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  1. KruleBear

    Mansions of Madness - Cthonian

    Turned out pretty good....and disgusting!
  2. KruleBear

    Attempt at a Stegosaurus

    Wow, I didn’t catch this thread when you first started, which made it pretty sweet to see how much you progressed and learned from this model.
  3. KruleBear

    Alena Frostblade · Barbarian · 03931

    The nmm on the shield is very nice. Well done.
  4. We will see, but right now I just can’t get excited about this. I find season one to be a fun enjoyable game and cant’t see spending hundreds of dollars just to get revised rules tweaks.
  5. KruleBear

    Red Box Games Zombies: Warbands of the Dark Beyond

    Nice. I love the look of the greens and purple tones in the skin.
  6. The KruleBear cub and I opened up the second mission in Mechs and Minions...we must have done something wrong as we kicked butt in the first try. The first mission took us about 8 tries to win and only after we recruited a couple more players. I can say that it is pretty cool that my son is getting better at gaming as he approaches 7 years old. It was a fun hour or so.
  7. KruleBear

    Necromancer with Ghouls - Wizakids + Mantic, Kings of War

    Cool. I really like the color scheme. The saturated blue and red looks nice against the gray skin tones.
  8. KruleBear

    CMON Time Machine

    You are probably right. I played it at a small convention and really enjoyed it. For someone that doesn't have time to game often it was easy to pick up the rules and quick to play several games during a convention time slot , so I am in for the Hate pledge. I am with you. After playing it I think this had some of the nicest looking minis I have seen in a cmon game and am looking forward to getting it. The thought of getting some of the season one Zombicide minis I missed out on is also intriguing. The real question is where to start hiding this stuff since my wife thinks I have a hobby problem
  9. KruleBear

    Werebear Bones 4

    Nice. It is always cool to see one of my relatives painted up.
  10. KruleBear

    Dreadmir: Meet the Party

    Sounds like a fun adventure. Lovely paint jobs and beautiful basing. I really like the patterns you put on Rhoda’s dress.
  11. KruleBear

    03294 | Tobias Winterhorn, Druid

    Beautiful work. Congrats.
  12. KruleBear

    Working up some fantasy terrain

    These really look nice in the action shots.
  13. KruleBear

    And Now for Something Completely Different!

    Ok, this is an awesome idea and your execution is gorgeous as usual. .....and bonus points for watching Coco numerous times for inspiration. That and the Book of Life are the only little kid movies that I haven’t gotten sick of watching numerous times (and there soundtracks are pretty nice as well).
  14. Watched Jupiter Ascending. An enjoyable movie with decent effects. Surprisingly my not geek wife enjoyed it as well. I seem to enjoy Mila Kunis’ acting in everything except tThat 70’s Show..... that Jackie character was way too annoying for me. i also watched the Netflix movie Extinction. Not a bad movie, although it did seem like a Twilight Zone episode ran too long. I think about ten minutes cut out of it would have tightened the suspense up significantly.
  15. I am with you on this Darsc. I pledged for one of everything, so a, waiting. As for the chupacabras and jackalopes, if they are seeing fragility issues with the 3D printed, I definitely hope they go metal. 3D printing resin tends to be brittle to start with, so if the design is causing problems I would prefer metal that is more likely to hold up to gaming use.
  16. KruleBear

    Maggotcrown Men at Arms

    LOL! Awesome work. Btw my 6 year old often asks if all our minis are bad guys....apparently I need to adopt a more cheerful painting style.
  17. KruleBear

    Mierce Miniatures - Mighty Monsters

    Curious if anyone has heard an update on the Darklands Concept Art Book? It has been in my outstanding orders list since July 2015 and Iirc from their second Kickstarter. Also I have over £200 of minis outstanding with only a few not ready to ship. What is the best way to get the existing minis shipped? Do I need to buy another shipping package (is this even possible with then closing out the KS section today)? Thanks folks. Mike
  18. KruleBear

    Renegade Drone (Custom Kitbash)

    What do I think?.....AWESOME!
  19. KruleBear

    Shimmering Phoenix

    Beautifully disturbing work.
  20. KruleBear

    D&D minis, Bones 4 and some bones 3

    Nice. Love the crocodile.
  21. Awesome speed paints.
  22. KruleBear

    Zombicide: Invader - A Scifi game by CMoN

    Could be worse...I backed a late pledge.....then somehow missed the email to lock in my rewards, so am out 150 bucks....too many Kickstarters. Edit: Good news is that after talking to CMON they let me upgrade for an all in Late Pledge Option (something they put together for such a scenario after it is too late to pick and choose options). So for another $187 I am getting everything from the KS, but will likely be in the last shipment. So about $90 more than I was originally expecting to spend, but at least I am not out the original pledge value.
  23. They are gorgeous and the detail looks much crisper on the metal barbarian.
  24. KruleBear

    Rough Riders on Segways

    Kudos on a job well done. These turned out great.