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  1. Cool idea and conversion. Been playing Hero Kids with my son and it has been challenging finding appropriate kid sized heroes. Like you I have been using halflings an thin gnomes. I have just been too lazy to convert then and do much more than prime them.
  2. No, bonus points for painting bears! Lol. The humans are all really well done.
  3. Nice. You are posting some awesome minis this week. Great to see so much productivity...and makes me embarrassed at my lack of painting
  4. Very nice. I played DBA at a con about 15 years ago and really enjoyed it. Nice Libyan army you have. And I guess I am not the only one that has to roll his eyes at the historical nit pickers
  5. I like that color. I will have to get some. And looks good on the spiders.
  6. Nice work. I like the yellow lips on the blue head.
  7. LOL. Sounds like you paint as fast as me I have a badger hair shave brush to de-dust minis from the shelf of shame.
  8. Nice. Jeremy’s at Black Magic Craft was cool, but I like yours better.
  9. I added the altar quest as an add on for their fantasy mini KS. The Altar Quest stuff arrived yesterday. Quick look they appear to be nice minis....of course I didn’t have my glasses on at the time. This one looked interesting, I can’t believe I actually said that )
  10. I love this set up. I got both sizes during the original kickstarter. Now I have unpainted minis all over blue tacked to soda caps. I guess I should start painting some of them. I got a couple more during their last offering including the handle shown above, but I have yet to use the handle. this has worked well for 54 mm models too. It didn’t take me long to learn that some poster tack is really crappy. I have had best luck with Locktite brand and a type sold for use in museums ( I can’t remember the name). During a Fat Dragon KS I got this as a stretch goal ( iirc ). I haven’t used it yet, but if you have a 3D printer it might be worth trying for the $2 file cost.
  11. Those are what jump out at me. I also like the bonus giants. This is where I land on the rest of it. I do like there stuff, so will probably end up backing at some point though.
  12. Nice to see a print of this and painted up nicely.
  13. Pretty nice work. Got to love using up those gray piles of shame.
  14. Looking good Talae. Would match up good with the prepainted stuff I bought.
  15. Cool. Is that a pearlescent paint on the clothes?
  16. Have any of you painted their minis up? Their proportions and poses are awesome, but I find the texture from the renders to not being appealing. Seems like cartoonish textures over realistic base models.
  17. Yeah, I thought the buildings seemed a tad odd. I do like a few of the minis, so sEt a remonder to look at it again toward the end.
  18. Nice. You keep knocking these dragons of the month out of the park.
  19. Very nice band of characters. I like how you worked the waters edge into many of the bases .
  20. I think I hate you guys.....yup I am in too
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