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  1. Thanks Strawhat and Chaoswolf. I think that is the beauty of these poor quality early Bones minis. There isn’t a downside to trying odd schemes.
  2. These Dark Elves you are pumping out are pretty cool. I like your skin tones in particular.
  3. Thanks. My son likes him, so that is what matters most.
  4. Thanks Glitterwolf. I get that squad of Bones Marines off my painting desk, then I can start working on some fun stuff again.
  5. Looks good to me and a thousand time better than unpainted or sloppily applied bright colors I really like the earthy monochromatic scheme.
  6. They turned out good and you did a great job hiding the flaws.
  7. Lovely. The turquoise patches against the orange robes is a nice touch. As kazmania7 mentioned dealer shadow would make it pop more. A really dark green in the deepest folds of the orange robes is one way to add the depth.
  8. This one has been on the desk for a long time. I really like the sculpt, but the cast is a pain as I find most of the older human sized Bones models. The Face was atrocious. Luckily he has a big hat. The photos are washed out but give a good idea of how he looks. He is too shiny for my tastes as the newer Testors Dullcote doesn’t seem to work as good as it used to. Unsure how I ended up going from a coal black duster to green, other than I had too much green paint out for the Marines I was trying to get off the shelf of shame. One down and thousands to go! 😀
  9. Bad photos, bad Bones cast, and tabletop paint job of Balto Burrowell the Gnome Wizard. Painted this one up as my sons kid character in hero kids. Fuego is a young kid who can cast some fire spells and has survived three adventures and he was on his own in the last one. I am really beginning to loath these older human sized minis, but this is the closest I had to a human child for his character. Fairly simple base coat, washes, and highlights. I was having a lot of problems with my skin tone paints being too thin (even after several minutes on the vortex mixer). I guess
  10. Kudos on getting another one done. I have been working on some of the hoard of Bones minis from the early KIckstarters. They generally leave me in a foul mood after a session of painting.
  11. I consider any mini finished a major win any more. So congrats and I continue to be impressed with your productivity. It looks like the lighting is off in your pictures for this set GW.
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