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  1. KruleBear

    02538 Lesser Elementals by J Weibe

    These all turned out pretty cool.
  2. The base is turning out great Glitterwolf. I think the scene would look tighter keeping it at the current size, but agree you may need to make it bigger to deal with the water effects. Very cool so far.
  3. KruleBear

    Reaper Bones Kickstarter 4 Orrery

    That looks great and thanks for detailing s9me of your challenges, so we know what to look out for.
  4. KruleBear

    Of Blacktooths and Thunderfoots

    I don’t know. It seems a little plain.....lol Seriously, this is awesome.
  5. I finally watched John Carter. Not nearly as bad as the hype that surrounded it when it came out....now I need to dig the books out and re-read the series.
  6. KruleBear

    My attempt at the Stygian Barge

    Agree. I like the blue green of the figureheads lower fish half. Very nice.
  7. KruleBear

    WizKids T-Rex aka "King of Feathers"

    WOW! that is a cool conversion and paint job.
  8. KruleBear

    Of Blacktooths and Thunderfoots

    Watching your wips is always a popcorn moment for me...enjoy watching you very naturalistic paint jobs take shape.
  9. KruleBear

    I`m back

    Welcome back to the forums. I really enjoyed looking at the paint jobs on the minis you shared. You definitely have some talent for this hibby.
  10. My six year old wanted to play Forbidden Desert this weekend. I was a little reluctant, but we had a good time and he even paid attention most of the time .....and we won!
  11. KruleBear

    Bones Invisible Adventurers

    Cool. I like that you “painted” them with the tints rather than just adding contrast to the basic clear plastic color. It gives the impression of the character transitioning to invisible.
  12. KruleBear

    Dragons turtle (Bones 4)

    This and the dinosaurs are turning out awesome!
  13. KruleBear

    4 Bones Speedpaints - Bones 4 Undead Friar

    Nice work. I really like the bruised skin look of the Ogre.
  14. KruleBear

    Zombie dragon - Bones 4

    Awesome. The blue /white scales really pop against the decayed body. The color transitions on the wing membrane are very cool as well.
  15. Attended a local small con this weekend and played a few games. Hate: I really enjoyed this and may end up getting it at some point. Blood Rage: I didn’t do to well on this probably because I haven’t done many deck building games and didn’t get into the swing...until round two of three which isn’t very helpful. I would like to play again as it is pretty straight forward and appears to have great replay-ability appeal. Napoleonic's home brew skirmish game: Had fun and our side one, but the rules have a long way to go before they are consistent. In between sessions I got my son and our Mechs and Minions game and got a couple other folks to play...WE FINALLY WON THE FIRST MISSION! Whooo Hoooo.