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  1. I am quite proud of this mini. It's a great sculpt any away and really fun to paint. Again, I was branching out a bit with different skintones...
  2. My first attempt at a drow skintone...
  3. Hi all! I really love this mini...except for the staff which is why I cut off the horse head. I replaced it with a starburst however it's been broken off twice now before I could snap a pic. (rough DM/game play) I was really happy with the skintone and blond recipe but would love to have more thoughts and comments.
  4. This isn't from me but from another in my gaming group that had me laughing all throughout the session. At a recent game we were in an underground cave system that had streams of flowing lava through out. The party leader (a human fighter type, stubborn with an ego) is going through a bit of a power trip and is on the boarder line of an evil alignment change. Some evil spells/weapons do not hurt him as bad as it would others. Upon seeing the lava he gets the crazy notion to test to see if it will hurt him. So when the rest of the party wasn't looking he sticks his finger in the lava. Of course we all realize what he's done when we hear screams of pain Our major cleric/healer of the party is a gnome with a low tolerance for stupidity. After getting lectured about how stupid his action was, he takes out a healing wand and proceeds to hit him with it as he heals him asking with every strike, "How does it feel now? Better now? How about now? What to stick your finger in the lava again?" The rest of the game session every time we found something new that could be harmful the gnome cleric would look to the fighter and sneer, "Want to stick your finger in that too?"
  5. LOL yep that's me...though thankful I have hung that hat up to rest!
  6. My first dragon...I went small and slick skin - no scales - DOH! mistake #1! I'm fairly happy how he turned out. Though I totally do not have the smooth color transition skill down. Looking back now, I should have probably taken the highlighting up a notch for the green.. This was done before I completely stopped painting.
  7. I attempted taking the flames all the way to white in another and I totally hated how it came out. So of course that means I did it incorrectly! Just an area I need to work on. My only fear taking the red up more is making the figure more orange than red...but I do agree. Hmmm, maybe a hightlight of "Clear Red"??? and THANKS! Good to be back! oooooo, great references stubbdog! thanks!!!
  8. I painted this as a b-day gift for a dear friend of mine. This makes the 6th phoenix I've painted. I won't post the others as I've gotten better with every figure. This one is the best...so far...and I'm ready to paint another...mainly b/c I want one for myself! Though I think the flames turned out better than the first time I attempted them, I'm still not satisfied. I used all reaper master paints btw. Comments, tips, tricks are always appreciated!
  9. WOW! That's awesome work all around! I love your choice in colors. So very cool....
  10. As always excellent work. I go to your website often for inspiration
  11. all in all a very good paint job IMO. You might be able to take the gold up a notch or two. But I like the red as is, I personally wouldn't tweak it (refering to the red) any more.
  12. After a long hiatus, I’m making a valiant effort for a come back. For those that know me, you may remember me dropping off some time in 2006 or at least becoming merely a board lurker rather than active member. To make a long story short I am now a solo (single) act and I’ve been slowly putting the pieces of life back into place for the past six or so months. I’m back into gaming and most importantly back into painting! I’ll be posting some of my more recent work soon. I’m even attempting to introduce a few of my friends to the hobby. Any hoo, mainly just wanted to say “hi” to everyone (Reaper peeps old and new) to end my lurking status.
  13. I found this while surfing the web today and thought I would share. I'm thinking it would be a good mini photo set up and it's portable! :) Tabletop Photo Studio
  14. Still waiting...no word. Oh well, RL happens right? /shrugs
  15. And now it's officially arrived! Thanks a ton...I'll try to get some pictures taken over the weekend. He's awesome! I'm really glad you like him. I thought he came out well. And just FYI, i have not received anything and haven't heard a peep from anyone about it. Kinda lost hope on receiving anything this time around. /shrugs
  16. Well I have officially put mine in the mail and it is on its way. Yay!
  17. Hey Grumb don't feel so bad as I have been a slacker too. My is almost done (thankfully) and I should be done with it by the end of the weekend. Hopefully it will be worth the wait
  18. Oooooo, I love her! Very nice job. GREAT idea to use fairy wings. Very unique.
  19. Thanks guys! I will try and throw a pic up tonight ...
  20. Hi gang, I'm hoping you can help me. I have a pewter dragon that uses his tail as the base. However the tail has become weak and won't suppose the weight of the body any more. Is there a way I can fix this? I'm thinking that a pin drilled into the tail to the back of the body then attached to a base of some sort would work but I wanted to ask the opinion of those more knowledgable than me.
  21. Ditto With the mix of being busy and being under the weather, I will admit the boards have taken a back seat with me. Not to mention I was starting to suffer from writer's block.
  22. Hey Stuart! Yes, hang in there. We'll be thinking about you. And I'm with Aryanum on the laptop. TV will make you go mad! All the best,
  23. Hi ya Jester, welcome back! The scheme is very creative! What a great way to 'get back in the groove'
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