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  1. I received a commission to paint some lovely porcelain Santa figures by a friend of mine, and I'm not sure what primer to use, or whether I need to use primer at all. Does anyone have experience with this? Is a spray primer likely to cause damage? I'd use brush-on, but given that each figure is 10 inches tall, that's a bit more hand-priming than I want to do! Here's one of them as an example (there are 7 in total): Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  2. Thank you, friends! We celebrated by eating at an ACTUAL RESTAURANT. It was pretty awesome. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  3. My shiny Ma'al drakar. After spending so many hours with him, coming up with names and personalities for each head (not to mention having the occasional barely coherent conversation while painting him), I feel like of all my minis, he's the one I'm the closest to. Any of our PC gaming minis would be a lot of fun, though. Imagine hearing the story of each fight scene from their perspective! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  4. Serious question: for those of you with spouses/kids that don't share your hobby interests, how do you manage to hobby without anyone feeling ignored (or the chores left undone)? Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  5. Well, without all of the fun narrative description, the end result was myself and one of the other temps literally cutting several thousand staples off of pieces of paper. This is now repeated on a monthly basis. It may not be the best solution, but it's really the only one that meets the needs of all groups involved. I'll go into more depth when I'm not typing on my phone, it really was quite the drama. The letter D in particular caused quite a commotion lol. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  6. This is gradually becoming my team at work as well. At the beginning of September, Covid testing numbers were slowing down (at least, at the place we process the paperwork for), plus we finally had the staffing we needed back at the beginning of July. This resulted in a few weeks of me and my coworkers being intensely bored at work and bugging just about everyone to give us something to do (partly because nobody wanted to get in trouble for not working). Our Medical Records Manager took pity on us and gave us some crates of paperwork from other healthcare providers to organize. This had two unexpected side-effects: 1) She didn't properly explain HOW she wanted them organized, and 2) There was apparently some big miscommunications and she thought we were taking over organizing those forms going forward.* Meeting were had, procedures were created (then changed, repeatedly), workflows were explained (several different ways by different people), and definitions of who was appropriate to request extra work from was emphasized. This went on ALL OF SEPTEMBER. By the time everything got sorted out, not only were testing numbers back up, now my team is responsible for literally sorting out every piece of paper that comes off the fax machine (a substantial amount) and getting it to the right team or individual. Except who gets what test result or medical chart keeps changing, and people keep getting upset that we can't read minds and know that they need all test results from X place pulled and given to Y person, except no one knows what those results will look like, nor what to do with them after they've been looked at. *The third result was that now our little file room has been collecting crates of paperwork like crazy, since we also now are apparently the ones who will organize and file everything once people are done with it. So yes, all of this stemmed from those first few crates of paperwork MRM gave us. We no longer tell ANYBODY when we're bored. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  7. My only contribution, having grown up in northern California, is "dude." It's not just a noun describing a male person, though; basically everything is or can be "dude." Me, you, the cat, the toaster, that car that just cut me off, the book I just dropped on my toe. It can also be used as a general exclamation: Excitement (Dude, I love this song!), Dismay (Dude, my shoe just broke), Wonder (...Dude....), Sympathy (Aw dude, I'm sorry to hear that), Irritation (Dude, watch where you're going) and the list goes on. It's quite a useful little phrase. It's not generally used in very serious situations though, since it is distinctly casual in nature. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  8. I remember when I first found travel-sized hand sanitizer again in a store and I felt like I'd won the freakin' lottery. Never thought I'd get excited about something simple. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  9. I haven't done one of these in several years. I think I'm ready to give it another try. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  10. This is amazing, thank you so very much!!! Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  11. @Reaper_Jon Thank you so much for sharing this information here! The post mentioned that "cycled colors and limited-edition colors" are not eligible for batch ordering (completely understandable). Would it be possible for there to be some indication on the list of which ones those are? Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  12. The only thing I ever get from taco bell is their shredded chicken burritos. No beans, just chicken, flavored rice, cheese and avocado ranch sauce. I'll be very sad if/when they get discontinued. I hear that in a big way. The first few months were absolute misery for me; I felt I had to shower after I came home from anywhere (the small handful of times I left the house), and I legitimately panicked if MrBoot didn't wash his hands the second he walked in the door. I've mostly managed to beat down the majority of the more extreme reactions, and have settled a new no-man's land boundary between my "being like a normal person" and "unable to function because stupid germs are freaking everywhere and I can't turn my brain off." Current concessions include washing my hands even more often, touching personal belongings as little as possible when out in public, keeping a bottle of sanitizer handy in the car, and keeping my cell phone in a sandwich baggie while at work/running errands (so I don't have to sanitize it every time I come home. It works surprisingly well; the only thing I can't easily do with it like that is call people lol). Anyways, probably more than anyone really wanted to know, but it helps to talk about it. Um, have a cute picture of a bird: Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  13. This is my new favorite term for dice and I plan to call them such as frequently as possible. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  14. I can attest to the magic of these little things. Drain clogs are something I regularly deal with (long hair ftw), and these work better than any chemicals. @Glitterwolf If you already used chemicals in the drain, DON'T PLUNGE IT. This can cause backsplash, and nobody needs lye on their skin. Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
  15. Jon has said that there are absolutely plans to do just that. :) Huzzah! --OneBoot :D
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