it! I will attempt the sheer method soon. Someone asked what I used for the foliage on the base. I used a mixture from my spice rack plus some basing gravel. Then I added static grass and the Woodland Scenics Flowering Foliage (Purple) - F177 for the flowers. And Stern, more will be coming. I already have a fairy started!
  10. Thanks all! I'm working on getting my skills up! This is not my favorite dragon mini either, but when I bought this one I was looking for small dragons for practice and at the time small dragons were hard to find! The selection is much better now! And adding some treasure to the base is a great idea! I think I may have some things in my bit box that would do the trick.
  11. Thanks! For the flowers I used static grass then Woodland Scenics Flowering Foliage (Purple) - F177. I didn't realize it was a mesh like netting when I bought it. But it was easy to cut and work over the static grass.
  12. Here's another one I just finished. I started her in October and I had hoped to have her completed for Halloween, but that didn't happen. I've had this mini since it was first released but I never thought my skills were good enough to paint her. I finally just forced myself to start on her and I'm happy with how she turned out. In hindsight, I should have attempted to make the stocking more sheer (something I've yet to learn) and I'm not quite sure if the black is highlight the best. I'm not fond of the orange on the pumpkin. I need to invest in a new orange group. Enjoy and comment are welcome!
  13. Hi all! So it's been a while since I've painted or posted anything. I started this mini last spring or summer and it was an on again, off again project. I wanted to play with my green triad of the MSP paints, so I decided to paint this guy green. He has been on my shelf for a long time so it feels good to finally have him complete! Comments and suggestions are always welcome!
  14. Congrats on painting for a whole year! This is a great paint job. You really gave the piece character. And I like the color combination. Keep painting, keep posting!
  15. Nice realistic metals. I like the glowing effect on the sword and armor too. I think this is a great first attempt. The only suggestion I can make is to bring the highlights up more. Good work!
  16. This is fantastic! Yes, it is busy but the colors work and IMO the whole piece just flows. I'm loving the Steampunk theme though I'm a big fan of purple and green so maybe that has something to do with it too. Also the base is awesome too. I like the glowing red eyes on the side.
  17. Nice! What mini is this? She has a very punkish feel. I love the detail on the back of the wings.
  18. Cool thanks, Haldir! Have you or anyone else posted any mini pix that have used these paints? I'd like to see this sex appear improvement Ed mentioned
  19. So to say I've been out of the Reaper info loop for a while is probably an understatement. However I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to fill me in on the new MSP HD paints. I have the first two or three sets of the MSP and I love them! Earlier this week I was looking to get another caddy case and discovered these are almost impossible to find. I found one on Amazon. I also noticed that the sets with caddies are out of stock in the Reaper store too. Can I assume the sets are going away? Are the HD paints a completely new line or another flavor in the MSP mix? Will there be HD triads? I apologize if there is another thread with this info. I did look but I did not find one granted I'm still trying to learn my way around on this new-to-me board. If there is, a linky would be great!
  20. My all time favorite mini is the Burbon Street Sophie (01503: ReaperCon Sophie 2006). I have two of these and I have yet to paint one! ...I will one day I do have second favorite: 02621: Laurana, Sorceress. I fell in love with this one back when I first started painting. I loved her so much that I commissioned an artist to paint her for me.
  21. I've had issues with primer cracking or looking "fuzzy" when the humidity is high. I live in the south so summer can be a tricky time for priming for me. I now use a spray primer outside then bring the minis immediately inside to dry. No problems since.
  22. I got mine! What a great drow set! I love them! (yes more than 1!) I'm not sure who the painter is but if you have pix free feel to post. Otherwise I'll post some this week. And a very big THANK YOU to whoever painted for me. It was a wonderful surprise and great way to end a stressful week!
  23. You're not alone LT. Very nice work Stern as always
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