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  1. There are a few real good youtube videos you will want to review. Mine was a challenge as I had had a vat leak in the past. Leak caused resin to leak under the lcd screen and above the acrylic support. In attempting to separate them by heat, I warped the acrylic plate. It took a few months for me to address broccoli the acrylic had an unavailable thickness in my area. Once I installed the new plate and screen I taped the heck out of the edge to prevent a future leak causing havoc.
  2. AWESOME! The really subtle orange osl on the shield is beautifully executed.
  3. So if the angle is point down (as opposed to edge down), it really looks like when I tarted getting week spots in my LCD. Do the holes in the bottom edge goal the way through? Maybe put the same base in several spots on your build plate and see if you see a pattern to the failure. Best of luck.
  4. Are you printing flat or at what angle. Have you tried it with all three weights of supports and had the same issue?
  5. Thanks for sharing. I probably won’t go to this extent, but you have given me ideas to partially magnetize to make more useful. Although, the thought of reusing the box makes sense too…..
  6. Ditto. The purple to high contrast white really makes it pop. Very cool.
  7. Nice additions to the city and great story telling as usual.
  8. Very nice I love the multi colored cloth and the two different burlap shade. The stitching is fantastic.
  9. Do you feel lucky punk? Well do you? Nice work.
  10. Lol. The undead pirate monkey is pretty neat.
  11. I saw something similar when I fired up the Creality 6 a couple weeks ago. Especially got bad when I ran out of filament and installed some of brand stuff from amazon. Ended up increasing the nozzle temp 5 C and that did the trick.
  12. All look great. I don’t know where to start. The three that really jump out at me for your slightly different take are the grey skinned orcs, the purple chest mimic, and the cool looking oxidation beast. Congrats on a productive month.
  13. Playing Batman the automated series, shadow of the bat Heart of Ice act 3. First game on the new Wyrmwood modular table. First round complete and all the heroes have broken free of the ice. Now just waiting for my son to finish his tennis lesson…so we can get back to the important gaming!
  14. Yeah….got my July 2021 tier last Wednesday.put it together myself, but had to have the wife help flip it over when she got home. I feel kind of bad as it sounds like most of the May and June tiers hadn’t delivered yet. I got the wargame table in tavern elm. The topper block, magnetic card shelves, and player desk accessories didn’t ship with the order. Really happy with the quality, fit on oneend is slightly off, but pretty sure I am the only one that will notice as I assembled it. First game on it today with my son playingBatman the automated series.
  15. Very nice. I like the way you utilized the lighter under belly color to make the orange pop.
  16. I wholeheartedly endorse this beautifully executed bear! 😄
  17. Bonus points for painting a bear…just needs more Krule! Lol
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