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  1. I agree. Nice simple mini and I don’t think it would look as good with a brighter axe head.
  2. That turned out great glitterwolf. A wonderful addition to your world.
  3. Check out black magic craft’s you tube channel as well the terrain tutor. A lot of good ideas and examples.
  4. I agree with Darkstar. I would add that the blue of the shawl isn’t bad on the back, bit seems very monotone in the front. I concur that the skin tones and antlers are outstanding. I would add the wooden arm into tat category too, especially the transition from skin to wood. Beautifully painted mini.
  5. Nice. The blade is beautifully shiny.
  6. The crisp detail on the nmm sells the “roughed” in paint job of the wraith to come off is beautifully ethereal. COOL.
  7. Ordered some games recently and they came in last week. Sagrada- a deceptively simple dice drafting game where you are attempting to create stained glass windows. It is a pretty game and my 7yo son and I have played it several times. My wife played a couple times, but she got mad last time and said she wasn’t playing anymore. I think we have yet to get through a game without finding we broke a basic layout rule. I love that it is a quick set up and fairly short play that can be done when I get home from work. I have found that the window boards could have slightly more spacing between the dice as we have knocked dice askew while trying to move dice when using the “tool” cards. I think this game will help my son with his lack of focus. Pandemic-Yeah, I know everyone has played it except me and it is rather lame to play Pandemic during the live pandemic version. Somehow I mentioned the game to my kid and he wanted to play, so I ordered it. We finally played this weekend. We both really enjoyed it and was bummed when we lost. We were short one player card to Complete the next round where we had all the cards to cure the last disease. We will definitely be playing again. Wife is not interested as she thinks the theme hits too close to current reality. I was looking to buy Azul when I ordered these and accidentally checked out with Azul Summer Pavilion. I am thinking this looks a bit more complex and with Sagrada am thinking I may donate it instead of opening it. Any thoughts on if I should keep Summer Pavilion, since we are having so much fun with Sagrada.
  8. This statement doesn’t feel right, but that is a beautiful mini. I love the textures in the white belly and the face.
  9. (Whoops hit the wrong response). That is odd. I have had my best luck with the trans green.
  10. @haldir are you able to get anything to print? I only asked as I had bought some resin and couldn’t get the printer to do anything with it. Turned out it was for a laser resin printer, so even though it was a UV cure resin at the right wavelength, the power of my Photon’s LED didn’t have enough power to set the resin during the print.
  11. This is my favorite of the bunch. With the purple notes and the dark triangle of fur by the eyes he just looks menacing. ....and why does Conan keep getting in trouble with these critters? Lol.
  12. You just can’t go wrong with a bear.
  13. I agree. Very cool idea an nicely painted.
  14. I have had very mediocre results with every opaque resin I have tried ( a couple grays and a black). I gave up and switched to only clears or translucents.
  15. Nick Nolte’s character made the movie for me. I enjoyed Olympus has falling, but Angel Has Fallen was a lot more fun and the mindless brain candy I needed with all the Covid craziness. I guess I need to watch London has fallen to fill out the trilogy.
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