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  1. Considering that this is my first proper order of mini's from anywhere, Yes! I occasionally, about once a day now, get the sudden need to check mt email, kickstarter, the forums and even sometimes even the reaper twitter to see if shipping has started yet. However I have been able to hold the anticipation at bay a bit by teaching myself how to paint, since these are my first proper mini's. Also have started Bioshock and thats helped a lot to take my mind off it.
  2. Thank you to everyone for your advice so far, and yeah im completely new to this, haven't even painted my first proper mini yet. Hence currently looking for paints to use. So one last question, since mixing isn't ideal. Other than using them for base coats and terrain are there any other things craft acrylics can be useful for for model painting?
  3. The reason I went with these was actually because I heard Winsor and Newton where a good brand and with 60ml per tube and 10 tubes in the pack I would actually be saving a good bit of money over buying reaper or citadel paints. However I didn't know that this specific paint pack was a lower quality as I just figured that all of W&N's paints would be relatively good quality. Oh well I guess i'll just experiment around with them and see what happens. Maybe I can use them for undercoating or for some small details.
  4. So in preparation for the arrival of the ks bones I recently ordered some craft acrylics, specifically these . Now I have read on some other sites about people complaining that craft acrylics have a smaller "pigment/medium ratio" than model paints because you have to dilute the craft paints more. So first question, in your own experience how true is this statement? And second question, if the above is held to be true, could this not be remedied by just using more brush strokes when painting? Also since im on the topic of using different types of paints I may as well ask this: Is it possible to use both craft and model paints of the same mini or does this combination go horribly wrong? Actually this question should be asked in two parts. First when talking about using the two on different layers, ie: craft for base/shading/highlights and model for details or any combination of base/shading/highlights and detail between the two types. Second when talking about mixing the two types of paints for creating custom colours?
  5. Ok since I have read a couple of people here talk about problems when they didn't prime their bones I was planning to play it save and apply a thin coat onto mine before painting. So in relation to one of the previous comments, why anything but white primer for bones? Is it just because they're already white?
  6. Pegazus your links are fantastic, especially the videos as I find there much easier to follow what you're doing. Also you have no idea how glad I am to find someone who just used the base colours instead of 'that deep red you get at 40 degrees in the sky when the sun is just halfway below the horizon at sunset'. I mean im sure i'll eventually be able to figure out all these obscure and precise colours, but right now theres just too damn many of them.
  7. Hm seems simple green is a bit hard to get a hold of in Ireland and the UK, but have looked into it and Fairy Power Spray seems to work just as well and some people have advised using dettol, but its a bit more complicated to use. As an aside I may have railroaded my own thread a bit into a newbie advice thread.
  8. Thank you and have bookmarked the link!
  9. I was actually wondering if it was possible to remove paint of models without damaging them and was tempted to experiment with white spirit. What is this simple green you mentioned? Oh also thank you for the link!
  10. Thank you all for your advice on where to frequent to find this stuff, thanks to you I was up till 3am last night/this morning looking at posts and then moving on to some videos and have already posted questions here and there even though I haven't even gotten the models yet :) @CashWiley: Thanks for the suggestion and I had a look at the forum option and it was already set to show all. @Adrift: Then I shall play the waiting game, although im really curious now about this plan.
  11. Hey was wondering if you, or anyone else for that matter, happen to have some links to tutorials on how to do these sort of patterns. Im mostly interested in how to make them look that sort of faded look like above, rather than in your face standing out.
  12. Right im not entirely sure if I should post this here or in Painting Tips & Advice, but since its about the kickstarter models i'll put it here. Anyway I wanted to ask if any of you experienced painters might consider doing some sort of video or blog journal of how you go about painting some of these new models? I realize there are already a tone of tutorials out there but as a complete newbie (and I can't stress that word enough) sifting through all those different tutorials and finding a complete and easily to understand one is a bit difficult. So I was thinking it would be quite nice if there was a small collection of helpful sources, going into a bit of detail of each step of painting these new miniatures that all the newbies like me could start of at and then expand from. Anyway its just a suggestion.
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