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  1. I agree. The ice mummy is really cool. But I am also in awe of the wraith. The brown red cloth has beautifully smooth blends. The NMM is cool and the bluish skin/bones really pop. Excellent work Adrift.
  2. This is really nice GW. I think you stepped up your game on this one.
  3. That is awesome! Those black veins are executed beautifully. .....and if this is a self portrait, I was suggest checking in with your doctor! . Lol
  4. Nice first entry. Welcome to the forum.
  5. Very nice. I like the redish orange lips. Very striking compliment to the style of your world.
  6. Has anyone printed Highland minis? I like the sculpts, but the renders look like they would be a pain to print at gaming size.
  7. I am impressed. I just finished the Bones gnome as my son wizard kid for our Hero Kids campaign. You have more patience on the cleanup and painting than I did. I can’t believe you got the eyes painted. I couldn’t even make them out with my magnifier.
  8. The snout and eyes came out excellent. I like how the brush strokes create such believable fir texture. Very nice.
  9. Were you able to dial that in perfectly? On my Photon I was able to get the infinity symbol perfect, but some of the finer rays were mushy. I am assuming it is because my screen is stating to fail..
  10. The color scheme and execution on these dwarves is just stunning
  11. Love it and it is great that you had the foresight to get these done 8 months early. Well done.
  12. Excellent. The sword and skin tones are particularly awesome.
  13. Nice. I really like the gray beard.
  14. I like this skin tone. And it is a awesome looking group.
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