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  1. Nice. The skin and horns are top notch. And I like the dark skirt that frames the torso.
  2. The horse is exceptionally well done. I love the dirt on the legs and hooves
  3. This. Excellent execution and color scheme on this one.
  4. Such a cute team of adventurers.
  5. Nice. And you have painted more of your zombicide than I have.
  6. Excellent. Been awhile since someone did the right thing and painted a bear.
  7. A busy model nicely painted. I like the base a lot. .
  8. Nice. Great job on the skin tones.
  9. I agree with the crowd. The variation on the tentacles is nice.
  10. I really like this simple scheme for ghosts. Very nice.
  11. Gauth looks pretty cool with this sparkly purple scheme.
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