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  1. The blue green flesh is really nice. And that red gem turned out great.
  2. She has some attitude. Love the eyes.
  3. That turned out nice and I like the look of that murky eye.
  4. Absolutely lovely freehand.
  5. One of the two things that turned me on to Reaper was playing a Dark Heaven Apocalypse game at Pentacon in Ft Wayne, IN. Iirc correctly forces included angels, crusaders, versus gargoyles. I immediately bought the box set game. BTW the second thing was the price of GW minis 😁
  6. I love the brown cloak against that gorgeous blue.
  7. Nice….but that doesn’t look like the husky size I had to wear 😉
  8. Nice progress on this cool project. Btw I like the use of the green on the archers bows.
  9. Wow…that step made a heck of a difference. Carry on……
  10. Hop to it! Your browns are perfect. And the free hand is nice and sharp.
  11. I agree. The Rakham humans are nice. I also like contrast of the red bricks on the base with the blue on their garments.
  12. That turned out great. The flock really adds to the presentation.
  13. Lovely. You really achieved that aged and decrepit look.
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