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  1. I relate to this harder than expected. My new job as Senior Administrative Assistant (still at the county health department) seems to be comprised of: 25% learning the personalities and communication styles of current management 25% introduction to the history of the past few decades of inter-departmental drama 50% learning to ask the right questions. That last one has saved me from unintentionally starting drama fires on several occasions and I've only been in my new position for a month. I'm going to use this for my Joke of the Day at work and see who gets it. I accidentally quoted this but can't delete it on mobile, so instead here is our neighbor's new cat being intensely interested in why this human kept sticking her head into a hole in the ground (I was working on sprinkler valves): He kept trying to stick his head into the box whenever I did it, so I eventually relocated him back over the neighbor's fence. This lasted about 5 minutes before he was back, so I just gave up. Is this what having young children is like? Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  2. So is there no possible way to recover it? Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  3. No, that's a fairly accurate description. I laughed about it later when I'd managed to get everything cleaned up. When I described it to DadBoot, coupled with a picture of Old Faithful, he laughed too and commiserated. There really needs to be an in the list of post reaction emojis, just for posts like this. Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  4. Well, through a great deal of effort and many "learning experiences" regarding our sprinkler system, I have now managed to make the original problem only 25% worse. Which is better than the 150% I made it 2 days ago, so I guess that's progress? What was originally just a couple of sprinkler heads that continued spraying weakly for about an hour after the cycle was done has now turned into "OneBoot mucked something up while she was messing around with all the valves, so now all of the backyard sprinklers spray constantly which means none of the front yard has enough water pressure to function properly." I'd started with replacing the two sprinkler heads that seemed to be the issue, but when that resulted in no change, I called DadBoot the Plumber, who diagnosed a valve issue. So I learned a lot about valves, even being lucky enough to find a video on our exact setup, and set about checking whether any of them were faulty. A couple of accidental geysers (pro tip: make ABSOLUTELY certain the water is off before unscrewing the top from a sprinkler valve) and one partial valve replacement later, I'm ready to give someone money to make the problem go away. I've done everything within my limited ability to try and fix it and don't seem to possess the voodoo majicks necessary to the craft, so tomorrow I shall hunt for a good irrigation person. Bonus points if their name is Mario. Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  5. My sister is a leftie, so I vicariously experienced this frustration (I do recall her taking a guitar class; I don't know that I ever asked her whether she tried playing right or left). What is amusing, though, is that for some reason whenever the two of us use playing cards, she holds and deals like a rightie, while I hold and deal like a leftie. No idea why we did this. However, it did mean that when I decided to start learning how to do card tricks a few months back, I abruptly ran face-first into the realization that I would either have to unlearn a few decades worth of card-handling habits (and I have played A LOT of cards), or else learn how to mirror everything in the books I bought. I've put it on hold for a bit while I try to decide which would be ultimately less painful. Amen! MrBoot and I are currently dealing with the consequences of such an attitude, since either the previous owners of our house, or the house-flipper that owned it before them, did not have a long-term attitude toward the roof replacement they had installed. So even though the roof is well under a decade old, we're now in the middle of having it replaced by a competent company. It's never a good thing when you overhear experienced tradesmen grumbling about an entire layer of roof that's simply missing, or puzzling over the thought-process behind why the nails were placed where they were, or why roofing nails weren't used. Huzzah! --OneBoot 😄
  6. What I wanted to be doing this afternoon: delicately applying very thin layers of paint to an elegantly sculpted piece of resin. What I did instead: excavate a sprinkler head from a rapidly growing mud puddle with my bare hands (tons of small rocks in the soil made other tools far too slow). I finally just shut off the irrigation because the source of the issue didn't appear to be the sprinkler, and indeed, DadBoot the Plumber diagnosed it over the phone as a sprinkler valve issue. So I get to add another thing to my growing list of "stuff I know about irrigation systems that I never knew I'd know" as well as "things I've learned how to fix by watching Youtube videos." The fixing is going to wait until Monday though, I'm too tired right now to do more than stop the problem from getting worse. I'm so glad my dad is a plumber + handyman; I've learned a lot from him, as well as an understanding of when it's something I can learn to do myself vs. when it's time to call in an expert. Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  7. Oooo druid Sophie! ...My costume collection is sadly lacking in any bits or pieces I could pull together for this. So, do I try to create yet another Sophie costume from scratch, or go with one from a previous year? Dilemma. Huzzah! --OneBoot 😄
