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  1. He and his family are in my thoughts and prayers.
  2. Very sad news. I chatted with him on and off the reaper boards. I hate this... RIP Stuart
  3. Very nice! I love the detail and color scheme to the first and the dwarf is just awesome. Though I'd love to see what is causing the red glow
  4. I agree...wow. The detail on the face and jaw/teeth is excellent. Very realistic feel.
  5. Gorgeous paint job. Everything just pops especially his eyes.
  6. Ooo he's cool....er hot...whatever I love this mini. I'm still trying how to paint fire decently. Nice addition with the blacken ash on the top layer of the base.
  7. I LOVE him ...another dragon to add to my wish list
  8. Very nice work. I especially like the base.
  9. Very nice paint job. I love the color scheme. And I think you did a good job with the highlighting.
  10. This fix worked for me. For some reason I could not post at all on my version of IE at work. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Hi all, Here is the mini I painted for Diamond Shark. He has received him so I thought I'd post the pix. Not my best work but I'm still shaking the dust off the ole paint brushes
  12. Mine is in the mail! Hopefully the lucky person will get it soon
  13. Mine is finished and should be shipped this week. Hopefully tomorrow!
  14. love it. very WoWish and the cat makes the piece. lol!
  15. thanks for sharing the pics I had a friend that went...I was soooo jealous!! I'm going to go one of these days...
  16. Excuse my ignorance, but what is lead rot? I've never worked with lead before. I've seen them and know they are heavier but I've never actually painted with them. I assume they would be less likely to break? What about conversions? Will it be harder to modify weapons and etc?
  17. just curious: are more releases in this line in the works?
  18. LOL! yes you're probably right Marjoram! Yes! I believe that is it! Thanks!!!
  19. LOL...my basing materials...yeah well a little history about me...I'm cheap and when I started out I didn't have much to waste on fancy basing material so I started looking around the house for things I could possibly use. As it turns out old spices from my spice rack (that I never used any way) work fabulous! I honestly can't remember the main spice I use...it starts with an 'M' I believe but it's the brown leafy like pieces you see. I also mix in a little dill weed and miniature basing 'sand'. After gluing that on with thin super glue I go back with yet more super glue and add static grass using a toothpick to 'fluff' it up.
  20. the shades I used for the skin (Master, tan triad) and the hair (Masters again but can't remember the whole recipe off the top of my head) are close but they are different. I was fairly happy with the result so I stopped tweaking it afraid I'd screw it up LOL I know, I know, I should push the limits and thanks, glad to have the feedback again!
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