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  1. I'm sorry, but I don't quite understand this. You don't want to use the 2007 RAGE Chronicles document (which has all the datacards), but instead want someone to send you a set of datacard stats so that you have them for all your models... How is this different? The game mechanics are unchanged, and game play has been dramatically improved with the RC2007 updates. Why not just use the datacards from the RC2007 document, and call it good? If you really are that hard set on staying with the v1.2 datacard set, I might still have a copy of them on my hard drive somewhere. I'll look and get
  2. Yeah that doesn't work for every example. Vale Archers are the best result I have gotten. I typed in "Unforgiven" and not a single result came up in the boneyard. Try doing a search for each basic troop type you'll find some work and some don't at all.Type in "Ivy Crown" only two of the archers come up, and the third does not at all! I get Ivy crown with helm firing, ivy crown without helm firing and no third one, not even the single man blister. Actually go and try it. Its very annoying. So its not just me being picky, the search works poorly. Regardless, its still a poor excuse, as these
  3. Hi there, I need a file that was once posted here. It was called "All Factions" pdf or something. It was the old style data cards with the old style data tracks, the ones that are the same as in the Hard Cover rulebook. Can someone send me the file or files with that kind of data or link to the old data card pdf file? I know all the new data cards are in Rage Chronicles, but I still use the generic data cards and I want to use the old data cards with them. Can someone please help me out? My email is [email protected] Thanks Christof
  4. Well the boneyard often lacks pictures and will take a heck of a long time. Also it seems that when I do a search not everything comes up in the boneyard! I searched "vale archer" in asylum and only two of the three archers got listed. I also typed in Unforgiven and nothing came up in the boneyard! This just adds to the frustration. I know it CAN be done but its much less convenient for customers. People who want 9 figures would have been able to order 3, 3 figure blisters and get their nine, and the people who wanted 3 men could get them. Now the people who want three figures have to wor
  5. I don't need that many cards. I have a huge collection of models and I like to mix and match. I want the freedom of say using a GW dwarf a a simple troop, or a blood dragon vampire as a warlord. The generic cards allow me to do that. Sometimes more is overwhelming. I like less, its simple and less stressful. Christof
  6. How convenient for customers. Either pay way more or have to spend hours of time looking and recording stuff from the bone yard. This really ticks me off and is really enough to completely put me off the game. I want variety of sculpts and a variety of troop types both of which are now much harder to get with this new system. On top of it, many of the boneyard items don't have pics so its even more frustrating to ensure that you get all three sculpts! Does anyone from Reaper have a good solution to how I would be able to buy one of each troop sculpts with ease? I want for example one of ea
  7. I have to say its pretty annoying not to have three packs. How the heck am I supposed to ensure I get a different model every time I order a single blister? If I want three vale archers I have to order 3 single vale archers and two or three of them could be the same! This is really annoying! Seriously reaper, lets get the act together! My other option is to spend almost $50 dollars and sacrifice variety to get 9 models, six of which I won't need. Not cool. Now I have to scramble all around the city looking for old stock in the local stores for 3 packs of army troops. I find Warlord was ori
  8. Hi there, since I don't plan on using Rage chronicles or the Krugers journal and just the old rulebook, could someone send me a complete list of the obsolete data cards? The rulebook doesn't have all of them, just a little under half, so I cannot use all my models. I know there was once a pdf (called all factions.pdf or something) that had all the data cards, including at one time the old style. I am sure someone has that file kicking around somewhere on their hard drive. Could someone point me to a download of that or send it to me at [email protected]? I would like the last (ie
  9. Hi there, I lost my Warlord rulebook. I am 99% sure that it was the 2nd printing of the rulebook (since it had a faq in the back which addressed questions about why a second printing) . I also remember it had at the very back two pages of generic data cards. I need to buy a new copy of the book, but only want to if it has the generic cards. The generic cards were probably 50% of my deciding factor in choosing Warlord as my 28 mm rule system. If I buy a copy of the book from the reaper store will it have the generic cards in the back or will I have to track on down on ebay? Could someo
  10. This is a real shame. The Generic cards were really useful to gamers. Since they were already written, it would have required such little effort to put an extra page in future publications or to simply change them to resemble the new data card style. The work has already been done, the cards were created, just publishing them is easy and would make alot of gamers happy. Not everyone likes to play codex armies, some people like myself like generic data cards because they allow us to play with all our miniatures or make completely custom armies. For example I have an Angelic warband. Im sure I C
  11. Hi there, I have been away from Warlord for a while and am getting back into it. When I left there was basically a really nice Hardcover rule book (I love full color hardcover books, really classy and professional and HC gaming books are so rare)and some softcover faction books. Now I see there is something called Rage Chronicles? How do the rules work now and where are the rules found etc? Id like to pick up a couple more copies of the Hardcover rule book since it was so nice. Also when will the other faction books be released ? Thanks Christof
  12. Hi there, I was going to place a Warlord order on the online store. I wanted to buy some basic elf troops, some breakers and vale archers and vale breakers. I wanted to buy the blister packs of 3. I used to buy warlord blisters for basic troops of three. I can however only find packs of 9 or more! Please tell me its an error. I really do not want to have to order like 9 of each model, especially at one time. How can I get the 3 man blisters? I can't afford or even want that many of each troop type. I wanted 3 Vale Archers, 3 Vale Breakers etc. Secondly I am looking for the pdf with t
  13. Hi there, How are the Reaper Master Paint Metallics? Are they any good? How do they compare to the Games Workshop or Coat D'Arms Metallics? Thanks Christof
  14. Hmm ok so what can I use in the Reaper line for Blood Angels? btw is the equivalence chart pretty accurate? I only play 10mm range, so Warmaster and Epic, so most of the painting guides I use are GW, and I want to make sure that the Reaper colours will be pretty close.
  15. Hi there, I am collecting an Epic Blood Angels army. I of course don't want to use Citadel Paints but rather Reaper MSP. However I have seen on the Equivalence Chart that GW Blood Red is equivalent to Clear Red. However I am a little worried that this paint will be translucent instead of opaque. Is this the case? Thanks Christof
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