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  1. This may help. Revised D&D 3.5 As for me, I'm in! I can't wait!
  2. Shipping overseas shouldn't be too much of an issue for me. I used the good old US postal service to ship a mini to New Zealand (only cost me around $3.00). It took a week but it got there. I did quote UPS and it was going to be close to $70!
  3. I too would like to join in something. I'm into fantasy - fantasy like (D&D 3.5 experience) no sci fi for me. I've never really played online before - only with my group on simple stuff, role play mostly, little combat. So I'd have a slight learning curve to over come...
  4. Actually, I'd take that as a compliment. Out of al the fantasy races, I love elves the most. In fact, all of my characters are elven or half elven. Last Halloween I dressed up as an elf. I had the ear tips glued on and everything. All day at work people kept wanting to see my ears (and pull on them and take pictures of them). I work for a corporation so not many people dress up on Halloween. This avatar is actually the one I use on our gaming site. In the time we have off from a game session, we run it online in a forum just like this one.
  5. No offense taken! I am very tough skinned, I'm totally used to guys and the way they act. I worked in a computer support desk for 2 years and the whole time I was the ONLY female among 10 guys...I think I was told daily to "go to the kitchen and cook them a pie," I always thought it was funny when all talking and laughing stopped as soon as I entered the room. I learned quick how to snap them back into reality. I actually game with 4 of them now.
  6. What can I say, I played with the boys instead of the girls all through my youth. I prefered playing the Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy over Barbie - gag! Now I'm into D&D and I am the offical painter of my group - and yes the only female. Oh and I usually get strange looks at my local game store. It took the owners a while before they realized I actually KNEW what I was looking for!
  7. Ok here's me and my orange kitty. Isn't he cute?!?
  8. I'm so behind on the boards!! I'm in!!! I'm in!!!!
  9. I have mine done...but I can't decide if I like well enough to send...one day I do and I think about mailing it the next day. Then I take another look and get the urge to paint a different one. If I can find the time, I'll probably will paint a different one...I have some days off coming soon so HOPEFULLY everything works out. I've actually painted several other minis but I haven't been able to get the pictured and posted yet. I'm such a slacker!!!
  10. Hello everyone! Long time no see. Sorry I've been swamped! But I come to you know needing help on my next project. I need to paint 02514: Kang, Half Orc Barbarian as a good looking half orc. The guy rolled high on his appearance so now he wanted me to protray it on this mini... I have never painted a half orc - or an orc for that matter before - so I don't have a clue about skin tone. I think they have a dark brown/greenish tint, right??? Any ways, any suggestions would the great!
  11. I'm one who finds a few good cds, listens to them over and over until I get tired of them and then goes out and gets something new... I'm currently listening to Finger Eleven, Fuel, Eve 6 and (my all time favorite band) Matchbox 20.
  12. He sent you a different mini??? That's just wrong! I would definitely put this on the feedback. It isn't hard to revise your listing on ebay. And at the very least he could have emailed you about it BEFORE you won the auction. I was bidding on an auction and the selling emailed me to inform that the paint that was listed were wrong. She let me know what the real colors were and told me that if I wanted out of the auction I could. As for sending it back...if it's something you can live with and if it's a real hassle I'd just keep it since it was just 2.75. But that's my 2 cents... Good luck
  13. Thanks for the input, I've done all but advertise...something to think about. I've thought about coolminiornot.com before just didn't do it. Thanks again guys! Nice to know there's always someone here to answer my silly questions
  14. Hi all, Ok here's my question: I currently have a mini on ebay and the auction ends in 3 days. My problem is that there isn't any bids on it. I've already relisted it once. I thought the price was low enough...but should I consider lowering it more before the 3 days are up? I really don't want to relist it again... I'm new to the ebay thing however I've had the account since 2002 - thanks to my husband who thought I should get set up...I'm a slow learner I guess...so my score isn't high at all (I have 5 feedbacks but they are all +). Any thoughts?
  15. Mine is kristi5333 I just started selling...
  16. Not if I get her first haha!... I'll have to say that she is my favorite (although I love them all ) from this batch.
  17. Yes I would too! All I can say about the new greens is - WOW. Reaper will definitely get by money on these. These should be out around the summer right? <stops to ponder> I have a b-day coming up in the summer...
  18. Yeah I got both of mine from the Learn to Paint 2 kit. Hmm, maybe I'll send an email. I was just at my FLGS and all of their oiled leather paints looked the same... Thanks!
  19. Hey guys, I need some help with two reaper paints I have. The colors are oiled leather and Sunlight. When I open them, it's paste...I can't even shake them. I've tried to thin them out but I still get grainy clumps. Has this happened to anyone else?? Any advise?
  20. Thanks! Just some quick bio on me...I've been painting mini's since October and I LOVE it. Reaper is my fav. I actually have 2 on Ebay now (3176185137 & 3176186682) if anyone would like to see my work. Please forgive the pics. I JUST got a digital camera Sat. and I haven't learned all that I need to now yet. I used this translucent white paint on Lorna that changes to blue in the light...but I just couldn't get that to show in the picture...oh well!
  21. I'd like to join! Flynn I'll send you my info ASAP. I just joined the forum so I missed the earlier posts....
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