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  1. Hi all, We are back with another stl files Kickstarter. This time for our Sun & Moon sculpts and a 'little' addition in the form of some Chibi versions! We have had a lot of people asking for these and have decided to add two sizes, both supported and un-supported in 90mm and 200mm versions. You can print them in the new large format or the classic size, or scale hem yourself and try any size you want! Head over to the campaign here; https://tinyurl.com/49422kxs
  2. Hi all, We have just launched the Elven Trinity Kickstarter campaign. This is our first ever campaign with only digital products. It's a try out for us and if it goes well we might do more of them besides our resin releases. The campaign features three female elf characters with different themes. They are Imrildana the animal whisperer, gentle yet temperamental. Arduriëth the highborn, prophet of Asyr. And Moraëth, child of Ithyr. 'Blessed' with destructive dark powers! Please head over to the Kickstarter page for more information and pictures here; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/859512613/elven-trinity?ref=1m2ky0 Hope you like what you see and can help us fund!
  3. Thank you so much for sharing the campaign! 🥰
  4. Hi all, Thanks for creating this topic! In the meantime we have launched. Here are some of the busts and minis from the campaign.
  5. And so it was, the man at the end confused me! Apologies!
  6. Thanks for posting this (Gadgetman) @Clearman
  7. We have launched a Kickstarter for the Watcher (and a variant called the Observer!), a large scale resin kit. Please check out thecampaign here; https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/859512613/the-watcher?ref=2ctkut
  8. You can also pledge through PayPal if you like.
  9. Thanks for sharing the campaign! It's been a bit hectic but I'll try to pop in more so if you have any questions then please ask! Yes! Sort of...
  10. Hi, Actually that is us! We try to put lower values there so that people don't get hit with high custom taxes. Also, we send out tracking info at request. We wish the shipping company would send this info out once they put it into their system as that would help a lot. We've requested it a couple of times but so far we haven't had any luck getting them to do it.
  11. Glad you guys like them and also get that we wanted to do something different. As some of you said there are many scifi, historical and fantasy pieces out there but not as much 'modern day' stuff. When we started out with this project we didn't know what to expect but wow, it's been well received! We are already talking about which to do next.
  12. Glad to hear that they are arriving and that people are liking them! Happy camper here!
  13. Hi everyone, thanks for sharing the Exquis Kickstarter! It's been an positively overwhelming first 24 hours alright!
  14. Thanks for spotting that! I had them ready to go but somehow forgot to add them! You're welcome!
  15. The artwork for Karadhran came in today! And here's the variant for Ciadrin.
  16. Then the next stretch goal might give you some inspiration!
  17. Sorry for the late response but yes they will be available outside KS. The pledge for Cyara will be added as soon as we reach that stretch goal!
  18. Thought I'd post this here too! Funded and unlocking stretch goals fast!
  19. Hahaha made me laugh out loud! It did! Hopefully the pirces are good. Especially the male has a lot of bits and is therefor expensive to cast but we tried to keep it as low as possible.
  20. The male is roughly 80mm. Thanks for that. I'll post the female soon here too! Technically you are correct, but it's still a wee dragon and his forearms still need to grow...? (just trying to explain lol) If people are interested in that then sure, but first they have to fund themselves. (that's a numbers thing...) But you can always contact us if you are looking for something. There's an album on FB where it shows what is available right now. I won't directly put it here as I respect Reaper much too much for that and am very thankful they allow me to post the KS links here. It won't! Maybe two won't either because maybe, just maybe you'll get the third one for free then...! (did I just reveal something I shouldn't have maybe...!?! ) Nope, not bust... BUSTS! Most like the 14th of February.
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