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  1. That exact thought crossed my mind several times as I was re-reading the Wax and Wayne series (Mistborn Era Two) from Brandon Sanderson this week. With Wax's ability to shove around pieces of metal with his mind, he ends up really doing a lot of damage to stuff around the city as he's chasing bad guys, not to mention the bullet holes he keeps putting into everything with wild abandon. It's no wonder the official police force and the governor see him as a bit of a natural disaster, albeit a useful one. (for those who haven't read it, don't worry, these aren't spoilers) One of the books does lampshade this by including a couple articles in one of the newspapers about irate citizens needing to replace lampposts and garden fencing, as well as the occasional car. Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  2. I figure all the swearing I don't do gets funneled into some metaphorical swear jar, to be used by other people in case of emergency. Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  3. One of the unexpected benefits of being stuck working from home is that I no longer need to reserve 10% of my brainpower for monitoring my face and body language for social acceptability. I'm gonna have to focus on re-training that the week before I go back to the office (which won't be before the end of February). Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  4. And then there's me; even though I'm right-handed, I do several things like a lefty. If I'm driving with one hand, it's my left (could be because that's the side with the turn signal but I didn't consciously decide this), I play cards left-handed (didn't discover this until I tried to learn card tricks...), and since I'm left-eye dominant I also shoot left-handed. Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  5. I survived my first week back at work (working from home until the end of February as per doctor's orders, given the difficulty of getting me in and out of our split-level house). It was a bit weird actually, since I'm not used to only communicating electronically with my coworkers. I generally prefer being in person, especially since facilities issues are currently part of my duties and I like to lay eyes on an issue before putting in the work ticket so I can give good information to the maintenance crew. Having to rely on other people to be my eyes, ears and hands is incredibly frustrating, but there's no way around it. My supervisor has been amazingly understanding and supportive in all of this and hired an in-person temp for the next 6 weeks to help with my workload, especially since we're currently in accreditation crunch time so a whole bunch of our policies and procedures need to be updated and tech edited before they can be included. Very luckily, the temp actually did tech editing for almost 2 decades, so she's been an incredibly resource and has also been teaching me a lot. Mostly though I'm just tired. It's a combination of physical, mental and emotional tiredness that I've never experienced before, but thankfully MrBoot is incredible and has been helping me get thorough it. If nothing else, I am learning patience both with others and with my current limitations. It helps if I keep reminding myself to treat myself the same way I would someone else in the same situation. I like this. It is also extremely accurate. I resemble this remark! Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  6. As someone who has also been told to "stop working so hard, it's not worth it," I can relate to your coworker. My response was always that that's just the way I work. If I stopped caring so much, I'd stop being me. It's the kind of work ethic I grew up around since my parents and grandparents are all the same way, it's how I was raised. I have had to learn the hard way that sometimes helping isn't helpful, though, for example if my coworkers don't learn how to do something because I'm always the one that just does it. I first realized this when I was on vacation for a week and came back to find out that several things just...weren't done while I was out. So I've had to learn how to step back and let people fail sometimes (I still offer support but am getting better about not doing it for them). It's a hard thing, but it's how they learn to figure out what works for them. Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  7. Through the end of next week; my manager was totally fine with longer but I have work from home capabilites. I know I'll die of boredom if I'm not doing something productive by then lol. I'm getting more confident with my knee scooter, so thankfully I can manage to forage uncomplicated foods for myself now (it's got a basket on the front and I loves it). Not quite to the level of grinding it down the stair railing, maybe that will be next week. Before I return to work, I plan on acquiring one of these knee crutches, which should render me 90% independent once I get used to it: Plus this will set me up nicely for aaalll the pirate jokes. Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  8. Surgery all done, home safely and resting. Everything went well, got a temporary nerve block called a pain catheter for the next few days so my pain is currently zero. Tired and a bit loopy but otherwise not too bad. Glad I won't have to go anywhere for awhile. Thank you all again for the well wishes, I know they helped. ♥️ Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  9. Well, I'm gonna be One Boot for reals for awhile; I missed a step going downstairs Friday night with my hands full, so I couldn't catch myself and landed full on my left ankle at a bad angle. Thank goodness for shock, it didn't even hurt even though it was...very obviously broken. Luckily we're only 7 mins from the hospital and MrBoot is strong enough to mostly carry me to/from the car. Also there was a room available almost immediately. On the (plus?) side, I also got to experience general anesthesia for the first time while my ankle was reset and splinted (it was dislocated as well as broken). This was 100% the most bizarre, mind-melting experience of my entire life. Ketamine (I looked it up later) is apparently known for its dissociative hallucinogenic properties. Yeah...no kidding. Got an asap referral to an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow to see if it needs surgery (which the ER doctor thought was likely). Overall I'm doing as well as can be expected. Pain is being very well managed with just Tylonol and Aleve, luckily; I wouldn't fancy trying to navigate crutches with an opiod pain med in my system! Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  10. Excellent work, a very tidy job and kudos on matching the source material so closely! Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  11. A very belated Merry Christmas! I for one am very glad we didn't have a white Christmas for once. Having to anxiously watch the weather and abruptly cut a visit short so we can hurry out of town ahead of nasty weather gets old eventually. However, we still found some snow after we took a side trip to a big nursery on our way home so MrBoot could check out some hard-to-find plants. This was fine, though I did learn that my coat wasn't designed for rain lasting more than, oh, about 5 minutes, so I got rather soggy. The location of the nursery meant that instead of cruising home down a nice, multi-lane, low-elevation freeway, we got to experience an unfamiliar, winding, largely empty two-lane freeway through the mountains. At night. With mild snow flurries most of the way. For almost 4 hours. We made it home fine, but I was mostly one big cramp after being tensed up for so long. MrBoot did offer to take over a few times, but there weren't a lot of good places to pull over, plus my anxiety would have probably been worse if I hadn't been driving. On the plus side, MrBoot is pretty happy about the new baby plants we adopted, so I'm happy about that. We both agreed that next time we do that trip, though, it will be during the day, and in the spring with no snow to worry about. Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  12. I would HIGHLY recommend checking out the groomer youtube channels "Girl with the dogs" and "Girl with the dogs 2." They're both by the same gal, but her second one is more in-depth and technical focused while her first one is lighter and more humorous. She does a lovely job mixing entertainment with tons of solid advice about different breeds and grooming tips. She does primarily dogs, but will do the occasional cat (which is always highly amusing). Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  13. Offially done with work for the year! What a crazy ride it's been, but I survived. And as a nice little cherry on top, I won the "Best individual office" decoration contest! My title was "Quiet Snowfall", and included 50 handmade diamond art snowflakes, because my art project meter seems to be perpetually stuck at "large scale." I also decided to include myself in the display because why not. Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  14. If your upper management is looking to form a "coven" at work, perhaps they're just finally realizing what a mess your company is in re: staffing and is hoping that Powers from Beyond will help since they're out of other options. ...Though I can see it being highly therapeutic, if you're the DM, to "accidentally" a few TPKs. Legal, work-sanctioned imaginary violence, destruction and property damage! Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  15. *slight pause* Suuure! Well, it's not new, but it's new to you! And in a location with a great view of the outdoors and lots of fresh air! ...Yes I am talking about one of the broken ones behind the dumpster. If you don't ask again, I'll make sure it has at least one arm and most of the seat still intact. Yep. I'm in the Oh no stage. I once again broke my vow to never gift presents that include any of my hobbies. Whuch is why I'm (planning on) 3D printing custom picture frames for everyone. Have I started yet? No. Oh no. Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  16. Ha! I like your thinking. Oh how I wish I could go this route, it would really cut down on the "She got new furniture, I want some too!!!! " that's been going on. Alas, I am but a facilitator, rather than the decision maker. I take comfort and refuge in stating this repeatedly. Ironically, one of my projects actually is building out a mini "catalog" of furniture options. It's just that I've been working on establishing relations with a new furniture company after two previous ones didn't work out for reasons unrelated to us (one had poor quality control, the second sort of imploded on a management level following a merger), whuch pushed the whole catalog timeline out 8 months, which meant that we're having to buy Amazon furniture just to get some kind of desk setup for new staff. Which opened the floodgates of furniture hunger. Well, at least I'm acquiring new skills at speed, and the new furniture company has been fantastic to deal with so far. Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  17. That's probably the most dreadful way of saying "Some of you will be laid off" I've ever heard. In other news, if I never hear the words "chair" "desk" or "furniture" ever again, it will be too soon. 4 separate emotionally charged discussions about the above topics were not scheduled on my work calendar for this past Wednesday, and yet they still happened. But at least the food safety department has peppermint hot chocolate in their area, so that helps. Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  18. Not with that attitude! Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  19. Apparently! I went from my first smartphone, a Samsung Galaxy S6, to a Google Pixel 3 XL (not my choice but I got it for free), to now the Galaxy 23. It's only slightly bigger than my old S6, but wow it's so zippy! And the colors are remarkable, I had no idea what a difference it would make. Even solitaire looks gorgeous which amuses me a great deal. Now I have to find a decent replacement for my old phone grip, which was from a Kickstarter but the company faded away, unfortunately. Dude that thing is gnarly! Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  20. When we make our own pizza absolutely; it stays in place better and distributes the flavor more evenly (we put a Lot of toppings on lol). But commercial pizza I prefer the tidbits, they tend to be nice and juicy. Chunks are too big to eat easily, even if they're cut in half. ...Now I want pineapple. And pizza. Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  21. I would really love to take you up on the offer but alas, reality once again gets in the way. Instead, I used the move SENIOR MANAGER to block Employee N. It was Super Effective! Employee N used COMPLAIN against SENIOR MANAGER. SENIOR MANAGER is Immune! I'm glad I really do have an awesome manager; this isn't the first time she's offered to intervene with a staff member who doesn't want to agree with the reality I am presenting. It's kind of funny, though, both my manager and the supervisor for Employee N congratulated me on my assertiveness. I didn't feel assertive I felt whizzed off lol. I anticipate I will be doing this again next week with a different staff member who is being moved into my area and is Unhappy about every office move she's had. She's also the loudest/most social staff member in the building, so I'm already preparing my "grumpy cubicle neighbor" speech for when she's moved in. There will be times I will need at least relative quiet since I take meeting minutes for senior leadership, and I need to set groundwork from the start that there will be times I need to be firm about noise. This is a change from our current working relationship since I deliberately haven't pressured her about things in the past because her reaction to social criticism can be excessive at times. This is gonna be a fuuuuuun few months. In more happy news, I finally convinced MrBoot that we needed new phones. They've now arrived and I've been working on getting them set up. My new phone is a lot smaller and lighter and it makes me (and my hands) so happy. Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  22. My attempt at a positive outlook is already being severely threatened and it's not even 10:00 yet. Employee N has been whining about wanting new office furniture for a couple of years. She's already gotten new furniture a couple of times during that timespan. She also want it rearranged every 6 months or so. Now that I'm the one in charge of ordering office furniture, this has fallen into my lap. I've been going the rounds with her about this since I think June, and it's involved several different supervisors and I forget how many different furniture companies (I say you can order from these options from this vendor, she comes back with something totally different usually from a completely unheard of vendor). She then complains that she doesn't know what options are okay for her to order from. No, you know perfectly well, you just don't like the answer, so you either try these shenanigans with someone new or else you go off into left field and act confused when you're told no for the umpteenth time. Between her current supervisor and myself, I thought we finally managed to box her into an acceptable option. She just sent back links to some of the acceptable furniture, but on a different website, and adding a bunch of additional items that were not discussed. I'm done. I've reached my limit. I want to throw things and scream NO! so badly. Instead, I sent an email to her supervisor: "She can pick between Desk A with bookshelf or Desk B with bookshelf. If she doesn't like either one, she will keep her current furniture and the matter will be closed." Which is a lot more civil than my first couple of responses that I typed out and deleted. EDIT: Oh great, now she's scheduled a meeting about it this afternoon. Too bad, I think I'm going to be washing my hair at that time. Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  23. Good for you! I've been trying the same thing this week, it's a lot more difficult than I was expecting. I'm not sure when I became so negative, but I'm already starting to notice a difference. Happiness is hard work! Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  24. I've got a "get out of jail free" card you can borrow. Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
  25. Rocks. Unless you like rocks, in which case it's a stocking full of whatever makes you sad that's it's not presents, so...unexpected bills, probably. Now THAT would make anyone unhappy! I'm very excited that after almoat 6 months of various delays, stopa, starts, miscommunications, lack of communications, and misunderstandings, I can FINALLY move forward with ordering new chairs for about 30 of our staff (a significant chunk). Now I'm just getting the final "yes you can buy the thing" approvals from the various managers (in writing). It's a good day. ...Then I look back over the previous paragraph and marvel a little bit, because there's no WAY that kid me would have believed that adult me would get so excited about ordering office furniture for other people. It's a funny world. In tangentially related news, our new printer arrived! It's a wireless one so I can now print from my PHONE! I'm still pretty boggled by this lol. Our old one is still a champ, but we are increasingly having color printing needs and office stores charge a LOT. I'll make sure our senior printer goes to a loving new home. Huzzah! --OneBoot 🙂
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