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  1. Nice. I like the bull markings you use.
  2. The patterns on the feather are really nice.
  3. Lol. Thanks GW. Now if I can get him to paint the thousand…I mean 20 unpainted minis in my stash we will have successfully indoctrinated him. 😀
  4. We are a little behind on releases….watched “The Greatest Show On Earth” 😀 My son was pestering us to watch a family movie and I was tired of cartoons. I didn’t realize how long it was, but the 8 year old watched the whole thing. As I was making eggs and bacons for the kids , I was thinking that that Buttons the clown sure sounds like Jimmy Stewart. Lol.
  5. Thanks Oblong. Shortly after painting it, my son had to build a habitat diorama about chameleons, so I definitely learned about those camouflage abilities. (And that Jackson chameleon is pretty freaky).
  6. I though II had seen canon end view 3D files to allow you to just pop them in the port window at least for looks. But I couldn’t find them. Here is a similar idea on Thingiverse. . https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:807498 (I assume that link doesn’t violate the commerce clause)
  7. Agree. Very naturalistic effect. They look fantastic.
  8. Thanks Chaoswolf. He was wanting to paint some of the nicer minis and I was reluctant. Now that he isn’t using half a pot of paint on each one, I will probably let him go for it
  9. Dang nice. I hope my turns out half as good as yours.
  10. My 8 year old son painted these shortly after his birthday last spring. I actually liked his colors and the pattern on the Carnotaurus. Mostly I was over joyed that he didn’t glob the paint on for once. A few weeks ago I decided to paint the eyes, teeth, claws, and base for him. Them a coat of sealer. I think they look great for the toy box. Here are my crappy before and after.
  11. Lol. I call it toy box quality as low quality tabletop doesn’t sound right.
  12. As I was going back trough those updates it seemed like they switched most of their communication to Facebook. I don’t do Facebook and it irritates me when primary communication is moved away from KS updates. A lot of projects use other forms to communicate with backers, but at least give primary updates through KS.
  13. It also looks like they sold adds in the last several pages. I suspect this was to help runaway costs and I don’t have a real issue. But I find it odd to see adds for other companies games in a book that is intended to be a universal rule set. Edit-Update 54 seems to say tough doo doo about the other settings. The update suggests the unlocked additional settings were going to be a separate supplement. But collaborator comments to the update seem to suggest that the supplement would be a future Kickstarter.
  14. Got mine yesterday. Six settings from the KS and I thought they added another to help justify being two years behind…but am not sure on that part. To be fair the mechanics of some of these could be combined within the book. Overall I am not that excited about this anymore.
  15. Lovely. The purples and yellow browns in the skin look awesome.
  16. Another zen of Bones…i.e. not a lot of effort and didn’t remove all the mold lines, but it is good enough to play with. The colors are a tad washed out using the Reaper portable light box. I thinkI am going to spray paint the inside black to quit messing with the exposure on my iPad. Anyways, here he is. C&C welcome. Cheers-Mike
  17. I knew this was going to be disgustingly scary from the description…and you delivered. LOL. 😀
  18. Nice diorama and I really like Rockies color scheme.
  19. Nice. I really like the mottled pattern on the inside of the cloak.
  20. Nice. She looks a lot better painted up.
  21. Great output to be proud of. Knowing how wonky those raptor casts are, I am extremely impressed by what you did with them.
  22. You are a madman. …… Great progress…. Carry on……😀
  23. I wasn’t going to get into the reopened pledge manager, but the canons have me tempted as they are pretty nice.
  24. It was the teeth that looked much crisper to me. Or it could just be the way I am looking at the photo.
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