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  1. Those tracks are awesome. The weathering is perfect. Vallejo Air Chrome is my favorite. Throw a speed paint or contrast paint over it and you get about any metalyou need for table top…then edge highlight with the chrome for “sparkle”.
  2. Well, I don’t feel so bad now. 😉 The lizards and Bretonnian look nice.
  3. Glad you remembered how to paint! Lol. They look nice.
  4. Very nice. The base really fits Pan’s character.
  5. Very cool and great translation of the dinos colors.
  6. I like the gradient on the shield. Nice work.
  7. I have a few GW contrast paints (few due to cost). I bought the original Speedpaint starter set which I liked. While at a local con my son spent a bunch of time at a paint and take. He started bringing minis to me that he had painted. They looked drastically better than Ihad seen him do with my standard paints. The paint and take used 2.0 Speedpaints. I bought the full set then and there. It was worth it if it makes painting for my son more enjoyable easier. I find myself using them a lot on the Bones m8 is I have (from several Kickstarters) 😕 I did prime all the lids white and painted them with the Speedpaints to get a real look at how the colors will look on the mini.
  8. All very cool. I like thespotlight of brightness on the floor to centerthe vignette.
  9. This is what I use on fdm terrain pieces - mostly because it is economical. It still doesn’t fill the layer lines completely, but good enough for gaming terrain. Brushing on MinWax Polycrylic hides layer lines better, but I am too impatient for that. I have seen someone spraying FDM terrain with UV Resin through an air brush to fill layer lines. I am tempted to try that as I have one bottle of resin that is inconsistent in my resin printer.
  10. All are very cool. The stag gives off a Dr.Seuss vibe. Even though it looks like a simple scheme like the dark fish for some reason.
  11. MyMiniFactory. Search “football dwarf” and you will have a few options. If you only want parts I would assume several companies that make modular Stl’s would have them.
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