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  1. Hello, thank you very much for your help!!! OK now its time for me to make my first tests. I will sell the Video, when it is on DVD out. Best wishes Sash
  2. Hello, I sold the new PAINTING GUIDE from OSPREY. I read, that Jennifer Haley uses a Brush on Sealer + Brown Liner as a first basecolour. I had never heard about the technique, and am wondering. In the book is not written why she uses this and for which reason. Could anyone help me? Is there a difference between Vallejo matt Varnish and Reaper Brush on Sealer? (I will try it for myself.) Best whises Sash
  3. Thank you all for your help!!! I ordered the recommended book today. I grow a painting-level up!!! good painting to you Sash
  4. Hello, thank you for your fast replies. I think I will buy the recommended book as soon as possible. Of course I meant with flat the smooth and clean colour structure, sorry for my bad English. Here is a good article I found about colour theorie: http://www.ttcreation.com/modules/articles...6&langue=en best wishes Sash
  5. Hello, after painting for years I have two problems which I have already not mastered: 1. How to get good and fitting colourshemes? My balanced and best one is and was already this one (Sorry no Reapermini, but painted with lots of reaper paints): http://www.freebooterminiatures.de/inhalt/...mAc_2007_53.jpg How do you plan your shemes? 2. When seeing Showcase Miniatures like Reapers or Jen's or Vaitalla´s I always wonder how flat the colours are. I thin my paints enough but dont get it. What am I doing wrong? What is to do to get it more flat. cheers Sash
  6. Thanks Anne for your fast help!!! Best wishes Sash
  7. @ Paintrix When priming white, does I have to paint a dark undercoat (in brown or so ...) before painting the stripes? I am asking, since sometimes I have the feeling, that when priming white and using directly over the white primer light colours it does not look good. It looks better over a dark undercoat. Thank you very much for your help best wishes Sash
  8. Hello, it might sound a little bit stupid, but.... I have severall problems planning a good colour scheme. I do not know which colours MSPs I could use to get a good matching coloursheme. How do you plan your coloursheme? Is there a generel way which leads you to a fitting coloursheme? I heard something like this as main rule: 1. choose a main colour for your mini, for the biggest surfaces. --> for the main hue 2. choose another colour, not the complementary to 1. and which harmonies well with the main colour. --> this is for all smaller surfaces. 3. choose a third colour, which can be a complementary of 1. or 2. . --> this colour is for the important details (f. eg.: gems). Cold colours are used for (shades) deepness, wide away parts. Warm colours are used for (highlits) for nearness and highness. I have seen here somewehere in the Forum a thread where paintrix shows to paint first colour stripes in different hues of the colours and than connects them to blend clean. When priming white, does I have to paint a dark undercoat (in brown or so ...) before painting the stripes? I am asking, since sometimes I have the feeling, that when priming white and using directly over the white primer light colours it does not look good. It looks better over a dark undercoat. Thank you very much for your help/time and efford best wishes Sash
  9. Hello, I have two questions, while concerning to colour theorie and planing a new paintingproject: Are there cold browns in the MSP set? How to mix a cold brown and the highlitecolours? Thank you for your answers and best wishes Sash
  10. Hello, thank you for your fast answers!!! I will not use a dullcoat spray, since I like to see the endresult emediately when the paint dries (inbetween the paintingprocess). - matte paints make painting much more easier/comfortable. I did it today too and had the same feeling. I will sell it than. Thank you for this hint! cheers Sash
  11. Hello, In the past I used Inks (Higgins, Windsor and Newton and Tamiya) as an armor wash but this brown liner is much more better: I used the brown liner after a (satin) steel metalic basecolour as an (armor-)wash in the darker parts. The liner colour dried very matte and so I could highlite my matte basecolour with some more shinier and lighter steal colours. The light reflects from upper parts much more like on real metall, while having a strong light/dark contrast. This gave me another contrast I will call it the glossy/matte contrast. Sorry I have no pictures availible! Maybe this is interesting for someone out there? I think I will mix the liner next use with blue, green or purple depending on the metall. Another idea I am having is using after the basecolour first the liner armor wash (matte), than only in the darkest parts (like an outlining) Tamya Smoke, maybe this glossy dring stuff will give much more depth. I will test it..... Anne // Reaper thank you for this very usabel brown liner!!! I have the feeling of using it very often in the future. best wishes Sash
  12. Hello, I sold some Reaper Master Series paints last week, but am not new to painting. I painted in the past mainly with matte finish paints (Andrea, Citadel, Liquitex matte Line, etc.). Now I will get a matte finish with the MSP paints but how to do it? How do professional painter matte down their colours? Is a medium matte the best way (I will not using a dullcoat for spraing at least)? Which one should I sell (I wanted ever to sell the Liqitex one, is it good)? In which ratio is it to be used? Thank you for your answers. Best wishes Sash
  13. Thank you all for your help! Well when I sold my MSP. I will paint a miniature and share my opinnion about these colour line in this forum. For Anne: Andrea Colours are bottled by Vallejo. They are completely the same ones like Modelcolours, the only difference is that they dry matte and there are not so many colours in the set. I will send you an personal message when tested how these paints work together! Best wishes and thanks your Sash
  14. Thanks for your fast replies! I have choosen already some paints from Annes` pdf file. : Mossy Green Triad Ocean Blue Triad Ochre gold triad Royal Purples Triad Violet Reds Triad Twilight Triad Pine Green Tanned Leather Golden Blond I hope that I could get some other questions I had: May I ask why there are specially paints for outlining/surlignage/=darklining???/? What are there for advantages with this? I never had problems with diluted standart paints to outline. Are these linen colours matte to fix a non reflective shadow or shiny? How matte is the complete masterpaints set without using additives. Do I need to varnish when liking matte colours? When Yes will there be problems to matte down the colours with glazes of the matte Liqitex paints or other acrylic colours (Citadel, Andrea Paints etc.....)? Are heavily diluted masterpaints fragile after dried when using diluted washes over them? Anne may I ask witch colours you would recommend me from the masterpaints? (I have all Vallejo Gamecolours,Modelcolours, Citadels and Andreacolours and want no colour useless twice) thanks again and best wishes Sash
  15. Hello, I want to place an online-order of the new reaper master paints. I have all the citadel, Modelcolour/Gamecolours and Andrea Colours. I do not know which colours I really need from the huge masterpaint line. Are there any must haves? Thanks for your answers Sash
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