  8. Honestly, that's good advice for a lot of situations. Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  9. In the 12 minutes it took me to get to work, the Arby's dice are sold out again. Too bad, I actually kind of wanted a set. Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  10. 😂 It's probably because I was partially lucid dreaming by that point, which happens sometimes when I wake up briefly at my normal time then go back to sleep because it's the weekend. So even though I was in panic mode, my dream-self was able to somewhat manage the situation. I will bring examplez, because then I can talk about how light plays across a reflective surface. The classroom was initially like the real ones at ReaperCon, but after that it was an unfamiliar hotel-ish building and classroom. My surroundings in dreams are either startlingly accurate representations of past locations, or an odd amalgam of fantasy and real. Huzzah! --OneBoot
  11. I had my first ReaperCon dream/slight nightmare last night. It was time for me to head over to teach my Shiny Colors class, when I realized I did not have the miniatures, paint, or brushes with me to teach the class. Cue panic. I stick my head in the room and tell the few people already there that I will be right back, I need to grab my stuff from my hotel room. I run to my room and hunt around, but can only find the 12 class minis. Okay, fine, I'll wing it with the paints from the swag bag and borrow a brush from someone, since luckily, one of the paint sets was all metallics (but for some reason they were all in big Kimera Kolor paint bottles). I run back to class only to find the room had changed to a different location. When I finally find it 10 minutes later, it's enormous and packed with about 100 students. Somehow, the class limit was not enforced in the ticket programming, which meant anyone who bought a class ticket got in. There was also a young female Reaper volunteer sitting at the front smiling nervously, and obviously very glad I finally showed up. I know it's my class because there are dozens of examples of shiny objects scattered around, from helmets to breastplates to silverware, so I head to the front while trying and failing not to panic. I have to shout for everyone to hear me since there's no microphone, but I apologize profusely and explain that I only have 12 minis to go around, so I ask who signed up for the class in the first week and went around passing these minis to them while I tried to think. Then I told eveyone who brought their swag bag with them to pull out one of the promo minis {a lady dressed in Spartan-type armor with a helmet on and holding a sword up high). For everyone else, I said I would ask @Ludo (who happened to be in my class) for some of the paint-and-take minis. While he pulled out a comically large key ring (think cartoonish ring of old castle keys), I instructed everyone who now had a mini to start painting half of it white and half black, didn't matter which half, so I could at least salvage some of the class time. I don't know how the rest of it worked out, though, because I woke up. I'm pretty sure most of that was just general anxiety I get before each class anyways, with specific examples from real life. The too-many students actually did happen to me on my second year teaching, for exactly the reason in my dream. Luckily, there were only 3 too many and not 100. I had two extra class minis prepped already and gave my demo mini to the last guy. I have also been missing an essential class paint due to it not arriving at my house in time (it was a Vallejo not Reaper), so we had to just pass my personal bottles around. I quite like the idea of bringing examples of shiny objects in, though, I've never done that before. I think I'll steal that from my dream self. 🙂 Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  12. One of our new pear trees is extremely eager to make babies. We've informed it that it should probably focus on growing more than a dozen leaves first. I never used to like spring, but it's fun watching our plants starting to wake up. Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  13. Might want to look into illegal cock/dog fighting laws, since people setting up creatures to fight each other is basically the entire premise of the franchise. Depending on how old the Ash and Mindy in your game are, laws regarding minors might come into play. Posession of endangered wildlife without permits. Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  14. I have definitely been reminded of this at work, multiple times. And yet I've discovered that I apparently enjoy drinking from the metaphorical fire hose. After dealing with work flooding in on a daily basis for nearly 3 solid years, I no longer know how to handle famines. So, I go looking for floods. This has resulted in my taking on an increasing number of job duties which will result, if all goes as planned, with my acquiring a new job title and position to go with it within a month. Specifically, Senior Administrative Assistant, which would make me the assistant to the assistant to the district administrator. My brain appears to be custom-built for administrative-type stuff, which makes really funny when people apologize for handing me "icky" tasks involving spreadsheets or flowcharts, and I'm just really enjoying it all. Sure beats mindlessly scanning decades-old paperwork for 8 solid hours a day. Necessary work, but I could feel my brains turning into scrambled eggs from the mind-numbing boringness of it. As someone who is in the process of becoming one of said drones, I know you are not. I've even started scheduling some of those pre-pre-pre meetings, then I go home and wonder about my life a little bit. Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  15. DO DOOOOO DODODODO! (over a week and I can't believe nobody else gave the proper response) It's funny because it's painfully true here. There are downsides to living in a historic floodplain, if one desires to do simple things like, say, put tomato cages in the ground. Poor MrBoot has been out every afternoon this week with an assortment of tools just to accomplish this: a piece of rebar and a hammer to get pilot holes made, plus a trowel, small shovel, trenching tool and a hefty pick to help remove the stones that the rebar finds. We've decided at the end of the season this year, we're just gonna leave the darn things in the ground and cut the dead plants away from them. The awesome fresh tomatoes are still worth it, though! Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
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