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  1. Nice. You keep knocking these dragons of the month out of the park.
  2. Very nice band of characters. I like how you worked the waters edge into many of the bases .
  3. Really nice work Glitterwolf. I think you are leveling up on this painting thing.
  4. I agree. But saved me some money.
  5. Very nice. The bases are extremely effective.
  6. After several hours of messing with the software I ended up disabling the MS and Webroot software and downloading the older slicer from their website and it seemed to work fine. I kept having problems with the one called out for the 6 SE. Definately seems to be some type of security issue on my PC. I was seeing some stringing and increasing the retraction distance a couple mm seemed to fix it I had a failed print today....but to be fair, I didn’t review the slice very closely before printing and it was from a different supplier than I normally used. It had some adhesion problems at the start. The default bed temp is cooler than what I use on the Anycubic, so that may have contributed as well. So far really happy with it. I have a couple 48 hour prints I want to do, so need to get the parameters tweaked. .
  7. Thanks. I will try the one from their website again.
  8. This thing works pretty sweet. Printed the Evee Pokemon that came with it for a test model and looks good. Been printing Printable Scenery’s Elven Eyrie. Only failure was printing the door—should have put a raft on. I also printed a telescope from Loot that was supprted for a resin printer and it turned out pretty good. Now the problem.....is anyone else having problems with the slicer that came with it? I had to disable my virus software to load it ( webroot). Then it only opens about one out of ten times. I loaded the newest version Of Cura I could find and it didn’t have an option for the Creality 6SE. Any suggestions?
  9. Beautiful scenery. St Edna’s fountain really made me smile.
  10. Very nice. The blue glow , especially the eyes, really pop against the fall colors used in diorama and the rest of his body. The moss on his bones was also a nice touch.
  11. That corrugated paper really makes a difference on that pipe. Nice progress.
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