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  1. Finally. The number of not-rogue halfling figures is appallingly small. Even right after spending too much on Bones 3, I'm so in for this.
  2. No one loves Buzz Aldrin. Still, this is pretty cool. I've been wanting to visit the Smithsonian for years, but have yet to be able to do so.
  3. Am I the only one who has no interest in a multi-headed dragon? Maybe I'm just odd.. As to number of backers and pledges, I strongly suspect they will go down a bit again (especially with the shorter campaign time). Note how many people have expressed *just in this thread* that they're going to pass on the core and get only the add-ons that they want. I know I myself will be in for the core set at minimum, but I won't be able to go as crazy with the add-ons as I did last time.
  4. The hair? Man, check out those clothes! Even an emperor would be jealous of them!
  5. Only 20% of funded Kickstarters manage to fulfill on time. The more successful the Kickstarter, the longer the delay. And 5% never fulfill at all. Reaper should put the projected fulfillment date as 2020. Then even the naysayers will be pleasantly surprised when they manage to ship, as secretly planned, in 2016. Clearly, this plan is flawless.
  6. There's no way I'm going to be able to resist this. :( And I spent twice the amount on Bones 2 than what I had told myself would be a strict limit. I'm already swimming in minis. What's a guy to do?
  7. That QFT. Makes me want to start actually painting my CAVs.. your metal is fantastic.
  8. I'm going to get a mix of squares and hexes. I play in a 3.5 game and the DM will only use hexes. When I run Pathfinder I use both. DnD et cetera work just fine with hexes - without any adjustments to math. Squares for indoors and hexes for outdoors works well. Per the video, wet erase should function as normal and leave no smudging even if it's left on for weeks. They also used permanent markers and showed that it erases cleanly with a bit of rubbing alcohol.
  9. Magnets! The front page (at least when I read it at the beginning) did not mention magnets. There are magnets in the middle of each edge to hold the tiles together. Also, watch the FAQ video. No, really, watch the FAQ video - they're flexible, and the guy pours boiling water and bleach and stuff on them and they take no damage.
  10. Not just one, but two: http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/vandorendra/sku-down/77117 I too worry that polearms, bows, etc. would be too spindly for a Bones weapon sprue. They're already a bother on the figures - many people replace the polearms with rods/pins as it is. The very slight weight of metal weapons shouldn't be an issue, unless perhaps you're trying to put a metal giant's sword in a bones skeleton's hand.
  11. The program is a standalone exe and requires no installation. Simply double-click the CAVCP.exe file and off you go. I recommend uncompromising the zip archive on a thumb drive, not actually having it reside on your work machine. !) Another option for you Mac Only users is CodeWeavers CrossOver Mac Pro 8. This program allows the running of many Windows programs without having to install Windows or an emulator. It works right from the Mac environment, so no having to re-boot when switching from a Windows program to Mac, or vice verse.. The down side is that the program is not free, but if it's useful for you in other, areas you may want to consider it. Still other options are Paralels Desktop for Mac and VMware Fusion 2 and the free option, VM Virtual Box by Sun Microsystems. These, I believe require you to install the Windows OS, which may be a pain, but it's a possible solution. Or borrow your buddies Sruface Pro... !} I just ran the program in Wine on Linux, and CodeWeavers CrossOver is based on Wine, so it should indeed work... mostly. I run into the following error when I try to 1. export to pdf 2. open a file (user or official) Linux (and I believe Mac) use forward slashes (/) instead of backslashes (\) in directory paths, so the program sees them and refuses to continue. However, I can save files without issue. I imagine that this should be a fairly easy fix, but I am not an experienced programmer. I also would have preferred to see a web-based or cross-platform application, but I don't know how easy it would have been for either to support such features as exporting to pdf. That said, I'll be happy with running the program with Wine if the loading/exporting error can be fixed.
  12. It works well without the wings. Most non-red schemes I've seen on this figure haven't appealed to me, but your green looks great. Can we see more angles?
  13. I've had this this figure sitting in my shopping cart for a while, waiting to be ordered to serve as a primary NPC in a Pathfinder campaign I'm running. If I can paint the figure half as well as you have, it will still be a masterpiece.
  14. I'd like to see some more discontinued figures, such as those from P-65. Here's one I'd particularly like: http://www.reapermini.com/ShowcaseGallery/marike/latest/65051
  15. I had the same idea around the time I got my Vampire package. My thought was Greenskins vs. Humans/Elves/etc. Goblins or Kobolds would be the greenskin pawns, with orcs and such being bishops/knights/rooks, the king would be an orc/goblin leader, and the queen would be an evil sorcerer or something. For the heroes, pawns would be lightly armored soldier figures, the bishops would be robed cleric/wizard/sorcerer types, knights and rooks would be distinct heavily-armored figures.
  16. Trogdor was a man. I mean, he was a dragon-man. Or maybe he was just a dragon.
  17. Bryan had mentioned previously the notion of color coding things. Orange could mean add-on instead of freebie.
  18. I got a fever, and the only prescription...Is more teaser images.
  19. I have not laughed so much in ages. One kickstarter to rule them all.
  20. http://frpgames.com/cart.php?m=product_detail&p=89774#.Uj9ND0wpCSw http://frpgames.com/cart.php?m=product_detail&p=89773#.Uj9NCkwpCSw frpgames.com has them too, with a Sept 30th release date.
  21. So, they're avoiding models with things that didn't work well in the first KS. I think we can safely conclude that the KS will consist entirely of models who already don't have noses. To be completely fair, the noses of many figures were perfectly fine (as were many other tiny details). I strongly suspect that it is an issue of how the molds are made, and that Reaper will do what they can to improve the process. That said: Off the top of my head, the majority of the noseless figures in KS1 consisted of the NOVA troops and skeletons. Personally, I'd be OK with a Stormtroopers Vs. Undead theme, but I don't think it'd sell well.
  22. Notes on animals? (Or is that under "monsters"?) Notes on cavalry, surely?
  23. I picked up Hyrekia when my FLGS got their Bones order in. Much to my dismay, I did not have the good sense to get Kaladrax in the Kickstarter.
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